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remove Helix Syn handle?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    i have removed the handle on all my other units.  anybody have success, warnings or suggestions for removing the syn handle?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Like you, I too had cut the tail off some of my other models (SGX, MGX & Helix) and I am generally satisfied with those modifications. However, because the handle and tail of the Helix SYN are significantly more flexible than the original Helix, I have decided not to cut the tail off mine for several reasons.

    1,) I think lateral stability of the (now very mobile) P-tab will be negatively affected.
    2,) I lopped the tail of my original Helix to allow more internal mobility and now find the SYN provides comparable mobility with the tail intact.
    3.) With the increased flexibility, my concerns about the tail becoming entangled with bedding and causing unnecessary stress or pressure on the prostate, were it to be bumped during use, are substantially decreased.
    4.) The SYN fits me better with the tail providing just a feather light touch in the "K-spot" area for some additional sensual stimulation.

    If you do opt to dock, please let us know if you find any improved functioning.

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  • I cut the curly part of the tail off, leaving about an inch of straight tail remaining. It works great, no different to me than with the full tail.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    I've not modified the -syn yet and will probably wait a month or two before seriously considering any mods.

    My -syn experience is still limited as I'm somewhat of a p-tab junkie and gravitate toward my old dependables, Helix and Eupho for orgasm.  My initial impressions and thoughts parallel all four of rumel's thoughts above.

    Right now the -syn seems more stable,  laterally, than my stock Helix.   I'd dislike loosing that quality.  OTOH, I deal with a 45-50 gram prostate which has a tendency to shove the 'fat-headed' Helix to one side or the other.

    Impression is that SaddleUp's mod is about as far as I'd go for now.  ...rook
  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Hey, new user here. I've had the Helix Syn for about a month, and I have just started getting some really intense sessions with lots of twitching and feelings of near-orgasm.

    Thing is, every session I have felt the handle slip and move across my cheeks as if it had been stuck for a moment, either on my skin or on the fabric. It happened often enough and in enough positions that I was worried about the mobility of the unit.
    Just yesterday I decided to snip just the loop part of the tail, and sanded the end. That nights session was dramatically more intense and pleasurable, I felt an instantly more aggressive engagement on my prostate and p-spot (which I have had problems with not even pressing into me on some sessions), more movement, and I didn't notice any sticking any more.

    Now I don't want people to assume cutting the tail will show instant results, I really don't know how much my improved session was actually because of the tailsnip, and how much because of my own progress. But I would recommend that maybe if you already have started getting some pleasure from the unit, and you have noticed any sort of sticking or friction from the handle, you may amplify your current progress with a tailsnip.

    I really wouldn't know how cutting the whole tail off would go though, given the plastic/silicone split. The bit of handle I left over still seems to keep the unit centered and properly orientated, and I've heard it can make the engagement too intense for some people if you remove the tail entirely..
  • Re-reading rumel's post, I would agree that there is the chance of diminishing some of the K-spot action by snipping any more of the tail than the curl. That's where I cut mine, primarily because I get most of my action on my back, and I need as much comfort in that position as I can get for longer sessions. I've made the same snip to my MGX with similar good results.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    thanks everybody!

    i will probably snip off the curl