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Too used to it?
  • It's actually hard for me to write this post.  I know many of you already know me and know some of my past.  So, given the experiences that I've felt with my Eupho and Progasm, I'm wondering if I've just gotten too used to the feeling.  Let me elaborate.

    During my third session ever with my Eupho I had a Super O that was truly transcendental.  After a few months, I got a Progasm and felt genuine orgasms for minutes on end with no ejaculation that just kept building and increasing.

    Recently, I haven't had quite the same heights as I once did.  Rather, it feels more like the pleasure I feel actually takes me deeper into a relaxed state.  It's almost like a catalyst for a deeply encompassing hypnosis.  I feel as if the pleasure is dripping from my brain into each receptor, and it's almost as if rain drops of pleasure are touching me and washing over me.  It's very soothing, very pleasurable, but instead of feeling a building and more intense increase to an orgasm, I just feel a level amount of consistent pleasure that lingers.

    I'm just wondering if I've just gotten too used to the feeling.  I'm also wondering if my surgery earlier this year had anything to do with it.  Some may know, and others may not, but late December I had a testicle removed that never dropped into place. Since birth it has always been like that.  I thought at first that the removal may have affected hormone levels and lowering testosterone might have shrunk the prostate area, but I doubt this is the case for two reasons.  First, the testicle was fully atrophied and not operating anyway.  Second, I was already told I had low-T which would have already made it's impact on my prostate.  Which leads me to my initial hypothesis that I'm just too used to the feeling.

    Having had much, and relatively natural, success, I certainly implement many of the techniques that are discussed.  So, I'm just curious.  Does anyone else feel like that mountain high peak sort of levels off and becomes more of a very tall plateau?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Good to see you here again friend rikaaim!!

    You seem to be having wonderful still-body deep clam seas orgasms that I experience very much as you describe. They are, in my experience, the most frequent and rewarding maturing practice, relaxed/tingling, high energies orgasms, and although essentially similar, can nevertheless have exquisite subtle variations every time, such that one never feels you have returned to the same place.

    They have also been several times for me the launching pad for through-the-body travel soaring spiritual orgasms out into the whole universe/multiverse and union with all!!! These Calm Seas Orgasms are truly one of the peak experiences, "a very tall plateau" indeed my friend, of the Tao of Aneros some of us have written about here and elsewhere!!

    all the very best sensual to spiritual orgasmic energies soaring all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • Art,

    Thank you for responding.  It is interesting that you say the deep, calm seas has been the launching pad for you.  I recall clearly during my first year with my Eupho and Progasm having a multi-layered, almost communal, orgasmic experience.  It was if my orgasm took off so much that I felt other's orgasms and pleasure reaching back out to me and connecting/meshing with me.  This was during my third Eupho session which really did become my first Super-O.  Later, during a Progasm session, I could sense golden threads forming a lattice work outward connecting with others along the energetic path and then resonating back with me to form a similar experience as the Eupho, but much less a physical manifestation and more of a harmonic convergence.

    What I feel now is much more singular.  I don't feel like I'm reaching "out" anymore, but drawing "in".  As such, the physical pleasure seems reduced.  Instead, I get a deep mental fulfilling.  I don't get the full body shaking as much as I used to.  It is very much like you say, a very still, internal, feeling.  You are also correct in that subtle changes can, and do, occur on a regular basis.  It's not like any session is ever the same.  At this point, I can enjoy a deep, and pleasurable, Aneros session for a lengthy time, hour or so, and intermix traditional penis stimulation at the same time, edging, and then easing back into a deep Aneros hands free session again to restart the process.  This is what makes me think I'm just getting too used to it all. 


    I just read Rumel's post on arousal and abstinence.  This seems like it's a viable possibility in my situation.  I experience great mental and deep physical feelings, but perhaps my lack of letting my body reset into it's natural, sexual, homeostatic state is affecting how my physical pleasure is felt.  I haven't used my Aneros for several months.  I know one thing, and it's a learned lesson, if my body isn't in the mood for an Aneros session, it's just not going to happen.  So, I wait for my body to want it for sure.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Those feelings of myriad connections as groups of us chatted in the old Chat Room here were wonder-filled evenings indeed rikaaim!! And we must find a way to again share/exchange/reconnect more. Time off makes a real difference for me each time, each cycle...

    Older models can bring greater heights when dusted off after having been retired for a time too!! The new Syn REALLY re-energized my solo and couples sessions and have helped take us to new peaks!! All the very best as your journey continues to unfold and extend!!

    all the best refreshing times of abstinence and extended rewiring and reconnecting all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    It is nice to see you posting again.

    With regards to your query - "... I'm wondering if I've just gotten too used to the feeling."

    IMHO, it's maybe yes and maybe no. Let me elaborate.

    As you are probably well aware, human beings are susceptible to a condition known as habituation. I think this is just a natural part of the learning process as you become more and more accustomed/familiar with the resulting sensations. Your body accepts the familiar sensations as the "new normal". Any new sensations are no longer as significantly different from your past experience as they were when you were first learning with your Aneros. I think this is a partial explanation for your current situation.

    Another aspect is something that Jack Johnston frequently mentions on his KSMO forum, it is the term "regression to the mean" wherein your perceived experiences may seem less intense than previously felt ones, when in fact the overall mean intensity has increased over time. This is often also referred to as a "plateauing" of sensations. Incidentally, Jack believes these periods often precede another big breakthrough in one's practice.

    Also, as I'm sure you've frequently read, Aneros practice often has a "two steps forward and one step back" aspect to it. You can experience this at any time in your journey.

    Finally, there is the concept that your body/mind connection is evolving, your psyche may be moving in a new direction, away from the pure physical sensations and towards a more spiritual energy focus. This is a kind of Zen re-balancing, elevating you into a new level of clarity, understanding and peace.

    Any or all of the above (probably other factors too) may be acting on us in our journey, it's all part of the great Aneros adventure.

    You have certainly given newbies one GREAT bit of advice when you said "I know one thing, and it's a learned lesson, if my body isn't in the mood for an Aneros session, it's just not going to happen. So, I wait for my body to want it for sure." Very wise young man!
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • I used my Progasm tonight for the first time in months.  I felt more inspired after the last few comments to just have a "listen" to my body and feel what was going on.  I got to a point where all the pleasure was fully resonating in my mind, and I know I was experiencing it, but I was perfectly, physically still.  It was as if the pleasure was centered solely in my prostate area, and not radiating outward like it normally does.  What happened, which is normal for me, is that the pleasure did extend into the penis, sometimes causing erections and sometimes not.  This is quite common for me as I visual the prostate and its pleasure just increasing forward into the penis as if all one attachment and extension, even though I'm well aware of the actual anatomy.

    I tried several different positions, even alternating muscle contraction and control, even doing nothing.  It seemed as if I was blocking flow.  It was definitely there, the pleasure was, and I was relaxed and enjoying it, but it was more like a deep, peaceful hypnosis session instead of a physically, world rocking, experience.  Perhaps it's as Rumel and Art are saying in that my perception of the pleasure is altering and changing its form.  Perhaps I'm readjusting my pleasure sensations from a true physical sense to a prolonged mental state.  

    Rumel, I read the link you posted, and was very curious about the "heartgasms".  It seems that being able to better control chakra can also have an impact on orgasm and pleasure control.  If such is the case, I'm thinking that my base chakra is blocked, or the one above it, and not allowing the normal outward flow of energy that I usually create.