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No contractions required
  • p3rvp3rv
    Posts: 22
    Has anybody else achieved a Super-O just by concentrating on the sensations?
  • Showoff :-&

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    I take the (essentially) "do nothing approach" too, just relaxing and concentrating on the sensations and tickling my nipples.  The contractions that result are involuntary and bring on the super-O response within about a minute or two.

    For those in training however, my suggestions still are to maintain gentle PC contractions like you'd use to hold back urine flow--not anal contractions--while tickling your nipples.  You'll obtain the fastest responses in the rewiring process with this approach in my opinion.
  • p3rvp3rv
    Posts: 22
    I guess I'm wired differently
  • All mine have been contraction free, they just happen.  I just let the body do what it wants.



  • p3rvp3rv
    Posts: 22

    same here :)
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Yes, this is the Anerosless (often abbreviated to 'less) session type. When your body "gets it", all you need is a short period of PC muscle contractions and then total relaxation, not fighting whatever your body wants to do.
  • Oh goodie! then I suspect I will go that way. I am having aneroless sessions 24/7. It wont stop and after the other night with my second go of my new eupho which blew my socks off the anerosless action has doubled. My aneros session are just relax and it starts no contractions needed too. 8-}
  •  I had my first orgasmic state(I won't say super because the ones I have had with my Eupho definately are) on the 2nd try with an original Helix.  I just let myself sink into what I was feeling and to tell the truth it was alot easier back then because I didn't know what to expect and therefore try to drive the session.  I had actually relaxed into what I was feeling to the point of a state of trance.  I felt a feeling of all around pleasure/euphoria wash over me, it felt like a cool wave(possibly a P-wave? Don't know, as I have never felt it since) and I remember drifting, thinking DAMN that was nice, then the surging started in my cock and I spent the next 1/2 hour to 45 min(I think) just laying there going from one orgasm to the next with no other movement than the surging I was feeling in my cock.  I coudn't even begin to tell you how many times I came.

      Now the experiences(have had more lately) with the Eupho are unlike anything I had ever felt, those are orgasms that can only be explained as a full body state of bliss.  The others I can tell originate from the groin area, but all the times with the Eupho that have yielded these Super O's, ALL YOU FEEL is orgasm!  You can't tell where it originates and you won't care!  I can honestly say that some of the best times I have had are usually the next night after I have had some awesome sex with the wife(sometimes with an Aneros, sometimes not).  So I'm not really sure where my arosual levels come in.  Anyways, all I intentionally do, is breath and focus on what I'm feeling, nothing else, and the body handles the rest.  



  • p3rvp3rv
    Posts: 22
    Does Anerosless mean without the aneros? Because I have had similar feelings w/o the aneros but I only ever entertained the sensations for a short period of time. I guess I just wasn't in the mood :))

    What seems to work for me is complete focus. It's like a meditation session for me and if my mind wanders it's almost like I need to start over. After awhile of focusing on the sensations my body seems to go into an autopilot mode (my favorite part). A few times now on, "autopilot," it's felt like my penis is two feet tall and surrounded by, oh so lovely, energy.

    Thank you Aneros :)
  • Yes @p3rv anerosless mean no aneros. It is sometimes called afterglow too I think.
    My after glow is going all the time. Just when it seems to have stopped I stop to see if it is there and yes it is. It is entrenched into sync with my pulse. I just have to pay attention and everything gets more intense.
    I was driving today and the feeling mixed with the bumps in the road where making squirm. @-)
    My brain just has to sense a rhythmic sound and my prostate locks on. Thats why your audio files work so well for me.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    An Anerosless session most commonly relates to achieving a MMO/Super-O without the Aneros or any outside stimulation.   I've used the term  a cappella  in the past to describe it as well.  It is generally more of an advanced users technique  that involves developing a sense memory of a Super O and/or the sensations leading up to it.  These sensations are focused upon and gently encouraged with focused breathing and subtle contractions, the results can be astounding.   I've often described the Aneros as a training device, because I do feel that most people ultimately arrive at this place in time.   With practice, these type of sessions can be every bit as powerful as those with the Aneros.   Time and patience are the keys.


    BF Mayfield