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First 10mins are GREAT, then things start to fizzle...??
  • First time poster, long time lurker!!  I’m a newbie that has been using
    my Helix Syn a few times a week for the past two months.  My average
    session is an hour or so and things have been slowly progressing.  I’m
    really enjoying the journey so far overall.  I just wanted to share what
    seems to be a pattern with my sessions with the experts here and see if
    anyone has any advice.

    When I first start, things feel GREAT. Within a few minutes after things are in and situated, my prostate is like SWEET!! YOU’RE BACK!  I literally lay there and do nothing and things feel REALLY GOOD.  Some minor P-waves and tingles go through my body.  My penis may get semi-hard and twitch about, but I try to ignore
    it…which can be difficult.  However, after about 10mins or so, the
    feelings slowly pass, which is ok, but they never seem to get back to
    where things started.  I’ll relax for another 30mins or so and do some
    gentle contractions, and then I can literally feel my prostate start to
    swell.  I can feel exactly when my helix is in contact with it and
    putting the most pressure on it.  Then some involuntaries start and the
    helix starts to dance a bit.  My legs will start trembling and things
    feel decent…but not anywhere close to how things felt at the beginning
    of my session.   This is pretty much where things plateau.  It’s like an
    itch I can’t scratch and it’s driving me crazy!

    I still enjoy the session, but things never get much further.  I’ll end the session
    with a buzzing prostate and a little frustrated.  I don’t expect
    miracles and know this takes time.  But just curious why things feel
    best at the beginning and not as the session progresses?   Don’t get me
    wrong, things never feel bad; I wish I could keep this thing in all
    day!  Any insight is appreciated!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Welcome to the forum.

    It sounds to me that you are progressing quite normally and I'm sure many other users will have been through your experience, me included.

    I don't consider myself an expert but my advice FWIW, is just keep going as you are. It might even be worth extending your sessions to and hour and a half to even two hours. Most of my sessions these days are conducted in the early hours of the morning (starting between 5 and 6 AM and going until I get up (8 to 8:30AM). I find that early morning works better than at night as my hormone level seems to be higher at this time of day and I am fully rested.

    Give it a try and Good Luck!

  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    I will echo what Pommie said.  I too, am not an 'expert' but a user who, like you had a slow start.  Keep doing what you are doing, but don't sweat the small stuff.  The feelings will come, but you have to let go.  Stop expecting the feelings to just happen because your anxiety will keep them from occurring.  Go with the flow, whatever happens happens, whatever doesn't still happens. 
    Your effort will pay off.  It took me just over a year to understand what letting go meant.  How relaxing into the feelings I did feel, and how all the subtle things that didn't knock my socks off would turn into this earth shattering and mind altering realization, that for all those months, I was trying to hard.  

    From what you are describing, you very close to having a breakthrough. Enjoy every feeling, and allow that itch to annoy your inner self.  Let that itch grow into what it wants to be.  Let go and enjoy the ride :)

    My breakthrough happened when I focused on relaxing every muscle in my ass. From the inside and out. This allowed the toy to just do it's work.  No tense cheeks, and no clamping down on the toy.  This changed everything for me.

    Best of luck!
  • Thanks for the responses, I truly appreciate it.  Hearing I'm very close to having a breakthrough gets me excited and will keep me motivated.  Having more time for sessions is tough with a busy family life.  I'm going to focus on what Aztec said, I need to RELAX.  I'm an anxious person by nature and have trouble relaxing in general, so I will put some focus there.  It will be difficult for me, but getting to the point where I can finally scratch that itch sounds so worth it!

    Thanks again.
  • Abe,

    I echo the previous comments.  One addition is that you are still developing your strength and stamina.  I also tend to be a bit anxious, but like any worthy effort it takes some practice and time for your muscles to catch up to your mind and then for your mind to catch up to your muscles.  The whole pelvic floor and anus is experiencing new movements and contractions.  I really think this is why it is such a journey for most...muscles then mind then muscles then a lot of mind. 

    You have to practice and also learn to let go and enjoy it.  Treat every session as an opportunity to learn and have fun.  Don't get too worked up on your progress.  Go back and reread B Keys and the quick and dirty method posts.  What they say makes more sense the more you read it.  For me the original helix seems to work best while standing then I transition to my side.  So play around a bit with position and find what works.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    My, what a grand collection of thought, good wishes and sound advice !  

    Drink in the joys and let the pleasures wash over your being guys !       .....rook
  • In some respects the Helix Syn seems to be a little too pliable, but there in lies one of it's great attributes as well.  When I first bought my Syn I thought well this is nice, but like you, after a few minutes the overall sensations kinda faded away, still a great session just nothing to brag about.  I also have the original Helix and it rocks me on a regular basis.  The P-tab is the only dimensional difference that stands out although I will say that the Syn does seems to cradle the prostate better and the silicone is an absolute joy, from the beginning of a session to the end.  Now, what I have found, and this may help you as well, is that the P-tab needs to be manually engaged or directed to the sweet spot due to it's flexability, but this is also where it shines.  I have found that after insertion I can move the P-tab forward and center it.  Once moved forward the P-tab acts like a spring that keeps the Syn snuggled up against the prostate for some out of this world sensations.  Just make sure that your perineum is dry, grab the P-tab(after insertion) and gently pull it forward until you feel the sensations peak, place it firmly against your skin and you are there.  You will know when you have this right, as the touch of the P-tab will have it's own distinctive feel.  Also this is where your ability to relax and still stay focused will be tested.  The Syn is very subtle and it may take a little more time to build up, so don't get in a hurry and lose focus.  I use less lube with the Syn as well, but thats just me, experiment, find out what works best for you, and remember, what you read here can only be used as a guideline, yes we are all built the same, but what makes us an individual is how we manage the details.  Hope this helps.  Enjoy!


  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Teeder: You can use the same "pull p-tab forward" trick with the original Helix too.
  • Yes twlltin, but it doesn't have near the flexability or friction needed to engage and stick to the skin the way the SYN does.  The silicone just seems to grip better with less irritation involved.  My opinion of course.


  • I'd have to agree with Teeder in that (for me) the Syn isn't nearly intense as the regular Helix.  While the Syn feels fine it is almost too soft.  Perhaps having a selection of Aneros devices would help you find what you are looking for.      Just an idea.
  • How can I quote posts now?

    I wanted to refer to Pommie's post where he suggests extending sessions. I have similar problems like the topic starter. I'm not done after 10 minutes but I feel like I have one or two shots at riding the pleasure train and if those are over, the session is too. This usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours and afterwards I lose all my horniness and interest in continuing the session. Any tipps on that?
  • Hi
    I have same experience and I do taping to solve the problem. I tape up along to the gluteus maxims with slight upward tension or no tension, Two pieces of 1" wide and 12" long sports tapes are used. Then I take right-down position and do-nothing-method. This gives me more and longer sensation.This taping method is still under experiment. Please let me, or us, know the result if you are interested in it.
  • I was traveling the last week, so was unable to reply.  Thanks for the great comments and feedback!  A few things:

    Stamina - maybe this is playing a bigger role than I think.  Sometimes my 'insides' just feel soooo tired after an hour or so, but this does seem to be improving!

    P-tab on the Syn - yes, I move it around after insertion to ensure it's in the right spot.

    In regards to different models - I've been wondering about this... I'm curious about the regular MGX of even the original helix.  However, I think I'm making progress, so I rather not change things up just yet.  I like the idea of keep the Helix Syn the control of this crazy experiment right now. :)

    So...I had my best session to date after posting.  It lasted almost two full hours.  I focused on relaxing and not tensing up.  I also read the 'quick and dirty path' thread and employed some of the tricks there.  My session started the same, good first 10mins, then things slowed down.  HOWEVER! About an hour in I had this intense warming feeling come from my prostate and then my entire body started to buzz like crazy.  My ears started ringing, my vision got kinda goofy, and it felt like I was floating off the bed.  The feeling was the best so far!  It was pretty constant for quite some time.  It would fade briefly and then come right back.  I kept hoping it would build into something amazing, but it never did.  But I sure as hell enjoyed every second of it.  I think that's part of my issue, every time I feel something new, my mind starts racing and I start to over think things and get distracted.

    I'm very excited by the new sensations of my last session and can't wait to go at it again.  I've been out of town and will hopefully have some downtime at home over the weekend.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I kept hoping it would build into something amazing, but it never did.

    I think you just described something amazing, but you didn't recognise it as such. Relish the little pleasures along the way.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426

    I went through a long phase like this and even now after several years still have this happen.

    How I kept the pleasure going was to switch out models.  I have most all of them and a typical session is to start out small (peridise) and work up to the largest.  Each new insertion would bring about a new 10-15 minutes of pleasure.  

      Even to this day I still do this with most every session

  • I've been using Aneros for a few years but haven't reached the Super-O but have had some amazing experiences that make me know it's still possible.

    I can relate to your experience.  One thing that is usually constant with my sessions is it feels really good for the first 10-15 minutes then tapers off.  I've learned that this is normal and doesn't mean anything good or just is.  Now when that happens I literally ignore it and turn my thoughts much further down the road.  In fact when/if feelings start to build later on in the session I use the same technique to avoid thinking "Is this finally it"?  I just tell myself to ignore it and that "it's no big deal".  I think it helps to "look for the next wave while the current one is happening".

    Another thing that has helped me is having almost unlimited totally free time.  I know this can be difficult but even though my sessions rarely go past 2 hours, I think it helps mentally to know I can go as long as I want or like 3-4 hours.  Sometimes I've 1.5 or 2 hours but knowing in the back of mind that that was the absolute limit was a disctraction in itself.

    Also I try to "clear my schedule" in terms of phone calls or people looking for me.  That way thoughts of msgs on my cell phone etc. don't enter my mind because I know that nothing is pressing and it doesn't matter if I get back to someone for a few hours.

    Again I haven't mastered the Aneros and Super-O's but thought some of this might help yourself or others.

    The sad part of my journey has been the realization how hard it is to "disappear" for only a couple hours these days.  But that is another topic.


  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81
    At least for me time limits and external distractions can't be the problem because I do basically have infinite time for my sessions and no source of disturbance nearby. I also try to ignore the fading knowing that it's how this tool works and it's not a problem the first couple times. But after 1-1.5 hourse of these ups and downs I'm just done. I can't keep my arousal up for this long of a time and it's also exhausting concentrating on your body reactions for such a long time.