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Tempo Positions
  • Having read a number of threads on the forum, as well as the Aneros Wiki, I can't seem to locate much in the way of descriptions of positions in which the Aneros Tempo is used.  As it isn't a prostate massager, I'm wondering whether the same positions are applicable for this device.  Some have commented that if the device were to "fall out" it could break or crack stuff (such as a tiled floor), which leads me to imagine it being used in positions where the user is vertical.  I do remember one description in another thread (I think it was from forum member "rook") where he used it in bed, so at least that conjures up images of lying down (on your back, front, or side, I guess) as you're using it.  If you're a Tempo user, please consider adding descriptions of the positions you use.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    To me, the Tempo is a stainless steel version of the largest of the four "Peridise" models but on steroids!

    It has exactly the same diameter at its widest point, as the 22mm Peridise but its body length is just 7 mm longer, so it reaches further into your rectum.

    Since Peridise models are not considered to be true prostate massagers, I have not expected my Tempo to be one. It is not bad as a treatment for the relief of haemorrhoids, but I find it is a bit big to remain in place for more than a few hours. I have never tried to leave mine in place overnight.

    I have never achieved a Super-O with my Tempo and don't ever expect to. It does however, produce some very nice P-waves (which it did right from the start), and the feelings can, on a good nigh,t produce something akin to a mini-O or two.

    That said, having had mine for about eighteen months, I have only used it a couple of dozen times.

    It doesn't seem to matter what position I lie in when using it, (I use all my Aneros tools only when lying down), but lying on my front with the Tempo seems to be the best position.

    As regards breaking toilet bowls, I can only think that this would be a problem when removing the tool at the end of a session but I usually don't wait until my backside is over a toilet bowl before removing mine anyway!

    Best of luck,
  • Unlike Pommie, I have had major super- o's using the Tempo. I use the position of laying on my back with knees bent. Same for me as any other Aneros product. I think due to the heft of the Tempo, being mobile with it wouldn't be fun or advisable. 

    One addition to my position. I have found it to be a great added stimulant to hold my testicles between my thighs stretching the skin just enough to create tautness. This really enhances things for me. I'm not talking about painful clenching of the thighs. No pain at all. Just to be clear. Just making things taunt.

    I also have a thread on the Tempo here:

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807

    I had ignored reading the instructions on the Tempo packaging and wasn't getting much from it during my first sessions.  Then Pommie posted his thoughts on Kegel exercises with Tempo.  Those really helped me.

    Then I happened across the instruction sheet and noted Aneros' notes on how Kegels fit into a Tempo session.

    Wud suggest your research <Carolinaguy>'s thread and query Pommie for a link to his posts (perhaps about a year ago.)

    Have been using other toys for most of my sessions this last year;  so, both of these guys are way ahead of me when it cums to Tempo.

    enjoy....   rook
  • Thank you Pommie, Carolinaguy, and rook for your input.  I am still looking through the forum for more information, but as you know there's a lot of info which takes time to get through.  What you've provided here is also excellent info on which to base a purchase and usage decision on.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
     I have sent you a PM which points you to a thread which dates back to January 2011., called "The Tremendous Tempo".

    Hope you find that helpful.