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What kind of orgasm am I feeling?
  • Hey guys,

    I've been using the Helix for about 11 months, usually 2 or 3 times a week at 2 hours per session, plus looking at porn for 15 minutes beforehand to increase my arousal.  I've been making slow but steady progress.  I think the reason for the slow progress is that I didn't really experiment with different positions early on.  I pretty much lied on back exclusively for the first 9 months because it was the most comfortable position.  However, a couple of months ago I started experimenting with lying on my right side, and I've definitely gotten more of a response from that.  I often feel a strong buzzing in my prostate during the day, whereas the buzzing was only mild and occasional before.  As a great sign of progress, I got a uniquely pleasurable feeling during two of my recent.  However, I'm not sure how to classify what I'm experiencing, and I'd like to give it a name so I can get a feel for where I'm at in my journey.

    First off, what does a mini-o feel like exactly?  I always assumed a mini-o was when my penis spontaneously has a single spurting feeling, like I'm ejaculating with nothing coming out.  It's somewhat pleasurable, but not nearly on the level of a regular penile orgasm.  I usually have several of these over the course of a session, and they first started occurring 6 months ago.  Are these mini-o's, or is a mini-o something else entirely?   

    Secondly, about 3 weeks ago, I experienced a very pleasurable feeling while using my helix.  The feeling was internal and kind of felt like something inside of me was being blown up like a balloon (maybe my prostate or rectum?  it's hard to say).  My penis was fully erect, and it almost felt like something wanted to come out of it (this feeling was at the base of the penis, but not higher up in the shaft).  I didn't have the spurting feelings that I described earlier, nor do I recall having any orgasmic feeling in my penis.  Rather, all of the pleasure was internal.  I'd say these feelings lasted 10-20 seconds before subsiding.  It happened a second time about 2 weeks ago, but I haven't been able to repeat it since then. 

    So what was that?  Was that an anal/prostate orgasm or a mini-o?  Or was that even a dry-orgasm?  It seems like when people describe dry orgasms, they say it feels like you're coming, which leads me to think that your penis will share in the orgasmic sensations.  Since my penis didn't have a highly pleasurable feeling, I concluded that it wasn't a mini or dry orgasm, but rather an anal/prostate orgasm.  Is that correct? 


  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Wow... tough question.  Short answer: Don't sweat the labels and just let the pleasures wash over you.  

    Acknowledge everything good that you receive.  Give it an occasional nudge with whatever. ... some nip stim, touching of a familiar accupressure point, touching along a particular meridian, shift of mental focus, a brief muscle flex in a remote part of your bod, or an abrupt bit of quick masochism.  Live in the Moment but don't get carried away with the nuts and bolts of Memory Records or Mindfulness.

    Here's my gobble-de-gook:

    First off, it's you own Orgasm and our lexicon lacks descriptors that are common to our mutual experiences.

    A couple of years ago <MultiD_Eroticist> posted in several threads that much of our Aneros practice (both our actions and what we experience) is "pre-lingual."  It is cast in stone and blends into our whole being before we learn words to describe it.

    During sex most of us know how and when to flex our muscle groups to expand our Glans and get the most out of the experience.  We know how to respond to his or her genital/pelvic action.  We have no words to describe those sensations and moves.

    Bottom line, was it an orgasm or not?  Perhaps it was only a repetitive chain of involuntaries that were fighting one another or a bit of deep faschia spasm or an emergence of one's 'essential tremor.'

    Remember that orgasm occurs in the brain and your brain is a sexual organ...your very best !  
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Thanks Rook for a very interesting answer.

    The problem that I have is that when I have tried to attach a label to what it is I am experiencing, I nearly always cannot until some time after the event, when I have moved on and can see what I experienced in some kind of perspective.  This is especially the case, since I too have made slow, but steady progress.

    One thing I have learnt is that for me there is a continuum of sensations, rather than discrete entities, and this makes it very hard to classify what it is I am experiencing.  As Suzanne Vaga once sang:

    If language were liquid
    It would be rushing in
    Instead here we are
    In a silence more eloquent
    Than any word could ever be
    These words are too solid
    They don't move fast enough
    To catch the blur in the brain
    That flies by and is gone

    Personally I tend to call a mini-orgasm, pleasure that causes me to twitch or gasp, but as the level of intensity increases, I eventually call them dry-orgasms.  These tend to occur in waves that get progressively longer, with the gaps between progressively shorter, until they merge and become continuous.  I have no idea where this continuum will end, if indeed it has an end?

    Some have said these are the beginnings of a super-O, whilst others have said that I WILL KNOW a super-O if I had gotten one.  There are shades of opinion as well as shades of experience, none of which makes it easy to say precisely what it is we have experienced.

    I like the mystery in a way - our failure to be able to describe it appeals to me.  As such it will be the source of continual conversations, and attempts to describe - all fascinating stuff, but very little of it is likely to be applicable to all people.  The main thing is to enjoy what you are experiencing and accept the limitations of language, perception and experience.  If you felt it, and you enjoyed it, then that is enough.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    @Trunk's posting and the answers have helped me with interpretations I have wondered about. It's been about 12 months for me, and Linum's description sounds nearly the same as my own experience. It's good to hear from others with similar progress. Even if you take the Journey as it happens, it's still nice to know you are on the map.

    I hit a dry spell for over almost 2 months this summer. Nice feelings, not much change. A few weeks ago things started to go again. Periodically, something new is added. This last week, the involuntaries that have been infrequent in the past, are now frequent. THAT has added a whole new intensity. Something new to play with after the dry spell.

    It is a delightful mystery.


  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I agree - it is nice to know we are "on the map".  Thanks for that Xileh
  • Just my 2 hundredths of a cents worth:

       Being a nerd I looked up 'orgasm' on Wikipedia and basically the idea is that there are very many forms and types of orgasm.     Everyone is wired up differently so something so primitive and basic is really hard to define in so many words and it isn't the same feelings or experience for everyone.

    What I think what one should consider:
    What was the best regular sex (intercourse or masturbation) orgasm like just before or during ejaculating?   This would a baseline.  Anything that feels good but not as intense would be just that...  mini O or perhaps pleasure waves.   Anything that feels more intense is in the range of orgasm to super O.   Personally I have never had some of the things happen to me that I have read about but the sad truth is that I am addicted to using the Aneros on a frequent basis and the feelings are so much more intense than any normal orgasm I have ever had......  so is this a super O?   Who cares!  It is a wonderful intense feeling and I'm in for the ride.   :D  Perhaps some day I too may start to vibrate and flop about too.................................

    Like Eddie Murphy said, "Put some Boogie in yer butt".
  • The very first time I put the Aneros in, I had a new experience and I was delighted. I wanted it again and again and I became obsessed with it. It was not a good idea. I began looking for sensations that were just not available to me.

    There arrived a glass ceiling which I could not get beyond and felt very frustrated. I could sense and imagine what lay above the ceiling and reading other's experiences increased my frustration.

    So what was I after? Well I knew the wonderful sensation of the normal orgasm, pre and during ejaculation, and I wanted to achieve this with the Aneros, thinking that the pre ejaculation sensation would go on and on until I fainted or died!

    It may well do just that, or maybe not. The truth dawned on me that I was killing my experiences with expectations and visions. I was missing the joy of the moment,  the subtle almost hidden delight brought on by peace of mind and relaxation. 

    I am 75. I have also alas, realised that I produce very little seminal fluid. This I believe, has a connection to the glass ceiling. I have been on a three weekly injection of Sustanon 250 (testosterone ). This is not available at the moment due to manufacture difficulties. I have been given a different brand. Nebido 1000ml injection which is supposed to last for up to 10 weeks. Does anyone know of this and it's effectiveness? 
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Personally, for that is all I can talk about, I don't find my dry orgasms at all like a wet orgasm.  For a start when I ejaculate and orgasm, the onset of the refractory period, feels initially like a sense of release, and that release simply isn't there for me with a dry orgasm.  This is one reason I didn't actually know I was having dry orgasms initially, and it took some months, and a slow ramping up of intensity, before the penny dropped.

    On the plus side, my dry orgasms now go on and on and on, either coming as wave after wave, or they are continuous, and they can feel like one is about to ejaculate, although so far I haven't.  There is a lot more body/muscle shaking and quivering going on with a dry orgasm for me. 

    Interestingly enough, my wet orgasms, now have aspects that echo my relatively newly found dry orgasms, but this has never happened the other way around - yet.

    I call pleasure waves, those waves of pleasure that don't result in muscle movement or which make me gasp. They are pleasant, but not earth shattering.  Mini-orgasms are just mild dry-orgasms for me.

    I appreciate though that everyone is different, and just because this is my version of events, doesn't mean that it will be yours.

    Tomasheen is right that immediately trying to define what it is you have experienced can be counter-productive, since it is a form of expectation.  You want to have a super-O - was that it? If I push a little bit harder, will that start a super-O?  Forget all these thoughts during the event, and only ponder them some time after.  If you are anything like me, it could be quite a long time before you can classify what it was anyhow.

    Enjoy the journey guys - and be happy with any increase in sensitivity, sequence of events, or even just a plain old repetition of events.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    This has been a good thread for me, thanks!

    So far, my experiance has been one of wondering what the dickens is going on, progressing later to some form of understanding, only to start something new to figure out. It's the best kind of adventure.

    What I think of as a "Dry Orgasm" does not include a feeling of ejaculation so I'm not sure what it is. It includes a build up, then total muscle contraction for a period much longer than an ejaculatory orgasm. This is followed by a calm period of pwaves, then repeats. Sometimes I'm hard, sometimes not. Lots of precum though. As @Linum has reported, after an hour or so, they begin to develop into one long event with no calm period. It repeats and cascades with no letup for minutes. It feels like something between agony and total erotic engagement.

    What the heck is it?

    What ever it is, I'm going to enjoy it. Like other feelings, it may go away and not be repeated later. It's been nearly 12 months and I'm OK with it. Like real journeys, on the way you meet unforgettable people that you may not meet again, so don't rush it.

    Happy travels!
  • Linum and Xileh, you guys echo my sentiments exactly. I love the waves and try to let my total awareness sink into them. The slightest nudge of contraction can set off another round of bliss. I try not to speculate or analyse but enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. It is all about loving yourself and feeling good about yourself. You are in effect, making love to yourself. Also, if this session is weak or uninspiring, don't worry. The next time may be better or even more, the best!