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No "O" yet, what am I not doing?
  • I received my Helix three weeks ago, the first time I used it, no pre cum or anything.  After using my Aneros two times a week I am now starting to see alot more pre cum dripping.  Is this the start of something? I still have not experienced an anal orgasm yet and do not get an erection with the penetration. Will I get an erection later? What is the best way to use the aneros?
  • lv2golf2011,

    I don't believe there is any rule or "right" way to use the Aneros, other than not to push against it so roughly that it could cause damage to an internal organ. If you keep your hands off it or only use light pressure and you should be fine. 

    I prefer to be already very turned on (usually erect) before I put it in.

    You may experience stronger ejaculations and new, intense sensations from masturbating (or having sex) with it in.

    The pre-cum dripping is a good sign, you are stimulating new areas and having new sexual responses... so you're on the right track.

    In my case, using the Aneros during penile masturbation started to 'wake up' the prostate and let me learn about the deep sensations associated with it, within the context of my normal sexual behavior. It added 'another dimension' to the normal sexual pleasure I gave myself. 

    When you get more used to how masturbation with the Aneros feels, you can practicing using it without masturbation... put it in when you are aroused, just contract pelvic muscles and breathe deep...and you can feel intense feelings and deep sensations without using your hands... but in my experience, that took months to 'warm up to'.

    Keep on enjoying and trying it out... with no pressure... no worries if you're 'doing it right'... and don't lust after "results" - as this is likely to get in the way of the subtle new sensations you will be tuning into. If you can successfully tune into the subtle sensations in the anal area... they might eventually explode into POWERFUL, nearly shocking multi-dimensional orgasmic waves and sensations as you least expect it.

    At least that's what happened for me this morning :) ... but each nervous system is wired a little differently. 

    Hope this helps!