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Sleeping with aneros. Any new info?
  • I have read a lot of old posts. Conflicting reports on whether it is harmful and if it accomplishes anything or even if it works.Some people swear that it works.
    I have not read any new discussions on the matter. 
    Wondering what others thoughts are now days?

    I am 40, have a modified helix with no tail at all.
    I have had a few good moments with the helix and have been using for about 6 months or so but have not managed a dry O yet.
    In the fist week of use I fell asleep with it in and during the night some time had a orgasm. Now I was too asleep to know whether it was a dry o or a wet dream. I would put my money on a wet dream.
    I have sleeped with the aneros no more that 5 times since.
    I have had dreams that the aneros is in me in my dreams while it is in. If that makes sense. I am usually naked in public in my dream with it in but the being naked is not unusual because I am a nudist at heart even though I dont get to practice it much anymore. 

    I find that I wake up for some reason early. No particular reason maybe just feeling full.
    I find if i remove it then my sphincter is gagging for it to be put back in.  Also find that it is easier to produce involuntaries because the muscles are worn out more than usual.
    I have only had a little pain once or twice, more like a little discomfort. nothing to want to stop.
    The following day I get ghosting while the aneros is not in heaps more that if it was only a 2 or 3 hour session.
    And the anus just craves it to be put back in all day!

    I also find the nicest part is, that when I am very relaxed the aneros takes over , It is only very very slight but I swear it fucks me slow and steady then stops and then after one breath or a few it starts again. I never get a feeling of a good build up but it sets the stage for it.

    I put it in at 10pm last night and tried for dry Os until about 1am in the morning using the suggested methods but in the end went to sleep and woke up at 4:30 am Tried some contraction but then removed it. Had to clean it a little but then shot another  5mls of lude and had to put it back in because my sphincter was gagging for it so bad! This time was worse than ever it was like the point of no return with masturbation. I could not resist! 
    I tried more contractions but nothing so just lay there and after a while of relaxing started to feel the, oh so gentle fucking action again. Have still got it in at 10:30am. When I finally have to get out of bed I will remove it. I suspect just after 12pm Every breath I can feel it rubbing smoothly and every now and then say, half hour the gentle fucking sensation but only for a half minute or so now. 
    Anyways I not in a hurry for the dry Os just enjoying the feelings.

    Do any of you think that just having hours with the aneros in will help maybe with the rewiring?
    My thoughts are that the prostate is being stimulated almost all that time so in theory might become more sensitive quicker. 
    Dont know....... 

    What is everyone's thoughts on the subject? Newbees to pros. 

    8-} I have become a slave to this thing and am contemplating buying a second! tossup between a PS NEW (with the little bump thingys) or the Eupho cant deside ~X(
  • Hello, braveneworld.

    As you might have read in other sleeping with Aneros discussions, I sleep with Aneros every night and have done so for almost a year. No problems with it at all. I enjoy the effects at bedtime and at dawn. Erotic dreams are a bonus. I actively suppress the echoes and Aneros-less feelings during the day so I'm not distracted. 

    The Eupho is one of my favorite Aneros models. At this point, for me it's a tie between Eupho, Ice, and Vice.


  • I slept with it a second night in a row. I still woke up a 4:30am but had no joy before I went to sleep or when I woke.

     Going to give it a rest as I have been going at it pretty hard lately. Last night was only 6 hours but the night a day before was a 14 hour stint! Think I might have worn out the body:(

    @ten_s_nut Is there one you sleep with in particular or do you alternate between the a mentioned?
    Obviously you would not have modified your vice & Ice but have you left the whole tail on your Eupho?
  • braveneworld;

    I generally switch to a different Aneros, plus Fun Factory Duke from night to night. I think that prevents any pressure point sore spots. I've truncated the tail on both Eupho and Syn to be about 1.5 inches long. Otherwise, the curly part snags on things. 

    Also, on nights when my wife and I have sex, the Aneros may or may not be part of the program, depending on what we're doing.



  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    Also, you have to consider the buildup of somnolent gasses; in the morning, as you bend over to remove it, pent-up flatulence may cause the Aneros to shoot across the room, or worse (if you're using the Tempo), blast a hole through the bottom of the toilet.

    I dang near had that happen twice; once with the Progasm (which just thunked into the toilet, denting itself), and once with the Tempo, which thankfully, didn't even crack the porcelain (whew!!).  I think I could shoot out a paintball and splatter it on the toilet seat, there's so much pressure.

  • @
    Badger yes I had the helix shoot out a couple of times but only when super T,ing.Due to gas.
    I have had no problems over night or in the morning despite sometimes having a build up.
    This is due to a trick I worked out.
    When you feel the buildup of gas and I notice it straight away, I lie on my side and rise one leg slightly ( sort of cock your leg if you like) as if you were going to blast one out. Then reach down and push the aneros dead sideways. The more you push sideways the bigger the area for gas to escape. It comes out quite easy. Not sure if I bear down at the same time cant remember but once its out off you go again! I can do this even while half awake. I dont know weather this would work with the tempo or progasm. It maybe too difficult.

  • Thanks Dave, I think I am going to have to get at least a second aneros. I think you have the right idea about sleeping with different aneros ladies each night. Much more fun!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Beware when "gassing off" that if you've shot any extra lube up there, some of that might come out with the gas.
  • Yes the idea is to slowly let the air out.Not blast it out! Andif you push sideways (downwards while on your side the lube will be lower than the gap you create with any luck.
    The phrase controlled burnoff comes to mind. 
  • I gave sleeping with the Aneros a shot once. It didn't particularly do anything for me - mostly because by the time I hit the stage of feeling alseep the Aneros and all its feelings become non existent.

    Maybe it's something that requires consistent practice, or only works later on in the journey...
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    First, if you want a second, 'sleeping toy' I'd recommend against the PS-NEW.  I tried an all-niter with it and only made it 3-1/2 hours till I ran out of lube and awakened.  One out-of-lube spot was the ridged base and the other was on the "nose  nubs" (a very 'pointy' feeling). :(   No permanent damage or bruising as I was able to accommodate it the following day for some J.O. play without any pain.

    For rewiring, I tend to agree with Dark Engine (above), thinking that Eupho would be a better choice since the stem is the same "advanced design" as the Helix and the similarity should better support your rewiring.  Most of us would suggest you stick with the Helix for all of your sessions that are aimed at a dry orgasm until you Super-O.  Then start to build your toybox.

    As does Dark Engine, I believe that rewiring is best supported by a conscious focus on the pleasures you receive from the Aneros.  It's that repetitive conscious experience that cements your neural pathways and moves you toward the Super-O.  Sleeping with the Aneros is fun but may not do much for rewiring over the long run.  (just my two-cents worth)

    Although my orgasm toys are Helix and Eupho, I seem to sleep best with SGX, Vice (sans Muze), Maximus and of course Peridise (when I'm treating a 'roid).  Being a Kliz I occasionally clear out my colon before I go to bed which promotes a pretty deep sleep, and one devoid of gas.  (the flaccid colon has plenty of storage space and there's not much pressure build up unless I've abused my digestive system with cabbage, broccoli or a bowl of Chili Beans.

    OTOH, the fatiguing (energy depleting) nature of a large enema makes it a dumb move if I'm looking for Orgasm rather than just a good night's sleep.  However, you have a few years of youth on me and that might not be a concern.

    hth...   rook
  • I could not resist the urge... I ordered a Eupho last night.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    It is a few weeks since I have been able to catch up with the latest posts and I have to admit to laughing out loud at some of the posts in this thread! I was particularly struck by the concept of firing the TEMPO into the toilet bowl with such force as to risk breaking the bowl.

    At my age, the problem of breaking wind during the night is a constant, and I have trained myself to do it with some stealth, so as not to wake my partner!

    Yet another advantage of Aneros tools, and one which I had not anticipated is that, with almost any model in place, I can relieve gas pressure during the night by simply controlling the release very slowly. The presence of the Aneros tool allows the gas to pass from the rectum slowly so that release is not accompanied by the usual loud report that usually happens. In fact it is almost silent.

    Having eaten baked beans for lunch or cabbage or Brussels sprouts with dinner no longer holds any qualms for me!

    (Something has gone wrong here. I have tried to post this from a "Word" file and I don't seem to be able to edit it)!
  • Love my Eupho!
  • I have a helix with no tail. I have tried sleeping with it in many times in the hope of waking up having exotic dreams or even better - but no real luck here.
    I think that things do go on while you are asleep as I certainly wake up feeling quite horny and can feel it down there, but it also must be distracting subconsciously as I also feel knackered !!
    Just my experience, but for a good nights sleep - take it out!
  • @twiddledum Yes you are right you do wake feeling knackered, sometime more than others but then again I am not looking at the sleeping. Who would not want to be fucked all night long if it felt good? I have found that lube makes a difference to the sleep quality.Silicone has its advantages...
    It would be good to be in that pre awake stage and be engulfed in dry Os.
    I have had to put a hold on sleeping with miss helix because of sleep deprivation!
    Waiting for eupho to arrive. :-??
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I doubt you will sleep any more deeply with the Eupho on board!

    The Eupho is my current favourite precisely because it is so efficient in doing its job. It certainly doesn't induce sleep and at best, I can only doze for a few minutes with the Eupho!



  •  @Pommie Precisely why I have bought it. It is the most agile of all. Hoping that because the body can get the helix moving the the eupho might take me in to orbit but we shall see. If not, it will be another toy for a bit of a change.
    I keep going to the PO box in town 10 km round trip but it is always empty, only bills no new toy. grrrr [-O<
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Patience Friend!

    It will be worth it!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    hmmm... new product idea for Aneros.   Sleeping toy with an intelligent 'gas relief' portal.  :)

    Years ago I read someone's observation that the human anus is a marvel of intelligent design:

    -- it contains a loose mixture of solids, gasses and liquids yet,
    -- it's able to distinguish atwixt all these; and,
    -- it knows whether you are standing or sitting; and,
    -- it knows where you are and who's nearby.

    marvel of "selectivity"   :)
  • @rook oh yeah hope it is not like one of those "blowoff valves" like on a turbo engine. That might scare the bejesus out of the neighbours in the middle of the night. LAMO! =))
  • @Pommie and all. Well Miss Eupho arrived and the first session was a dud but a few days later tried again.
    I inserted it and no joke my body did two quick contraction without prompting ( like a fish biting a hook) then a short silence and then OMG! the thing went ballistic! I have not had aneros erections before but got one after the other after the other... I got huge bildups but no bloody dry O. :( But the feeling were so intense it was mad! The feelings came in huge waves. It was like electric charges going through my body.The thing was going so fast it was flicking my prostate not just rubbing it and I was getting the strangest feeling like the head of the eupho was in my dick. My dick felt numb some times too.
    To cut a long story short I completely lost track of time and was straining to keep my moans from waking my wife in the next room.
    And sometime in that blur I feel asleep! I was very tyred before I started.
    BUT although I was asleep I was aware that the eupho was still doing its thing all night!
    I woke enough at 4:30 to remove it because I was getting sore and I think I was out of lube.
    I am afraid my body said OH NO YOU DONT!. It started the same session without the eupho in. I lasted about a hour and gave in and lubed up and put it back in and off I went again while in a daze for another 3 hours by which it had slowed down considerably. I took it out and put my helix in just to see what happened and it felt different but not much happened. I was so worked up I finished off with a super_T.
    All has been mostly quiet down there all day. except for the occasional small p-wave.
    I am buggered to night, dont know why I am staying up writing about it but Oh yes I have a new favorite!
    Fucked all night long wow. I think my next session will have to be while my wife is at work so I can let my moans go wild. ^:)^ @-) 8-}