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A question on the Aneros Maximus
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 876
    Hi guys,

    I realize that I am a work-in-progress, but hope I am also a ready student, when it comes to the Aneros. Late yesterday afternoon I attempted to use the Aneros Maximus twice. What I found annoying was that I found it had a tendency to slip out easily. I worked reasonably well during the first try by delivering a moderately acceptable, yet pleasurable prostate massage. But it slipped out! Then after a brief intermission, I switched to my Helix Syn and had a splendid session which last about 90 minutes. It delivered a wonderful prostate massage with waves of P-waves galore! After another brief intermission, I slipped back to the Maximus and encountered the same problem! After some tries which bordered on the painful, I ended my session.

    On the Aneros website, we encounter the following description with respect to the Maximus:

    "Therefore we recommend the Maximus for men who are experienced with anal and prostate stimulation. Extra girth provides more anal canal stimulation. Requires stronger PC spincter muscles [underlining my own]," My question is: Can I develop stronger PC muscles through the Kegel Exercises, even with the Maximus inserted? My inquiring mind wants to know. Thank you!


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,094

    Simply put,  the Maximus has issues....and this is
    one of them.  Is it possible to develop PC muscle tone to mitigate this
    problem?  Yes.   But in my opinion the problem may persist nonetheless. 
    In all fairness I should state that all of the larger more rigid models
    (the Progasm and Maximus) have this tendency to some extent.  The
    reason is that with less free space between the Aneros and the rectal
    wall the larger devices are more vulnerable to peristalsis (the
    involuntary outward contraction of the colon and rectum).   Add to this
    that the Maximus is somewhat unevenly balanced, and it can make it more
    of a challenge to control.   That said, there are many users that find
    this model very satisfying as it provides fuller sensations combined
    with less aggressive stimulation than the Progasm.  

    To answer your question regarding Kegel Exercises with the Maximus inserted, it is certainly possible, but i think your SYN makes a much better candidate for that purpose.  Remember, with PC muscle conditioning the concept is about toning through repetition ....not heavy lifting. 

    BF Mayfield
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 876
    Hi BF Mayfield,

    Thank you for your assessment on the Maximus and what I am up against. I shall persevere with it even as I continue with the Helix Syn which I enjoy immensely.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    I think Brian Mayfield's explanation and observations closely match my early experience with "Max."  Early on, it would trigger strong peristalsis and promoted little more than p-waves and brief but strong involuntaries.

    Max now has a special role in my toybox.  I've memoved all of Max's tail, having left only a smooth nub.  The nub makes it in and out of the outer sphincter with ease.  It's directional stability pretty well destroyed, it offers little in the way of finely controlled Prostate massage.  

    I now use Max as an "audience warm-up tool" for my Eupho sessions.  Max stretches my rectal folds and spreads lube to all the nooks and crannies.  Once I'm 'loose and sloppy' with Max I'm ready for Eupho's "headliner" performance.

    enjoy and, always reach for the brass ring   ...  rook
  • I would like to tell everybody that my perseverance with the Maximus has begun to pay off. Ever since I began to use the Aneros I have tried consistently to be properly prepped before each session. When I do that, then the Maximus slips in easily to the hilt with the P-tab firmly fixed upon my perineum. Then as I lay on my side for about five or ten minutes after insertion, I do some Kegels which makes the Maximus firmly embedded in my butt. Once that is accomplished, then I begin my session with my Maximus. He has become a real good buddy because he delivers a fuller, more aggressive ride which gives me pleasure supreme. I am still fond of my Helix Syn because he was the guy who introduced me to Anerosing on June 3 just past. 

    Right now, I use both the Maximus and Helix Syn in tandem. But the Maximus has become my main instructor in my Aneros sessions. Last night, I discovered that I can Kegel ever so gently in my anal contractions upon the Maximus. That process enhances many fold the slow, gentle rhythmic breathing which I practice as the Maximus massages my prostate BIG TIME and I am lost in the pleasure of my P-waves. 

    Also now I have gotten back to doing the Kegel Exercises each day off and on. I use the Kegels to tone my anal sphincter to help me use the Maximus better. I hope all this leads me someday to using the Progasm and Eupho models.


    P.S. I forgot to mention a very helpful document on the Kegel Exercises when used in conjunction with the Aneros or Pro-state. See: Pro-State Directions for Use. This document I posted in our Forum some weeks ago.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    Nice work muscling up that PC group BigGlans!

    Sounds as though your relaxation techniques have calmed your sympathetic nervous responses and quelled the peristalsis.   Congrats guy on the fast progress !!   Just keep gobbling up that Maximus  :)

    blessings....   rook