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P-Wave stage! I think. Can anyone clarify?
  • Hi Anerators:)
    For those of us that are new to all these new feelings it is hard to identify what is what.
    I would like to ask those of you that have been there before if you can clarify my Identification of these new feelings.

    I am using a modified helix (no tail) and my usual sessions are on my back. 
    I get leg and body shaking which I can control if I want but like to let it go as it feels nice on the prostate.
    Light contraction and heavy contractions all feel great and I believe are slowly getting more pleasurable with each session.
    Light contractions produces involuntary twitching which also feels great.
    Breathing helps and I can get myself into a bit of a frenzy of pleasure but never feel a build up to a orgasm. 
    All well and great but always leaves you wanting more. Never satisfied!

    Last Nights session.

    I started with the above but then decided to give it a rest and turned over on my left side and read entries on the forum.
    Of late I have been feeling my pulse being broadcast through the aneros. This time I could feel my pulse pinpointed at my sphincter.

    I enjoyed that and let it go and my anus started to automatically do tiny contraction by itself in perfect time with my pulse. I would say the pulse was causing the contractions.
    In all my reading the forum Subtle feelings comes up all ways.

    This pulse contractions were so subtle and started to build and I could feel the aneros sliding against my prostate and I think my sphincter.

    The pulse contractions were blissful and was building towards a orgasm, my eye sight started to blur but then the contractions slowed slightly and I lost sensation. I got to this stage 3 to four times. 

    This pulse contractions felt so good! The best subtle sensations I can ever remember.
    If I had to describe it:
    A feeling of my pulse starting in my sphincter and then a slight rocking sensation which got stronger but was oh so gentle at the same time. A feeling of bliss coming from the anus upward and enveloping my body in warm blissful tender caress together with a gentle rocking feeling, washing through me. The rocking feeling I could describe as if you filled a water bottle with water and left a bit of a air gap. Then with the lid on hold the bottle sideways move it from side to side length wise very gently. 

    Is this what you would describe as a P-Wave?

    If I would have to choose between the feeling that I would have felt with what was my normal session OR the subtle little sensations of my last encounter then it would be the last encounter every time!
    I had been at it for 4 hours and fell asleep with Miss Aneros inside me.
    I woke up 45 minutes later but could not get anything out of it again. I removed the aneros and discovered why. No need to go into that. :)

    I tried to go off to sleep but my anus was trying to work the aneros like it had earlier, even thought it was not there. And my sphincter was chomping at the bit, Nashing its teeth? I realized that this feeling was my pulse in my sphincter because as I concentrated on this feeling I could then feel my heart beat in my chest and the surge of blood going from my heart to the top of my head and to my sphincter at the same time. I have never felt this sensation so clearly before.
    I could not sleep I was amped! My body was craving for more but I need sleep. All this and I have not orgasmed yet:(

    This all happened last night and it is now mid day and I can still feel my pulse in my sphincter and tingles in my balls.And every now and then precum.

    I dont know why I loose sensation when aprotching orgasm. I dont think I tense up, it just stops.
    I assume that as time goes by if these are P-Waves that they will intensify and this will help get me over the edge. 
    I am sure this must be a step in the right direction because if you guys that have been there are talking about the feelings of bliss and euphoria the way you do, then these new feeling are were I am headed if the feeling intensify.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Just enjoy what's happening in the now. Don't anticipate the next stage. Let your body dictate the rest.

    Sniff the flowers along the way. They might not be there next time. The journey should be as exciting as the destination.

    (Oh no! I'm turning into Artform. ;)  )
  • Thanks  @twlltin I am enjoying the ride.I am sniffing the flowers so to speak. And well, yes me, my body, my anus and I are very excited all the time!:)) 

    I guess the question still stands:
    Is this what you would describe as a P-Wave?

    I am not trying to anticipate. For what will be will be! I have no control over that. Just trying to understand what the feelings are.:)

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    :D No problem twlltin, I naturally agree with you wise one!!

    braveneworld, you are doing magnificently and that is reflected most in your sensual reportage!!! Our openness to our deep desires and our openness to the delicacies of our sensuality are core keys to this whole male practice. Sharing is another and thank you so much for sharing your experience so beautifully in skull brain language.

    Your response to twlltin just popped in as I am writing this!

    P-waves come in all shapes and sizes, as well as power ranges. Something like Super-Os; that being another story. You say "And well, yes me, my body, my anus and I are very excited all the time!:))"

    I say therefore your body is rewiring very well and comparatively rapidly and you are getting into Background Buzz, which is a kind of continuous gentle/subtle p-wave of these energies. You are very internally body aware. I am too. Feeling what is happening and being able to appreciate it intellectually, as well as sensually, is an added rewiring advantage, imho.

    You are very well along and just enjoy all the observing and all the sensuality: bath and swim in both man and you with feel and experience the full spectrum of these energies when your body/mind awakens to those stages too!! Patience, deep relaxation, and your delightful sensual openness~~~~~~~!~~!!~~!!!!~~!!!!!!!
    This is rarely a simple linear progression process. You can awaken at random points along the energies spectrum! No expectations!

    all the very best sensuality and spirit energies awakening Anerosians all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    You're just in the early stages of "re-wiring" where you're identifying new sensations you've not known before, but the sensations you are describing indicate to me you are well into the process and that it's coming easier for you than for many.  Working on experiencing the involuntary movements of your anus and rectum while maintaining gentle PC contractions as you are doing is the key.  The reason you're not going all the way to orgasm (that is, a dry or prostate or "super" orgasm) is that you're just at this early stage in the "re-wiring" and as you go along, you'll get to where you can experience more and more pre-orgasmic and then finally fully orgasmic sensations.

    What helped me the most at the stage you are now at was to hold gentle PC contractions focused on my bladder sphincter area, not the anus, while gently tickling my nipples.  That really got things starting coming in sessions.
  • Thankyou 
    I would like to say that every comment is much appreciated!  It is all encouragement.
    Sharing my experience's and feelings is important to not only me, but others like me that are at my stage of rewiring or lower.
    As we all know, although we are all friends here, It is a lonely road we are travelling. Unfortunately we cannot go out and discuss this topic with our friends. I am very open minded but other males  & females are not so open minded.I guess my open mindedness comes from working out that I was a nudist from a very young age.
    It is so great to have this wonderful forum to be able to share,ask questions with other like minded persons.

    I guarantee you if it was not for this forum I for one would not have continued using the aneros after the first couple of times.
    I hate reading! However I finding myself reading this forum when ever I can. Even while using Miss helix.
    Not only do I find out more info and ideas all the time but some stories can excite.
    Just a note of interest comments from other users on this site has accelerated my rewiring through the use of  their ideas being shared.
    Anyway thanks. 
    Head down Bum up! :D  Haha (gives it a new meaning)
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I guarantee you if it was not for this forum I for one would not have continued using the aneros after the first couple of times.

    I totally agree with that. If it wasn't for the chat on the original forum, I'd have given up after a couple of weeks.
  • I think I'm around the same place as bravenworld. Although today I think I'm close to dry orgasms, for the first time I started to feel like I was gonna go over the top but it stopped at about what I would call 95% there. It was exciting as it was frustrating. I'm pretty sure I just do the do nothing technique at this point while either watching porn or reading it.. but this was the first time I literally thought I was going to orgasm hard. Which was an incredible experience because traditional penile orgasms are so "clenching and tight" and this was the inverse. My anus was completely relaxed and i started feeling it at there.. it was very strange and equally exciting to experience an orgasm stemming from being relaxed.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Well said emancipation and bravenewworld !

    Yes, your p-waves are much as I describe mine.  Sometimes though they run diagonally across my core as well as longitudinally.  For me, the ensuing physical ab contractions tend to skew diagonally as well.  Remember YMMV.

    Both of you have reached this point and now know it's a matter of letting it happen rather than forcing it to happen or even guiding it.  It isn't a matter of going over the top.  It's more a matter of having confidence that you can float.   Just float.  Eventually you will gain enough confidence in your Orgasmic power that you'll be able to push back against the Orgasm and allow it to 'cook' a bit before it sweeps over you.

    Live in the moment, always reach for the brass ring.  Use a gentle grasp .....  blessings   rook.

  • Dear Rook, Your post here is so very encouraging. Quelling doubts and boosting confidence. I agree with your comment "It isn't a matter of going over the top". I am still at the floating stage and believe in the future and what it holds for me. 
  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Hey. I've been lurking for some time and had read this thread earlier, but my latest sessions gave new meaning to it.

    bravenewworld, a few days ago I literally had some of the exact same experiences as you have described (and as I talked about a bit here), with building feelings towards a prostate orgasm, but near the peak the feeling dissipated as I got a very warm pleasant p-wave (or maybe they were actually rectal orgasms?), but it wasn't the release which I could feel coming. This build-up and dissipation happened about 9 times during a session! I enjoyed it alot, but also felt like being tortuously orgasm denied for over an hour. It was really re-assuring to read this thread again after my experiences, so thanks. I'm pretty sure we're both well on our way.