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THC Lubricant
  • Before I take this any further I feel obligated to say something about not incriminating yourself and knowing the laws in your area. For those who can partake in the consumption marijuana and are not morally opposed to doing so, read further. 

    I was reading on forum about the most effective means of "getting high". The most common method, smoking, is actually one of the most wasteful ways. The two most efficient ways of absorbing all of THC into the blood are direct injection into the blood stream or through a mucus membrane. Needles scare me, so that leaves membranes. There are several membranes that are usable, primarily in the nose and the rectum. This gave me an idea. I read on the Aneros wiki that marijuana can help a session (and it sure has helped me when I felt my progress was slowing), so I thought, why not combine the two?

    I already use coconut oil as a lubricant and oils are best for dissolving the THC. It wouldn't take much to cook up a batch, since I already have the ingredients.  I haven't tried this yet, but I plan to do so soon. Just wondering if anyone has already done this or has any advice.
  • great idea! My guess is that it would work OK. I know people who have made medicated massage oils that are absorbed through the skin... and from what I have read about suppositories, the rectal tissue should also be permeable.  Keep us posted on your experiments. 

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    a couple of thoughts:

    1) if it worked, it *would* be kind of sexy

    2) smoking results in almost immediate results, while i don't think that will be true for rectal

    3) but... that might be actually really cool, for it sneak up on you when you are already aroused, etc.

    4) also, it would be pretty cool to not have to hassle with smoking

    here is a recipe from a forum post i found:

    here is a forum post that cites a scientific article comparing thc absorption by various methods.  my reading of it suggests that smoking is the most efficient:

    all in all... very much worth experimenting with.  i suggest you start with a small amount, so you don't risk OD.
  • Just made a small test batch. The results are inconclusive. I never "got high" during the session, however I did notice quite a few new sensation. I definitely got the munchies around the time Alana was asking me to start my first contraction so I definitely got something. I think the lube was too diluted to have any noticeable effects. I think my next experiment will be with just lube and no toy to see exactly the strength.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    how did you infuse the thc into the oiil?   did you use heat, which seems to be necessary?

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Plugging compounded lubes containing THC

    My method of choice since I was once addicted to Nicotine and never smoke or vape anything.

    Make sure you are reaching a sufficient temperature to convert/activate the THC.  (250 deg. F)   Most guys I know hold it at that temp for 30 min. but I've read about some who recommend 75 min.

    The temps we use for Pastuerization of Shea Butter and compounding with Coconut or Walnut Oil are near boiling (212 deg.) and are borderline for THC conversion.  I don't know your process but that factor might explain a 'shallow effect.'

    A more efficient approach is to first make a tincture (takes a lot of time if you are using 80 proof alcohol) then compound that with the lube.  Everclear will speed the process up.

    I've only plugged with Aneros four times so have limited experience.  Using a toy to 'stir' the lube around in the rectum will speed things up rather than slow them.  it still takes me between 20 and 40 minutes before before I feel a stable MJ calm.  OK because that compares to the time I spend on meditation at the start of a Eupho session.

    take care and don't hallucinate about Black Helicopters   :lol:

  • Well, if the weed is good enough, it only takes 2 or 3 tokes to get me good and high (I'm kind of a lightweight compared to my younger days) and it definitely enhances my sessions ... I have a little once every few weeks, and if I can have a session when I'm high, I go for it!  It made my night tonight - Mr. Helix had his way with me tonight  :P  I almost blasted into orbit!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Link to a discussion that wanders through everything from philosophy to pharmacology: -- --
    About half-way through the thread there's a discussion about converting THC from THCA. with appropriate temperature ranges to ensure the most effective conversion and limits to ensure that one does not degrade the product with excess temperature. Use a page search for "THCA" to get there fairly quick.

    Link with pros and cons of various vehicles.  My personal opinion... tincture got a bad rap as the alcohol didn't get gently boiled off: -- --

    Strange bedfellow note:  Ron Paul was the only pres. candidate who supported legalization.

    enjoy & blessings...  rook

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    Now, from what little I know about THC (never used the stuff; though I thought I smelled it in the H.S. lockerroom once), it gives you the munchies.

    That being considered, if you put it up your butt, would your anus get the munchies?

  • I have thought about doing this for a very long time. There are several forum web sites just like us but for everything weed related. They go into great detail and are very enthusiastic about their work. They get down right scientific and will even kill either the issue at hand or the plant they are trying to grow until someone comes along like B May or Rook and says chill, smell the flowers, and enjoy what youve got (obviously the product). I own both shea butter and coconut oil though I've tried to mix them i general just prefer the shea butter. I know that in order for thc to dissolve you need saturated fat And heat. Their are several ways to extract thc but I feel some can be very crude or inefficient. I know of a friend of a friend (wink wink) that makes thc pills using coconut oil. And their amazing! This first site has a discussion about the best ways of extracting thc into the oils or butter they want to use

    This second site talks about how to make weed infused edibles and thc pills using coconut oil and hash along with other additives if you so choose to use. All of the things suggested in this post are from a female grower who enjoys making weed foods. I can't remember if you can see the pics if your not apart of the forum, but the treats she makes look and sound delicious haha.

    This third site talks about how to make a single serving of canna-oil

    My friend of a friend of a friend who does this from time to time owns a small Pyrex dish and either uses bud or ABV (already been vaped) bud. If your using ABV bud to make oil you'll need double compared to making oil with fresh bud. Then the baker who ever they are, following the recipes (mostly the 3rd one) wraps the Pyrex dish very very tight and neat with foil around the whole dish and let's it bake. Then when its done the baker removes and let's it cool for at least a half an hour. If you are following this last recipe, cooking thc in oil at 330 actually vaporises your weed and then absorbs into the oil even more as it cools compared to a low slow effect or style of baking. The recipe suggests using cheese clothe to strain the oil through and then squeeze the remaining oil out of the plant while still in the cheese clothe. I personally think a cheese clothe will end up absorbing too much of the oils, but, I've heard of people using a fine wire strainer or metal coffee strainer and a spoon too squeeze the plant material into another bowl giving 100% pure canna-coconut oil. You could freeze it and have it become hard like butter you could freeze them into a suppository. Or you can use what badkats recipe suggests for making weed pills. You can find these empty capsules and pill capsule machines on amazon for really cheap. And they also sell small pipettes, they just look like a tiny turkey baster, they would work excellent at extracting your pure canna-coconut oil. I've tried the pills and they work fairly well on their own but coupled with an aneros and it takes it to a new level for me. The only reason I've never tried canna-coconut oil anally is because I'm to worried it would end up being a waste of good bud or brownies.