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For Prostate Health as well as pleasure
  • The main reason why I selected the Helix Aneros was for medical reasons.  I have chronic prostate inflammation and my doctor recommended I have periodic prostate massages to improve its health.  Self massages with my hand was too cumbersome for me, so research on the Internet took me to the Aneros.  Although all the talk was about the sexual benefits,  I figured this would work. 

    After reading all of the instructions form the web site and blogs, I gave it a try.  Lubed up per instructions and used about 2 ml extra with a syringe.  Laid on my back, knees bent....did the sphincter contractions etc thinking that was all that was needed. After 30 minutes,  I got a good medicinal massage,  plenty of pre cum seminal fluid, but that was it.  No big sensations like I anticipated.

    Days later I tried again.  This time I entertained myself with some porn thinking that would get things going. After about 45 minutes of trying, no fireworks and  I 'took care of myself' with a very extreme ejaculation orgasm.

    Next time I thought I would try something different.  I am 57 years old and at my age I usually need a little help to get thing hard down this time I popped a Levitra before hand.  Watched the porn again for about 20  minutes focusing on the contractions while lying on my back.   And then,  things started to happen:  With my knees bent, both legs started to quiver and shake back and forth by themselves.  Thats weird... just thinking it was a leg cramp or something, and then the movements & sensation moved to my groin, hips and lower abdominal area.  Wow...this must be it!  So, I thought I should concentrate more on the porn, but that proved to a  wrong move because the sensation stopped. 

    So that's the key: the porn was the distraction, so I turned it off. Laid there, knees bent, with steady deep breathing.  A few minutes later the involuntary quivering began again with the legs and then my groin and hips and eventually in a violent bouncing .thrusting up and down motion as though I was making love to someone on top of me.  I had to put a small pillow under my hips because the pounding was hurting low back/hips against the floor.  The hardest part  was letting it do its thing on its own.  You don't control it, it controls you, so enjoy the ride as it cum's, so to speak......I just let go and my entire body would quiver and shake at times.  The sensations were nothing like I ever felt before. 

    OK, now I am ready to try something different I read about.  Moved on my side with knees bent.  Again the lower groin was thrusting  in a slow smooth rhythmic motion...wowed again. 

    OK, I now I try rolling over  on my hands and knees, wow...entire body shivers as I get into this position.  And the next thing I know my entire pelvic area  begins thrusting again back and forth violently with you know what, hard as ever, flapping in the wind.  Another Wow factor!!  It was as though I was making love to a ghost in this hands down doggy position. It was fantastic, uncontrollable,  euphoric, and exhausting. 

    Moved to my back again for more pounding and thrusting thinking this feels sooo good.  After about 20 - minutes overall I had to stop because I was literally tired and exhausted. I guess that was the super O everyone was talking about. I had a total of three sessions like that in about an hours time. 

    You know, when reading the articles and blogs I was really skeptic thinking someone is making these stories up just to get something in print. And even if they weren't lying why would they tell the world?  But for some reason after having this experience, I feel I've got to share it as well.  Weird huh?   

    As for my prostate, it's only been two far so good... no antibiotics taken...knock on wood,,,Looking forward for more euphoria and and a healthy prostate in the future. 



  • 032099, I am glad to hear you have had some relief. I, too, started on this path for prostate health reasons. I have a father and grandfather who had prostate cancer. When I was about 50 years old, I started having a slower, weaker urine stream. The most annoying problem was that the "cutoff valve" wasn't working like it used to, resulting in leakage right after peeing.

    After reading about this, I self diagnosed, decided to try prostate massage and was led to High Island Health and this site. My urologist said not to do it, but I did anyway and have completely reversed the problems. His view is that it is just part of aging and ejaculation is all we need.The results were within days, and have stayed that way for 2 years now. My urologist says my prostate is small, which is good. My BPH symptom score (the test they give you at the urologist office about voiding) is better than it was when I started, and the dribbling stopped.

    To maintain I need to have a session 2 - 3 times per week for about 20 minutes with active contracting. I use a helix and a progasm to make sure I massage different parts of the prostate

    The "side effects", which is what most people write about on this site, are very nice indeed. Personally, since I rarely have long sessions, my pleasure is mostly aneros-less, and it is almost daily. Frankly, I have gone through periods when it was too much, and it kept me awake, but it is in control now, and I have no complaints. I look forward to the feelings.

    Thanks to all who have written about all of the prep, lube, techniques, etc. on this site for making my journey better.

    I hope that more people write about their health issues like you did. This is truly an amazing product that does not get enough mainstream discussion. Unfortunately, the High Island Health forum is not active, is subject to abuse, and has not been near as helpful to me as this forum.

    Here's to your good health and that of others who read what you wrote and need encouragement to try prostate massage.
  • I came on here to post if anyone uses these for health reasons as this was my main reason for getting one. I am only 41 but do suffer from Pelvic pain issues and my urolgist said it was OK to give this a go, he had heard of them, could not advocate them but said why not! Come back in a few months and let him know.

    I have not yet had any seminal leakage although my body seem to give the feeling it is trying to, quite frustrating really.

    My prostate is normal in size and feel. Hoping to get better stream and less odd dribble after going.

    Any advice on how to get the prostate to let go would be most welcome.

  • Patience is your best tactic. I used a progasm my first time. It was uncomfortable, but it loosened things up. My first ejaculation after that session was a bit painful, which leads me to believe that I flushed out something. I have not had a painful ejaculation since then.

    Many people report slow going at first, so your experience is not unusual. If you get frustrated, I would suggest having what is known as a "Super T", which is a traditional orgasm with the aneros inserted. For me, this advanced me to another level.

    I am sure others have ideas on how to jumpstart your experience.

    Bottom line (no pun intended), decide to go for 20 minutes 2 - 3 times per week and give it some time. Don't get hung up on seminal fluid watching or any of the other milestones others reach. Your experience is likely to be different.

    Good luck!
  • My biggest issue is being an IB sufferer as well (damn it! It never just rains does it) the contrctions can give me colon spasms :(

    Its one step forward two steps back for, me, I know prostate massage will help my issues it just getting round other damn issues to get there, including after effects of spine surgery.

    I have not got the peridise set to help with the pelvic floor muscles, hoping that will lead me into better prostate massage.

    I am glad to see others posting on here for health related uses, the high island forum is weak and with some bizzarre posts for example one guy reporting (and advising) about his urologist that uses his cock to do massages and invites medical students to join in! Really! Seriously really!