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Finally getting there
  • rrunnzrrunnz
    Posts: 18
    I have had an Aneros Helix and Progasm for 4-5 years. Never had any luck making it to a mini or O.  As of the last week i have been using it when I tan out in the yard, today something started.  I used the helix for and hour while tanning, then switched to the progasm for a while.  I couldn't get the movement I wanted out of the Progasm so I just quit.  Later on during the day I felt some anal spasms, reinserted the helix and my cock started dancing around to the Helix's movement.  All this did start after I laid on my right side as suggested in the many texts I have read. I never got to the Mini or O but did get a wonderful sensation that I will go back and try.  Precum was flowing as the Helix was dancing to its on tune.   Wonderful, Wonderful!!
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Good for you friend. Keep up the effort. It is well worth it. A good session, even without the final goal, the Super-O is a wonderful experience. After a satisfying session, I get a great feeling of well-being both relaxed and happy, wanting to smile all the time. I also experience a lightness and pleasurable sense of delight in my genital and adominal region. And that's without the Super-O!
  • rrunnzrrunnz
    Posts: 18
    Thanks, Tomasheen, it truly gives a work out with the  anal spasms and the feeling of movement of the Helix, it's something I try to incorporate into my daily routine.  A good two hr session is amazing.  Now to connect with the Super-O will make more exiting.  I love to incorporate it with my daily outside tanning routine.  Time seems to fly.  Awaiting the Super-O and many more after.
  • rrunnzrrunnz
    Posts: 18
    My Eupho arrived today, tried a short session with it, a test drive  so to speak.  The thing is truly a tiny dancer, as it was dancing inside as soon as I got it in me. This will be used after I warm up with my helix tomorrow.  Can not wait as it shows much promise.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • rrunnzrrunnz
    Posts: 18
    The Eupho is a small wonder. Now I find myself using it more than the Helix, as soon as I am lubed and insert it magic happens.  I am getting dry-o's I never had before and they seem to be one on top of the other.  I will go into spasms and they will get almost violent then cool off only to repeat again and again.  I find me wanting them to not end.  Still awaiting the big one but what fun it is in the learning curve.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    I use the Eupho too and find it excellent. It does seem to dance about. I have a MGX and it has been lying in it's box for ages. Last night I took it out and without much hope, I began my session. I was completely  astounded by the response. Awesome. Lately my penis has become so sensitive to the slightest touch. I am concious of it all day and I am delighted.  I get an erection now just by thinking about it.The MGX is finding new paths for me. I don't think the larger ones would be good for me. I had a Helix and never got on with it. I seem to be preoccupied with sexual sensations. Sometimes, I worry about this.
  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    Tomasheen, I'm with you in singing praises for the MGX. At first I noticed the slight ridges on the stem, but as I learned to relax so I wasn't using an iron grip with the spincter, I've come to enjoy the sensations brought on by the ridges. The slightest contraction or movement adds new layers of response.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I have similar observations about the MGX which has become my somewhat recent favorite model. The sharp intensity of the P-tab, which can be painful, really forces me to relax through it and the discomfort disappears and the pleasure and involuntaries really start happening.
  • rrunnzrrunnz
    Posts: 18
    I am truly astounded by my Eupho, upon insertion it's zero to right now on movement.  Haaave never used the MGX but plan to use the helix and Eupho on a daily basis and alternate them to see if they somewhat train my prostate and sensitivity.  My penis does start to be sensitive and dancing around when the Eupho starts moving.  Both actually start fluttering  and its oh, wow!!
  • Can you guys please help. I have just started and am using the HelixSyn. I have had it for 3 weeks. Nothing has happened.  I use it every second night. I have slept with it in quite often - no response. I will be patient. Would you suggest that a Eupho would be helpful?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Congrats phoenix60 on the -syn...

    You are quite correct in exercising "patience."  Those of us in the 'slow to respond' club usually suggest that you give any new toy a couple of months before adding another to the toybox.  It's not good to confuse your brain early in the rewiring process.

    Assuming you are of average height, (5'6" to 6'4"),  -syn, Helix and MGX are all excellent starting choices. 45-90 minutes of conscious quiet time each day or two is probably the better choice until you, "awaken your prostate."

    Most of our brains, starting a prostate awakening project, are wired to sense physical pain or inflammation signals from the prostate.  Those 'survival' signals alert us to injury or disease.  At this point in your journey you are relaxing to sense the tiny pleasure signals that are hiding below your threshold of recognition.  As those start to emerge, savor each and allow them to grow.

    blessings.... rook
  • phoenix60 Hi there, I have had a helix for just over 6  months. using every second night on average sometimes more.
    I have slept with it about 8 times.
    It is only in this last month that it has started to give hints of what is to come.
    You will just have to keep on practicing. Like I did, am doing.
    It takes a long while to train the body and brain to sync up together.
    Dont disspare or giveup you will get there.
    I have not got any mini o or Os yet but I know I am getting closer.
    I am just starting to toy with the IDEA of getting a Eupho now.
    Wait, read lots, experiment, try, enjoy for most of us it take awhile! 
  • Dont disspare or give-up is right, it took a long time for me to rewire so to speak.  When it finally happened I was surprised and could not repeat till weeks later.  Now I know what to feel and how to adjust for the wonderful sessions.  But do not expect that every time will produce a Super-O because its very dependant on your body and mind.