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positive mental improvements with aneros?
  • Hello all,

    I got a question to all the aneros expert users.

    How, or did the aneros device change your mental well being?

    What i am referring to is not how many O's you are having or how great sex improved for you but, how things changed in your live beside your sexuality.
    Did it changed your live for long term on the following points: mood, well being, mental/physical blockages like headaches, childhood issues, spirituality or fears?

    I am very curious.

    Greetings to all
    (Sorry for the bad english)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi jacal1234, Ciao!

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums,

    Throughout these Forums (especially in the TESTIMONIALS forum) there are numerous posts by members who have experienced profound physical/emotional states as a consequence of their Aneros practice. Some have openly declared these events as "life changing" in some manner. For other men, their practice has led them to more subtle changes in their moods, inter-personal relationships, dealing with physical maladies, psychological healing and even spirituality.

    For me personally, Aneros use has led me into experiencing changes in all of those aspects above. Some of those changes have been subtle, some have been more profound. The changes I have noticed continue to be an evolving situation as my information base builds, my understanding of that info has also increased. Unfortunately, much of this change is of an ineffable quality where "words fail".

    IMHO, it is erroneous to attribute these changes solely due to Aneros usage. I think it is more likely due to a combination of other attitudinal adjustments along with Aneros usage. The psychological changes you are asking about are more a function of the mind than the prostate stimulation device. It is the voluntary rewiring of one's brain which helps preserve these changes and enabling long term changes to endure. Through developing one's personal technique for unlocking their Super-O's, I think one also develops certain mental traits/abilities which simultaneously develop other aspects of your psyche.

    I can't recall reading any reports of remorse or negative consequences from Super-O capable men, so I think these changes are a perfectly healthy phenomenon.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Let me also welcome you jacal1234 and you perceptive enquiry!!

    Over 15 years before I found and began my Aneros journey, I experimented with Taoist sexual kung fu and qigong energies techniques. Aneros and KSMO, combined with my couples practice with my wife, have revived my access to the Taoist energies full spectrum and that has had very positive effects for me and for her in virtually all the categories you set out above.

    I believe that prostate awakening is a very significant practice for the whole body/mind and the full consciousness levels spectrum. This has led to both sharing healing energies, and sharing orgasmic energies, at-a-distance. Those involved have often found a very profound peace and contentment from even one or a few sessions.

    Since I have also used my aneros models for the original medical prostate massage therapy sessions too, I have written here many times about the unique Whole Male Health possibilities an Aneros practice can facilitate, including all of the above.

    I agree, as usual, with friend rumel on the range of these effects, including the inimitable subtleties and the deeply ineffable. I have written about these too in my blog here.

    all the very best whole male health improvements and wonderful openings to all all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • My mother had an physically traumatic pregnancy, I had a long and difficult birth... and I believe this early imprint affected my brain development in a way that has caused me suffered from anxiety my whole life.  In metaphysical terms... I have felt that my "root chakra" is broken or very unstable... as I have always had trouble with jobs, stability, housing, money, relationships. 

    Since first discovering and exploring the the perenium & prostate area when with an open-minded "tantric" girlfriend about 3 years ago... I have felt that massage and touch in this "root chakra" area was something I have deeply been craving and it has a profoundly soothing effect on me.

    But I want to take this further and heal as much as I can to reach my full, grounded human potential.

    Does anyone have information or insight on how to use the Aneros to "heal" the root chakra or re-wire the whole brain (amygdala) to become more grounded or less anxious? Does the Aneros calm this root chakra energy center (generally seems to) or can it overstimulate? How can I rewire more successfully?