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On expanding sphincter muscles...
  • ansiansi
    Posts: 11

    I've had some success with Helix but never got to 'there' so I decided to take a little detour for some other product.(I've been trying for more than 6 months)
    It is ribbed and thicker. According to the spec the width is 34mm, which is about a centimeter bigger than the Helix.

    Now, When I first tried Helix it was a little uncomfortable(with very little but still existing pain); it gradually got better until I can insert lubed Helix without discomfort. That's my sphincter muscle 'loosen' I believe.

    What's happening currently is that I can't get this another product in completely. Rib by rib I try but I feel that if I force it in something very bad would happen, and hurt like hell. It still hurts mildly and uncomfortable about half-in. So I'm trying to widen up my sphincter muscle by putting it in half in and leave it like that for half an hour or so. Hopefully in time I can put it in easily, or without much pain at least.

    With long prelude, I'm thinking a rather scary thought- what if I stretch sphincter muscle so much, that it gets broken?
    The thought itself is scary; if I keep loosening(expanding) the muscle I fear the muscle would loosen up too much that it won't even keep the defaces in, and it's freaking me out.

    Of course, seeing how many products with more girth I tell myself this is irrational but the thought is scary as hell.

    So please tell me, am I paranoiac, or should I use a different methods to 'expanding' the muscles?
    If not, how slow should I be expanding the muscle? I've started today and I expect to see results by tonight or tomorrow.

    thank you.

    p.s. I know, it's not Aneros-related per se, but it's in same category and I could really use a consolation.
  • I am no expert by any means at all, just a newbie.I have read that you can damage your sphincter muscle and It talks a lot of medical mumbo jumbo to get it right again. BUT it takes something like fisting to cause it. Thats right your whole hand up their! :-O
    From what you describe I would not worry. How long is it? The helix is not as big as the progasm so it sounds like your toy is about the same size.
    You are lubing the toy and prelubing your tube too? Injecting lube up your butt I mean?
  • ansiansi
    Posts: 11
    It's Nexus Vibro(, slightly thicker and longer and much more curved(the tip) and ribbed with hard material.

    The ribs hurt a lot. like, so much...
  • Wow what a beast! =))
    How about putting a condom over it?
    Just a suggestion.
    Would love to give it a go?
    I have tried other home implements before. But nothing with ribbs that big.
    A condom may smooth it out a bit  especially a thicker one.
    Or you could try in a warm room try inserting 1 lubed finger then two the three then 4 but only half way.
    Hold them there until  you stretch a bit and remember to relax. If you are scared of it you will clench even though you dont know it.
    Then try your toy when you are comfitable.
    Your fingers will come out heaps easier than a  toy with ribbs.
    You could use a twist back and forth method as you insert and remove. Only like a wiggle dont rotate I think.
    Nothing hurts more than a twisted bowl so I am told....................
    Maybe if you are a small build then it is too big for you. Remember what you put in must be able to come out.
    Would not want you to go to the emergency ward to have a needle for muscle relax to remove it.
    Hey on that point there is anal lube you can buy that has a relaxant effect or numbing anyway.. That might help.
    any good sex store will have it.
  • ansiansi
    Posts: 11
    yes it is a beast; I underestimated it when I looked at the review.
    Condom is actually a good suggestion. I'll try with 2 or 3 condoms at the same time; that'll smooth out the ribs..

    I tried the twist-and-back-and-forth method actually. That's how I got to the second-thickest rib. Then it hurt so bad I had to stop.
    I'm 6 ft so I don't think it's too big for me; it's just the ribs that does it.

    I thought of the numbing lotion as well, but the fear of tearing-the-anus-without-me-realizing was just too big. Maybe it's safe but since I don't know much it's better to be safe.

    thanks for the suggestions though. I will def try the condoms.
  • lets us know how you go!
    Expect a good report:)
    When it hurts stop and just relax for a while till the pain dulls then decide further or back sounds like you are so close.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 757

    Numbing lube doesn't really loosen up the muscles, it only prevents you from feeling the pain due to the damage you're causing.  The pain is there for a reason; part of it is physical, but most of it is mental.

    Injecting lube is important.  Use a thick, anal-safe lube like Slippery Stuff Gel in your rectum about 1-2 inches in.  Inject it with something like a Lube Shooter.  Coat the device with a thin film of Vaseline, Un-petroleum jelly, silicone anal grease, or even Crisco.

    Try deep, cleansing breaths while trying to insert.  Visualize/imagine the muscles relaxing as you put gentle pressure on it while moving it back and forth and breathing deeply, with a little side to side motion as well.  It will go in with time.  Just relax.  I know it's easier said than done, but it can be done; I'm quite sure you regularly pass stools bigger than your device, even those that feel like a corn cob, so you know you can do it.

  • ansiansi
    Posts: 11
    I'm currently using Swiss Navy water-based lube with lube shooter.

    Why would the thickness matter? I'm curious.

    thanks for all the responses by the way.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Warning: Unless there has been a recent change, we are advised not to mention the imsertable ribbed device you have named. HIH/Aneros has patents that are being infringed by this product maker and there are legal actions underway we are told. Therefore there should be no naming or discussion about that brand's product in this Forum or other parts of this website, as I understand the HIH/Aneros policy/rule here. Aneros Support may detect this thread and contact.
  • ansiansi
    Posts: 11
    I did not know that. My apologies.
    I'm trying to edit the mention out but I cannot seem to be. Please delete this thread as fit.

  • Thanks Artform I did know about the patent infringement but did not connect the two.
    For the record HIH/aneros is great and I would not buy another brand.
    Dont know why you would want ribbs anyway.The whole idea is for it to be slippery.
    Thats what happens when you copy. You stuff the design coz you dont know what your doing.
    Please note I  have not mentioned any names or brands except Aneros :D
  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    No way that thing would ever come close to my ass!
  • I'd recommend nice long HOT bath.  Bath where you can barely tolerate water temp at first.  After nice long soak, dry off and do favorite method of getting turned on and loose.  Some jerking helps to, as ass flexes fo cock twitches.  Lots of lube like Badger said.  I did fingers first.  One then when comfortable, two and up to three.  Then on to toys...
  • ansiansi
    Posts: 11
    Haviing Ribs was a bad idea and I'm trying hard not to regret the choice; but about half year's trial produced some frustration.
    Hopefully I'll see some results this month.

    thanks guys, this has been greatly helpful.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 757

    Hey, ansi;

    Do what most Aneros users here do:  modify it.

    Remove/greatly reduce the offending ridges and polish it smooth.  Or better yet, get an Aneros.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    Hey ansi,  Welcome !

    Several years ago I bought a toy like you have because it looked novel.  I agree.  This hurts.  I also feel that if one dries out a bit with it inserted it could easily rip one "a new one."  Mine went directly to the trash.

    I went through a brief anal stretching program to help me with Progasm.  It took about three days to get loosened up and I'm happy with the result -- advice,..  go slowly.

    About twenty-five years ago my Dad developed colon cancer.  A chunk of colon was removed and he had to wear a colostomy bag.  His anus shrunk from non-use and became painful.  His doc prescribed a set of Anal Dialator plugs which were then available from most pharmacies.   The dialators worked to eliminate the pain and he periodically wore one to maintain his anal resilience.  I'd suspect that he and I shared the same anal urges and that's why he opted to not have it sewn up or removed.

     I don't know if that's still the case but they might be available by special order.  Here's a couple of listings from Amazon with fotos.  I suspect these are the same product.  You might also browse the enema supply websites.

    Another option is to buy an Aneros Tempo or a set of Peridise toys.  Buy a roll of electrical tape to wrap around the toy, to gradually increase the diameter.  Cover it with a condom.  Wear that for several hours a day and, with an appropriate lube, also at night.  Remember to use a Polyurethane or Polyisoprene condom if you are using an oil based lube at night.

    I'd avoid an inflatable butt plug as it would be difficult to control accurate increases in diameter from day to day.

    Best wishes and blessiings..... rook