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A good effort but no Cigar
  • Ok so I have got as far as having some damn good waves and feeling the prostate getting engorged (swelling) it even aches a bit but I just cant get it too release.

    Sould I be squeezing the muscles a bit tighter or just relaxing? I find if I just relax instead of creating pelvic muscle contractions the feeling ebbs away.

    Frustrated :( So damn close just cant ejaculate.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765

    Have you tried pre-orgasmic hyperventilating?  You know, your breath starts going deeper and deeper, and your breathing gets faster and faster until you O.  If you're not familiar, notice the breathing that your wife/girlfriend/pornstar you've seen does, and try to copy that.

    Oh, and while breathing, concentrate on the good feelings emanating from your prostate and radiating from it.

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 602
    Why on earth would you want to ejaculate? It's even better when you can separate the orgasm from the ejaculation. Ejaculation means it's "Game Over" for that session, but if you don't there's nothing then stopping you from having multiple Os or even entering a state of continuous orgasm.
  • sittingonagolfball Dude! did you read the instructions? [-X
    Xnay on the cumnay! (no cumming is the idea).
     But if that floats your boat, then keep trying.

    Oh! I checked your other posts else where, you have a injury.
    Your question comes from left field. a bit more explanation might have been good :)
     Hope you get it to squirt. :) 
  • I am talking of prostatic ejaculation others talk of here, pre cum I think the term is used. Sorry all a bit shy to all this. My forray into this has always been medical due to non bacterial prosititus and pelvic floor tension, but of course I then discovered a whole new world so to speak, one that stopped me taking the offer up from my urologist for a massage! I did not really feel like having a heavy sexual moment with a doctors finger up my butt, so the in house option seemed a whole lot more appealing, and my wife has no issue with it.

    My back issue does not stop me cumming (going all the way) But it likely causes 90% of my pelvic floor issues.