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The winning card
  • I was once playing a card game with some friends. I was close to winning, but I was one specific card away from my goal. Anxiously I waited for my turn, and every turn that came up, I got the wrong card, it was frustrating to be so close yet not quite get there. I was concentrating on getting the specific card to win.

    Eventually after some time had passed my card turned up. My friends turned to me and asked what I was thinking about this time. To my surprise and realization I responded, "I wasn't thinking of anything!"

    My Aneros sessions have been improving, and as expected the less I'm worried about getting there, the more pleasant and productive they have become. I haven't quite crossed over into dry orgasms yet, but my entire session feels like being 75% to orgasm which is pleasant enough in of itself. Someday I hope to be surprised when by body finally decides that I'm ready.
  • Think I got to the same place last night. Can do nothing but wait for the body to awaken its self. Frustrating but making baby steps all the time. The ride has been slow and steady and just when your thinking your not getting anywhere something different comes along to keep you hooked!:)
  • artformartform
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    Great guys!!

    For many, the Winning Card is No Expectations, along with deep relaxation and full openness to whatever whispers or slamming might get going!! And sharing here can amplify even more...


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected