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Better and better belly orgasms
  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 208
    I have posted here before about nipple orgams, breast orgasms, and belly orgasms.

    I have now established a routine that I almost always follow: gentle
    massaqing of the breasts and light touches to the nipples until I reach
    a nipple orgasm; then rubbing around the periphery of each breast
    without touching the nipple for a one or more softer, "rounder" breast
    orgasms, then move my hands down to the sides of my stomach, rubbing broadly in
    a circular motion, for a belly orgasm or orgasms. The amazing thing is that
    these belly orgasms are getting more and more intense. Perhaps because the
    erogenous area is so much larger, they are incredibly explosive, and seeem to
    spread throughout the entire body. The sequence of orgasms from nipple to belly
    move from very sharp and concentrated to more diffuse, yet more intense and

    I am amazed by this new frontier of sexual pleasure. And I had to wait
    till my 60s to discover it!
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi Wuerstchen,

    Everything you describe is typical of good progress down the KSMO trail!

    Good progress, good luck, and don't let the Terrors deter you!

  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 208
    My newest discovery is the thigh orgasm. I have written about it here:
  • Wuerstchen and the group,
      Having been a follower of the nipple orgasm group on yahoo for the last 2 or more years, I have spent the last couple of years trying to get the nipples to go O.  While it feels real good it was not earth moving for me.  Nipple massage alone was just an interesting feeling that makes my nether regions tingle a bit.   .....try as much as I might...  [-O<   Even got some Supple Nips and that helped a bit but still not what I wanted....

       Once I added the Aneros to my playing around about 2 months ago things have started to progress very rapidly.   One thing that I found is that using both the Aneros and nipple stimulation at the same time can be excruciatingly intense and pleasurable.    8-}    Using both methods at the same time seems to act as a multiplier  rather than an adder.  Individually, either method is so-so but together I have found things ramping up rapidly.   While I haven't had a Super O yet my mini Os are pretty well mind blowing at any rate.     8-}    8-}    8-}    8-}

      I would suggest that a multiple approach method of stimulation would be really worth trying for those that are having trouble getting much out of either method individually.

    From DarkRider

  • Nipple orgasms are AWESOME! It's one of the best ways to "kick-start" your aneros session and to get your prostate "talking!"

    I also get intense super-o's when I massage my belly/pubic area. Working in a light, circular motion directly in the pubic area can bring on contractions that lead me to a super-o. What's interesting too is that I can stick my finger in my belly button and massage inside that small area to bring on mini-o's that build to the bigger one. I love these!

  • Glad you are enjoying nipple orgasms, Solostar! I tried the belly button thing; it didn't do anything for me--about the only part of my body that isn't orgasm-inducing when nipple stim has brought me to the state of the fully erogenized body. But lately I find I am drawn more and more to belly orgasms. Once I am near to orgasm it's like a magnetic force pulls my hands down there. Some of it is the extraordinary feeling of having such an expansive erogenous zone. I am beginning to experience the same thing with thigh orgasms.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Hey, does anybody here know how to resoften calloused nipples?  I've used nipple suckers, and the sensations are very sensual, but they cause the nipples to become calloused, which takes most of the fun out of the next session.
  • I've experienced the same problem, Badger.  It's the downside of Supple Nipps. The good news is that they have apparently permanently increased the size of my nipples, which is great. The bad news is that if I use them regularly they eventually toughen the delicate skin on the nipple, reducing sensitivity.  For that reason I rarely use mine any more. I do it when I want the excitement of really engorged nipples. I find that if I space the use of the suction cups to once a week or so, the bad side effects do not occur.