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Progasm...More Questions
  • RogerTRogerT
    Posts: 79
    I have some questions about the use of the Progasm that I could really use some help with please.

    Am I too old to use it?
    I've been using Aneros products (MGX, Helix, Helix Syn) for a couple of years now. I'm 52 and in relatively good shape. I've tried using the Progasm a handful of times and have always had some difficulty using it. This latest time I wasn't patient enough and caused some tears and opened a small fissure.Any suggestions on how to heal this would be appreciated too. I had a hemorrhoidectomy a year ago and am now wondering if I should just give up on this big of a massager.

    How long does it take to insert the Progasm?
    It takes me at least 5 minutes to get it inside. I do use the spooning technique for entry too. Typically how long does it take to insert this size prostate massager?  Am I going too fast? Is it a good idea to insert a smaller one first to open things up?

    What is the best lube for the Progasm?
    I use Slippery Stuff Gel and apply a good amount inside the anal canal and a lot on the Progasm itself. Would Vaseline or Shea Butter be a better lubricant?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help and guidance provided.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I can't answer your question about healing. But I will say, assuming there is no health problems that makes you more susceptible to tearing, your anus is not relaxed enough and/or you're not taking your time getting the insertion right. There should be no pain or discomfort inserting it. If there is, remove it completly and start over. Relax your whole body, relax your anus, take deep breathes, whatever it takes to relax you. One possibility that could have caused the tearing is that you got never the Progasm past the inner anal sphincter. I did this once, and only once when I was a Progasm novice. It got inserted completely without ever having gotten past my inner anal sphincter. Very painful and certainly not recommended. It took me some time to heal after that mistake before I could do any sort anal play.

    Even though you are using the spooning method for insertion, I recommend that once you have the head initially inserted in your outer anal sphincter, start gently rocking the handle end of the Progasm back and forth in relation to the front and back of your body as you push it in. This helps the tip of the head find the opening to the inner anal sphincter, and once past that, it helps find the head over and around the Prostate. Which sometime the head can be improperly jammed in front of the prostate, which is also painful and not recommended to do.

    I can comfortably and properly insert my Progasm in probably ten seconds or so. Never timed it. Yes you are likely going to fast. Take as much time as you need to get a comfortable insert. Take multiple attempts at it rather than trying to force it in all in one go. I'm not sure that using a smaller Aneros model first would make a difference, but you can try. Ultimately it still boils down to how well you can relax your anal muscles during insertion. Have you ever inserted your own finger in in your anus and into your rectum? If you haven't, I highly recommend you experiment a bit with this, because it will give you some very tactile feedback as to how relaxed both your outer and inner anal sphincters need to be to comfortably allow insertion.

    Your lube should be fine. Slippery Stuff Gel is a good water based, glycerin free lube. Although if you are not already doing so, you should be injecting some lube in your rectum prior to insertion via what Aneros sells as the Lubricant Applicator, or my new preferred device, the Trinity Vibes Lubricant Launcher. You may get some small amount of insertion ease with vaseline or shea butter such that it may be worth while for you to experiment if these other techniques don't work out for you. But I suspect the lube is not the issue.

    Hope this gives you something useful to work with. :)

  • dingusdingus
    Posts: 72
    I'm 47 and enjoy my Progasm. 

    In fact, I like to insert it very slowly. Just because it feels great.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    If you have developed an anal fissure I would strongly suggest that you discontinue use of any of the Aneros massagers at this time.  The last thing you want to do is put any additional stress on this area, it is essential that you give your body time to heal.   When a fissure is present there is often an abnormal amount of pressure in the internal sphincter because these tissues go into spasm. This complicates healing and  makes bowel movements difficult.    With respect to methods to promote healing, if you have any previous experience with this you know that fissures often heal by themselves.  How long?  Sometimes as much as 4 to 6 weeks.   The basics are: softening your stool (psyllium or methylcellulose ) and sitz baths, to increase circulation, decrease spasms and provide some noninvasive cleansing.  Avoidance of certain hard or sharp foods such as popcorn and certain nuts are often recommended as well.   If it doesn't improve in several weeks then you should probably consult your physician.  There are medications that he can prescribe that may help as well (steroid/anesthetic cream).  When acute spasms of the internal sphincter are present there are other medications that may be helpful also.

    Given your history with hemorrhoids, the surgery and now this fissure, you may want to reconsider your use of  the PROGASM (and any other larger devices).  Bear in mind that the things that doctors recommend to help prevent further occurrences of fissures and hemorrhoids (adding fiber, avoiding straining during bowel movements and stool softeners) are generally aimed at reducing the amount of pressure in this area. It's logical to conclude that larger scale anal penetration might be something to avoid as well.   But all of that is really for another day...heal yourself first. 

    Be well,

    BF Mayfield

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    'Love_is' & 'B Mayfield' have both given you some excellent advice. I don't think your age is much of a factor here. I, too find the Progasm can become uncomfortable if used for extended time periods. It tends to stretch my anus ever so slightly more than I would like.

    NOBigger is NOT necessarily better !NO

    I would only add that your hemorrhoidectomy has undoubtedly created scar tissue in your anal/rectal area. This scar tissue is less flexible and less elastic than the normal tissue, thus it is more suceptable to injury (tearing) from stretching than normal.

    First, you need to heal as 'B Mayfield' noted, then consider using the Aneros models with the smallest girth and copious amounts of lubrication in future sessions. It will probably be possible for you to gradually work your way up to tolerance of the larger girth of the Progasm but if the other models are working for you I'd suggest you stay with them.

    While lubrication is certainly important, in your situation, IMHO, a change in lube is not likely to make much difference as you are dealing with constricted anal tissue and sphincter muscle relaxation issues.

    Remember, pain/discomfort is a pleasure killer, it is not something you can stoically endure and reach the Super-O zone.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  •    The progasm ice is my most recent aneros model that I got sometime in October I believe and I absolutely love it.  I only kind of hurt myself once before and it was because I was accustomed to the smaller helix and tempo (maximus too but I don't use it 'cause it sucks for me...p-tab too sharp where all pressure is on a small point and constantly moves to either side of my bulked up perineum).  Newbie mistake and I was impatient about insertion on the first go at it before relaxed enough, killed the session as my sphincter hurt a little but I took proper care the next day onwards and never had an issue since.  I really love the full feelings of the large toy, the wide distribution of pressure from the tabs, and the mobility once the session really gets going!
       In fact I love it so much, it sparked an interest in me towards large sized dildos to achieve the sensations of fullness and stretching that a regular prostate massager wont give.  Probably gonna get my hands on the Tantus Mr. Universe: 6" long 3" diameter.  Being a guy of about 5ft 6in 115lbs, it is a little intimidating and comparing the diameter to a nearby table leg I am wondering how feasible it really is.  But people do handle it and I'm sure it just takes enough anal practice which I have a good deal of by this point, I am really looking forward to being able to just slowly work in something that large and sit right on it and grind a bit.
       But yeah assuming one has a relatively healthy body, I wouldn't really consider the progasm to be a monster of a toy.  It just has to be approached with the proper cautions that must be taken around such a sensitive area, it cannot be forced but slowly worked into.
  • RogerTRogerT
    Posts: 79
    Thanks so much for all of the great replies and advice. I definitely plan on not using anything until I'm fully healed up, however long that takes. Im using cortizone cream now to help and Vitamin E oil. After using the lube shooter, I do insert my finger first and work it around gradually to relax and open things up. I plan on retiring the Progasm at this point and use the new Helix Syn which goes in easily and is quite pleasurable. Thanks again guys.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Roger T.,

    I am sorry for the pain and mental regret with your current situation.  I'd like to offer some experience regarding age, past hemorrhoid treatment and lube.

    Age:  I'm in my late '70s and entering my fourth year of Aneros practice.  Early on, I was getting occasional 'inner sphincter balking' unique to my Progasm sessions.  I too questioned whether age was a factor in accommodating Progasm.  Now, two years later I'm very sure it's a matter of relaxation, preparation and lube.  I've pretty much followed Love_is's comments regarding a two step or three step insertion.  If I tense-up, I'll back out and do some teasing before.   I can usually complete a Progasm insertion in less than a minute, even with a break and a couple of deep breaths. 

    Lube:  Progasm sessions cause me to pay special attention to prep and lube.  I've tried both shea butter and vegetable oil but tend to prefer a combo of 'greasy' lube (Crisco or Vaseline) on the toy and a generous (6 ml) injection of Slippery Stuff (gel).  Most of my sessions are with smaller Aneros toys and I sometimes use a Maximus to 'loosen up' and 'spread lube' before a Eupho session.  

    Hemorrhoids:  Much of my younger life was involved in eating a low-fiber diet, long hours strapped to a hard seat, and regularly applying four, sometimes five g's of downward force to my anus.  That combination led to annoying anal issues with occasional flair ups.  In my fifties and sixties I had three 'bandings' of serious 'roids.  Five years ago I had laser surgery on a fourth.  Once healed, I see no reason why prior 'roids should be a contra-indication for Aneros insertion and play.  I think that with sufficient lube the Aneros massagers and the Peridise are effective in suppressing the recurrence of 'roids.  I keep a Peridise handy and follow the HIH website suggestions on treatment of hemmorrhoids.

    Suggestion:  Once satisfied that you are completely healed and comfortable with smaller toys like Maximus you might consider the Vice.  It's volume approaches that of Progasm.  It feels resilient rather than firm and has a slick silicone surface.  With the Muze removed it has some flex. 

    Blessings to you, Roger T.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Couple of thoughts on lubing and insertion.

    Your fingering of lube into your canal and inner sphincter should provide adquate 'pre-insertion stretching.'  So, that action looks good.

    Make a mental note to remember the following when you again take up Aneros play:

    Your first move with any of the Aneros toys or any dildo should be a deep breath and an outward/downward push, as though you were pushing out a large feces. That opens your outer sphincter and makes it easier to get the head of the toy into your anal canal.  It prevents your outer sphincter from being stretched inward as you press the toy against your anus.  Once the head of the toy is in your canal, gentle rocking of toy helps with relaxation, spreads lube and readies you for the second step in the 'scoop' maneuver.