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Strange events that are happening to me with the Syn?
  • I'm not certain if I'm having Super-Os, mini-os or pleasure waves.  I've never experienced anything like this before and I need help understanding this.  I've been using the old Aneros for about a year, then moved to the Vice, Peridise and now the Syn.

    After I insert the Syn, I relax and my body just takes over.  My body now just relaxes and pulls the Syn in after just getting it in a little.  I have progressively stronger PC and anal contractions over a few minutes.  I'm not sure if I'm causing them or they are becoming automatic from me.  Whatever causes them, they start that warm tightening deep in my belly.  Like during the Hypnoaneros session when I used to use that.  At this point, the Syn is nearly dancing inside of me.  I can't feel that much at first and then something happens.  The Syn gets pulled deep and it touches, I guess the prostate.  I get this charge that builds until suddenly it releases.  This makes my body stretch, shake or arch until it runs through me.  I would have two and then they would stop.  I wasn't even sure these could be called pleasure at first until I had them two other times.  Normal masturbation never caused these things.  I'm not even erect when these are happening most times, but afterwards my drives and senses are so heightened that it makes you want to just be still.

    I am getting these now, even without the Syn.  I get that same warmth in my belly when excited.  I'll get that pleasurable quivering inside my anal regions, like when I use the Peridise.  Then just go off with an electric rush that starts at the base of my spine and runs up to my head.  It causes me to tense, almost like stretching your body, and then relax finally in a state of, I guess, bliss.  I've gotten to enjoy these now.  This morning, I used the Syn again.  I had a number of these and they were so strong that I moaned and stuff.  I tried to breathe through them and tried to let go, but that is still hard for me.  They actually scare me.  It is as if my body is doing something I can't control at times.   I've never experienced this many.  I never have what others are describing about their Super-Os.

    I just don't know what to call these and they are starting to become disturbing.  They are starting to happen from simple fantasies about women or while writing.  Now they are happening even when out in public, which is embarrassing.  I feel as if I'm awakening a beast that I won't be able to control now.  I'm almost addicted to these and the Syn.  I still sense that something is coming that is much stronger, possibly the Super-O.
  • dingusdingus
    Posts: 72
    I'm no expert, but it sounds like this is pretty normal part of the process. Try to enjoy it!

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    What you have described are totally normal manifestations of a process that we call "rewiring" around here.   This occurs as your body awakens to the alternate arousal pathway that leads to the Super O.    This generally involves certain physical changes (e.g. the hyper-awareness to erotic thoughts and sensations that you referred to) and often has emotional, psychological and even spiritual ramifications in some individuals as well.   As you become more accustomed to these sensations they will become more manageable for you.  Everyone is different, so I'm not able to tell you how soon this will occur, but rest assured that there will come a time when you are in control of these things. There is no question that this stuff can be a little disconcerting initially, but this all part of it.  This is a transformational process, one that has the potential of producing profound changes in the way that you view sensuality and perhaps life in general!    Again, this is to be expected, and is a sure milestone in your  journey.

    Stay with it !

    BF Mayfield
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I concur with 'B Mayfield' and 'dingus', what you are experiencing is perfectly normal.

    If you re-read the definition of a Super-O in the WIKI the very first line states simply, "Super-O is .... an orgasm that steps out of the normal frame of reference."

    You said "Normal masturbation never caused these things."
    That statement sure sounds like you know these experiences are out of the normal frame of reference.

    You said "It causes me to tense, almost like stretching your body, and then relax finally in a state of, I guess, bliss. I've gotten to enjoy these now." "I had a number of these and they were so strong that I moaned and stuff. I tried to breathe through them and tried to let go, but that is still hard for me. They actually scare me. It is as if my body is doing something I can't control at times. I've never experienced this many."

    IMHO, you have been experiencing Super-O's but your conscious mind has not quite accepted that fact, your ego consciousness does not want to relinquish its illusory control of the body, hence the fear of uncertainty.

    You said "I never have what others are describing about their Super-Os." but in fact you have been experiencing many of those sensations. Remember, you are a unique individual, your experience will be unique to you. It is counterproductive to expect your experiences to match that of others, suffice it to say you will have similar sensations but your reaction is still going to be unique to you.

    You said "I feel as if I'm awakening a beast that I won't be able to control now." To awaken your prostate and feel your own empowerment can be an awesome feeling but it need not scare you. I don't believe our body would ever create self damaging feelings or sensations, you are on an adventure of self learning, it is OK to "Just Let Go" GWTF Enjoy where the river of sensations take you. You won't regret it.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Thanks for the info in the replies.  You all are wonderful here to know that I can get feedback.

    I think I was afraid of what this thing was starting to do to me but now I'm not.  I can rest assured that it is the rewiring happening at last.

    My main drawback, still, is the inability to let go and allow this pleasure.  When it happens it is overwhelming to me.  They are not mild events but something that kind of rocks me mentally and physically to the point of not being able to even walk, if I have to.  I guess if I keep this up, the Super-O is in the future.  All this progress just since getting the Syn.  Thanks Aneros for creating that new version.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392

    I was just about to write this exact posting. You described exactly what I am experiencing. I haven't really been able to determine what it is even though I kind of decided it was a Super-O. What has held me back is this sense of something else very strong that has frightened me also.

    I tried once to breath through the build up, in a sense trying not to succumb to the peak that occurs prior to the release you describe. It built in intensity as each peak arrived until it became a bit frightening and I gave in. The release was very strong. During a typical release I just cannot breathe, I'm almost paralyzed. This one lasted almost too long!

    I am getting to the point where I can recognize the signs (a special p-wave) of an impending Super-O. During a good session, they can repeat pretty frequently. Sometimes I may experience only a mild one. The after-effects are something else though. They are very strong and constant, all of the time.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Hey Xileh,

    Glad to know I'm not the only one with these.  This morning I did another session and I thought they wouldn't stop.  It was like riding a roller coaster not being able to get off.  Even touching the Syn sent me into spasms again, causing another wave.  I don't even know how many I had.

    The wildest thing about this morning's session was that it wasn't the usual hard movements that brought these, it was the very light and delicate movements of the Syn.  If this is what rewiring is doing, what will it be like when I'm finally rewired?

    I also know what you talk about when you say you can't breathe through them.  They are so powerful, it feels like time even stops for me.  Thankfully, mine are not lasting that long yet, but they are beginning to come in clusters, which happen one right after the other with my body on autopilot moving the Syn inside of me.  It was also the very first time I have ever had an erection occur.  It thought it was going to explode I got so hard.  Then a stronger wave happened and it made me freak out and I lost the building going on from the waves.

    This morning it got to the point where I just removed the Syn because I was physically and mentally exhausted.  That energy rush came back after a little while that I always get after one of these events.

    I felt that if I could have let go this morning of my control over myself, I might have gotten to the Super-O that people talk about.  I am beginning to wonder if these aren't some form of Super-O or Super-P-Wave that builds to that point in some.  I know there is more beyond this, I could almost sense something else further.  I'm not going to try to reach it, but just let it happen.  The worst thing you can do at times is try to make something happen.

    Even if these are the limits for me, I'm satisfied since the pleasure is that profound.  Having that many in a row, like this morning, it more like an awakening of something deep inside that is begging for another step.

    Take Care Xileh.