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MGX vs Helix movement comparison
  • convertconvert
    Posts: 6
    My wife will be back tomorrow, so tonight was a chance after work to get some solo time. She is very open to my Aneros use, but there are some things that can be enjoyed more freely solo at times.

    First I had a good cleaning with a plain water small enema. I find that a good cleaning not only makes for less mess later, but allows for greater movement. I use a small bulb syringe and the warm water rushing across the prostate is a good way to start a session for me.

    I then used the MGX - the one I find gets the best in and out movement going. The ribs are a great stimulant to all those nerve endings that get woken up. The also help keep it in place so the P Tab hits the right spot. If there's any water left in from the enema, the movement can be even better than usual. 

    After a break, I then used the Helix. It offers more side to side motion, and it is a great way to end a session. The side to side motion gives me an entirely different feel than the MGX in and out.

    Anybody else notice those different kinds of movements? Even if I reverse the order and do the Helix first, that's the way it works for me.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Yup!  I have the same impression.

    I get a lot more lateral movement from Helix and, when well lubed and relaxed, it seems more sensitive to body position, posture and gravity.  My Helix tends to wander from one lateral lobe to the other.  I think Helix's thin stem and heavier head contributes to that action.  Sometimes rectal contractions are strong enough to unseat the p-tab and force it off center.

    The thicker lower body of MGX seems to stay centered in my canal and I get less 'wag' and more precise centering of the toy in the upper canal. Cowpers contact is very steady making it one helluva of a pre-cum producer.

    I enema/douche before I shower and try to prevent excess water going beyond my rectum.  I've ceased inserting my shower-shot nozzle during douche.  Just press it gently against my bum for a short-count then go to the toilet and expel, with a repeat if needed.  I miss the feel of the nozzle against my prostate but the 'end result' seems better.  

    I seem able to absorb any residual water by the time I finish my shower.  Then it's time to lube up. :)