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My new Eupho
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782

    So my new Eupho arrived yesterday. And
    I was able to take it for a spin last night. :D

    First of all, I have to say that the
    packaging and presentation has certainly improved since the old clam
    shell design. The outer paperboard box is very beautiful and
    professional looking, as is the instruction insert. Still rather
    brief instructions. But at least they recommend visiting the forums
    here in it. The new magnetically sealed box is very classy. And a
    nice and convenient, though more bulky, way to store it. My toy box
    is starting to get a little full, so I might have to get rid of some
    packaging to make everything fit. How perverted, I
    mean healthy normal of a human being do you have to be to have more
    than one nightstand drawer full of sex toys? LOL

    Now onto my first impressions. It is
    rather a small model compared to the Helix and MGX. Upon initial
    insertion and probably the first ten of fifteen minutes it really
    didn't feel any different. But then that thing just began to dance in
    my ass. This model is incredibly mobile. And my involuntary anal
    contractions really made it move like no other model. Which also made
    it really tickle my prostate really incredibly nicely. So without
    having achieved a super-O yet, I can say that my first session with
    the Eupho was better than any of my other models. And if this
    experience keeps repeating itself, the Eupho will be my new favorite.
    But I probably wouldn't have appreciated this model before I had
    learned how to consistently have involuntary anal contractions.
    Definitely an advanced user model.

  • dingusdingus
    Posts: 72
    I was wondering which packaging was the older packaging.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    "Old" package:   clear plastic 'clam shell with a red cardboard backing.   A hole on the upper edge was intended to hang on a merchandising pegboard.

    For Love_is:   Congrats guy on the Eupho !!    enjoy !!
  • Hi, Love_Is,  good to see you on the new forum...which I just discovered again!!!! Duh!

    Man, I'm surprised that it's taken you this long to find and use the wonderful Eupho.  It's, guardedly, my favorite Aneros toy.  It may have a small "footprint" but it fills huge shoes, IMHO, and is absolutely a wonderful device.

    I firmly believe it will become one of your favs , too.  I, like Dave, like to use it for extended Aneros play, and I use it almost exclusively as my overnight toy.  It's small and delicate, but, does it his the right spot for me. 

    Welcome to the Eupho-madness group...I think you'll soon learn why.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Thanks Cockadoodle. :)
    I never got around to getting the Eupho sooner because my other models were working for me. But I've made some great progress in the last eight months or so. And felt I deserved a treat, and found it for a very low price on that I could include in the order with some other toys. :) 

    Oddly enough my second session with the Eupho last night was pretty uneventful. So I opted for a super-T since it had been a week since my last ejaculation. Here's the weird thing, The ejaculation started first minus any orgasmic pleasure, and then my orgasm kicked in, although rather mild compared to most super-T's. Never had that happen before.

    I'm not bothered by the mild results on my second session with the Eupho though. With all my other Aneros models, each session does tend to vary.