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keeping sexual energy vs release
  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    i'm sure many people here are familiar with the idea of giving up ejaculation to keep the sexual energy flowing through your body. That concept seems to go hand in hand with multiple male orgasms and dry orgasms. i read some people talking about tantra meditation too.

    I have also read the book the multi-orgasmic man, and several other articles and forum posts that talk more about this idea of keeping your sexual energy. I've even experienced first hand the benefits of being in a heightened state of arousal constantly. 

    But it's hard. it's SO hard. The last couple days, I've completely given up on not ejaculating and just gave in to my cravings. It's like an addiction that's extremely hard to quit. I crave to release all the pent up sexual tension in me - i don't want to keep it.

    I'm making this thread because i'd like to know what the more experienced guys here think about the whole idea of keeping your sexual energy. Is it worth it? Is it worth the irritability and frustration that I have to go through?
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    Yr...not sure if you're a younger guy (20s) or older-ish (40-something +) and if you're in a relationship or single. Some of those variables factor in. I just turned 50 but work out regularly and am in very good health. I still feel like I'm in my early 40s and look that way. Sexually, when I was a teen and in my early 20s I could not have physically gone without blowing a wad several times a week. I think that's probably the case with most men. In fact, I think there's a 72-hour testosterone cycle, where once you cum, you're going to be rearing to go agin within 72-hours due to the build up of seamen and testosterone in your body.

    There's some research that men with more frequent ejaculations (3 or more time per week) throughout their lives may develop less of a risk of prostate cancer. That's something to consider and since ejaculation is a very natural process (meaning most sexually mature males are either going to regularly cum through masturbation or wet dreams) it seems it's probably best to let nature take its course. However, there is a marked difference in my Aneros sessions when I go without ejaculating at the end. If I have an hour-long session, then remove the Aneros and avoid masturbating ti ejaculation and wait an hour or more then have another session, the second one is incredibly intense.

    I read on another blog, a while ago, a guys instructions on edging and how he would feel his prostate feel with seamen just before he came, then he'd back off, relax a bit then start masturbating again and repeat getting to this place where he could feel his prostate swell and harden. He'd repeat this three or more cycles and it lead to amazing extended orgasms. I have done the same and feel the Aneros is basically providing the same kind of mechanism.

    I've also had incredible sessions the day after having sex with my wife. So, it's not always the case that your prostate has to be primed and full in order to have lots of fun.

    My advice to you, especically if you're a younger guy, relax, enjoy your play time, explore what your body is capable of and don't get too hung up on needing to conserve seamen. Try the techniqe i discuss above, where you have a couple sessions in a day without cumming each time and see how that works. Then bust your nuts at the end of a couple of these and dont sweat it. Cum all you want. You're body will make more.
  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    i am a young guy.

    I've just been reading up a lot about sexual energy. I've read tantra articles that talk about "keeping" that energy instead of letting it go. 

    Is there any merit to this or is it just mythical bs?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Part of it probably depends on how easily you are aroused and can build arousal since your last ejaculation. Which can sometimes depend on age. As long as you are able to be strongly aroused during your Aneros sessions, it may not be a problem for you.

    Part of what worked for me by doing ejaculation abstinence was to stop me from masturbating to ejaculatory orgasm on a daily basis, which was interfering with my Aneros practice. But it also forced me to realize that my body can produce pleasure from other areas besides my penis. And that the built arousal over time of being abstinent really helps with the Aneros sessions.
  •    Hey, i'm a young guy as well started aneros when I was19 or 20 about 3ish years ago and achieved much success and pleasure since.  While I did brief over "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" I have not put any of those exercises into practice (though I should really dedicate some time to it).  I have however practiced KSMO for a nice while and try to practice whenever I'm in the mood and get the chance.  After a while as my wiring became stronger and I can experience astounding sensations virtually any time with nothing inserted, I have been appreciating semen conservation more.  Currently in the middle of a transition so I have only been able to use my helix twice this month and will have to wait a couple of more weeks for more privacy.  So throughout this period I have been relying on/experiencing even more anerosless sessions.  I mention this because it helps to solidify the point I wish to make.

       In the past I have complained about "blue balls", the vasocongestion that can occur with sustained periods of abstinence and arousal when I tried to go long periods of time without ejaculating.  Now I just have come to terms with it but I still like to push myself within reason.  After about a week has passed I will try to perform a prostate milking with my njoy fun wand to expel some fluids without ejaculating, and if I do start to feel the blue balls I will plan for a nice edging session to ejaculate.  Yes masturbating is addictive and this gives me the excuse to do it a few more times for the night or next day even (my "rationale" being to empty out entirely and build up a new reservoir).  This cycle can have me abstaining a week to a week and a half from ejaculation if i'm able to exhibit such self control :D.  Sometimes I might only go 3-5 days depending on how view my privacy level for the near future (less privacy -> less aneros -> might as well ejaculate).  Besides for the periods where I will masturbate a lot on a day or two, I believe I could have read somewhere that an increase in ejaculation can stimulate the production of more semen to compensate.

       The payoff?  During the periods where I refrain longer, my general arousal increases SIGNIFICANTLY.  My prostate feels full, my whole body especially the perineum and nipples become extremely sensitive (chair-gasms galore!), and I seem to have a hard on or a semi for pretty much most of the day (if not the buzz is still very dominant unless something else is really catching my attention).  My penis also becomes very sensitive but in this state I find it just as pleasurable and probably more so to kind of brush and tug at it, producing sensations more prostate related than as with tradition stimulation.  When you are feeling this way, nothing feels better than a long relaxing session with your favorite aneros.  This state of perpetual bliss perfectly describes how I feel right now.  I ejaculated last Thursday so it has been exactly a week, and had a very nice helix session Sunday or Monday, the arousal started to get very intense about three days ago and has been escalating since.  Unfortunately I am not sure when my next aneros session will be (I want my progasm SO bad right now).  Honestly I almost feel I can hardly bear it, almost as if I might release by getting too aroused or rubbing the sheets the wrong way in bed haha.  But it's an amazing type of sexual pleasure that I know will quickly subside after release and take at least a few days to build up to this point again.  This in mind I hardly feel like I am missing out in the least bit by not using the aneros my preferred 3-4 times a week, the feeling is constantly with me.

       So yes, I personally believe it is very worth it.  Yes there are benefits to regular ejaculation and one can argue either way I suppose.  I am not too fearful about the potential detriments of holding it in for so long for a few reasons that may or may not make sense to everyone or be 100% rational: I tend to be a generally all around healthy individual, I take Saw Palmetto supplement for prostate health, i'll probably only actually wind up holding it in for as long as over a week maybe about once a month, and I engage in regular prostate massage - a large part of the detriments to infrequent stem from the stagnant fluids and lack of blood flow to the area (which most men who don't engage in prostate massage will experience), while the prostate massage helps stimulate blood circulation (essential to healthy functioning anywhere in the body) and move the fluids around a bit.  It is also very good practice in self control, with a large reward in terms of immense sexual pleasure.  I suppose it is partially dependent on how far you have progressed with your wiring process as well as personal preference.  Hope this was helpful and I apologize for my tendency to make things very, very wordy.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    This thread is so very helpful. It has clarified a lot and open the open to a whole new concept. To separate ejaculation from orgasm really makes sense. I was not ready to know this until I had began to feel a new response from my prostate.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    You may wish to also re-read 'ineverknew's post It's Official! and 'Linum's, 'Love_is' & 'twlltin's comments in the Aneros, Arousal & Abstinence thread for other men's thoughts about this topic.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Yr99 - congratulations (belatedly) on your success.

    I couldn't agree more with the other posters in this thread, including yourself, about the value of ejaculatory abstinence.  I started this process a couple of months ago, and I now get the most amazing dry orgasms, that can merge together and become continuous.  Not only is the orgasm-time that I get, now considerably greater than a traditional wet orgasm, but the intensity continues to ramp up, and there are hints of this moving to a higher plain of experience, whatever that may be.

    Interestingly enough for me, a large part of these experiences are currently anerosless.  When I get the time, and time on my own, I will use my eupho and helix more.  Since the use of these greatly facilitated my current multi-orgasmic but anerosless pleasure, I am hoping that my anerosless pleasure will greatly facilitate improvements in my aneros-inspired pleasure, but either way, ejaculatory abstinence has been the key.

    In using ejaculatory abstinence there are a number of discoveries that I have made so far:
    • The use of internal ejaculation at times of "emergency" (for example - imminent, or painful blue balls, or accidentally going over the point of no return).  Internal ejaculation uses less sexual energy, and the refractory period is very short and not very deep.  The refractory period blues (in French "le petit mort" - the little death) are almost non-existent with internal ejaculation.  When you have been THAT horny before, the refractory period with a traditional wet orgasm is deep and for me, rather depressing, even though the orgasm itself is very satisfying, if short.
    • Testicular massage techniques for blue balls are effective, but take some practice. Rolling each testicle between the flat palms of your hands, as if rubbing your hands together on a cold day, is very useful.  Continue until the dull pain begins to lessen, and then a little bit more.
    • Periodic ejaculation without a traditional orgasm (I still haven't figured out how I do this - does anyone have any ideas?) also relieves blue balls, but also ramps up the subsequent dry-orgasmic pleasure.
    • Sex using ejaculatory abstinence is more intense, more emotionally satisfying (you feel even more connected and intimate with your partner).
    • I feel more connected to people I don't even have sex with.  Curious, but true.
    • Circulating excess sexual energy (for there WILL be a lot) around your body takes practice, and I haven't yet figured out how to incorporate it into my ejaculatory abstinence effectively.  Time will tell, no doubt.