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Many thanks Rumel
  • TeederTeeder
    Posts: 31

    For the post you put up in the rewiring thread, specifically the part about mind noise.  It made me think a lot about my mind/body relaxation levels.  I have had some successes, but many more failures.  I have used most of the popular models to date with some success with each of them, my first being the Helix with some really powerful dry O's on the 2nd try, and the MGX came next with some more of the same but not as strong.  The Progasm ,Eupho(1st and only full body orgasm, all I can say about it is, I wish that everybody here can experience that one!  I would have to say that it was a Super O, WOW) and most recently the Helix Syn.  Ive been wondering why I haven't been able to get back to the dry O's and the full body O's,   All the massagers, (except for the Progasm, a little big for my tastes) have felt awesome but...      Today after doing some reading from your links things clicked, I had a light come on and decided to have a session.  The body I can relax all day long, the mind well... lets just say that I found out where my block has been for all this time.  I had an awesome session(Helix SYN) with body shakes, throbbing dry O's with Euphoric spells this morning even after the wife and I had a great time last night.  

      For those here that have been struggling here to get to the next step maybe your problem is YOU, just like mine was me.  I thought that once the body was relaxed the mind was too, not even close.   For me once I decided to just let go and focus on what I was feeling, BANG everything started to fall into place.  In the past, I kept trying to drive what I was feeling toward what I wanted or expected instead of just relaxing, laying back taking in the experience and (for lack of a better way to put it) enjoying ME.  I have found that I, myself, got more from watching the game, then playing it.  When it comes to sex with a partner or for that matter regular masturbation methods we have to take more of an active physical part in it.   The body takes over and the mind is along for the ride as it were.  Here with the Aneros, the mind is more of a key player then in the traditional sex acts.  I think why we struggle is we don't know how to submit to these sensations and try to control them instead of just enjoying them. 

     From now on when I think about having a session I'm going start clearing my head first.  Gives a whole new meaning to getting your head in the game. 

      Again many thanks    


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Teeder said:

    For me once I decided to just let go and focus on what I was feeling, BANG everything started to fall into place.

    Attaboy Congratulations on the breakthrough! I continue to find it amazing how much our own minds create all sorts of diversions which thwart our best intentions to get into the Super-O zone.

    I'm very happy some bit of my information resonated for you to overcome an obstacle. It is my sincere hope that this information will help many men have an accelerated learning process to begin experiencing the depths of pleasure their body's are capable of.
     Mind NoiseMind noise is an impediment for me as well. It takes me a lot longer to relax my mind than it does to relax my body. It is another of the Aneros paradoxes, To get your head in the game you need to 'LET GO'
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    It is funny how many times I read similar things - relax your body, get rid of all the mind noise (really good advice), but sometimes there is no replacing making the discovery for yourself, like a child who touches the hot plate and avoids doing it again.

    Teeder, I have just made a similar breakthrough, but mine came with increased horniness/arousal, which de-cluttered my mind by default.  Now  I am so overcome with pleasure, it stops me thinking about NOT having done the washing up, or whatever!

    There does seem to be a real dynamic tension between all the factors that give one pleasure with the aneros, and allowing these to settle into their rightful state is perhaps the hardest thing I have had to learn.  Not horny enough, and my mind starts to wander, mind starts to wander and I am not detecting the subtle sensations, not feeling the sensations, and I start to think about masturbating and ejaculating instead, thereby reducing my arousal, which makes the next aneros session all the more difficult, and so it goes on. It is easy now, to see why my progress has been steady, but slow.  Now that the pieces of the jigsaw appear to have fallen in to place, SUDDENLY my progress seems to be much more rapid.  You seem to be discovering the same thing Teeder, albeit from a slightly different perspective.