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So I cheated last night.....
  • I'm a youthful 50 yo single bisexual man in good health/great shape who has played with an MGX off and on for about 5 years.  I think I'm beginning to experience P-waves.  I began my journey by faithfully following the manufacturer-recommended steps, but more recently have crossed over to the "do nothing" side.  I've realized how subtle the signs are and that I cannot chase results, so I just enjoy the sensations of each session with no expectations.  I've removed the handle on my MGX and placed a rubber dropper handle over the tab (thanks for the great idea-- very comfortable).  Most nights I place my MGX into a loose condom with several ccs of lube and tie the condom off at the base with dental floss to prevent leakage.  I'm very comfortable inserting and riding my aneros, and have often fall asleep all night with it in.  My sessions average about 1-1.5 hours a couple times a week.  I'm totally past the temptation to jack off and I always ooze a lot.  Sometimes I end the session with a wank, but usually I don't.

    After about 45-60 minutes of relaxing and "doing nothing" I often experiment with different positions, flexing different muscles, and stimulating other body parts, such as nips, thighs, especially my very sensative scrotum.  This external stimulation can seem conterproductive if I become too distracted from "listening to my prostate."

    Last night about an hour into my session I was on my back and I lifted my hips off the bed, which seemed to escalate things. Then I began rapidy sliding the abutment tab horizontally across my P-spot.  Wow!  This woke up my P-spot like never before, and inside I could really feel the aneros rapidly sliding across my prostate.  Instantly my excitement level skyrocketed and my breathing grew heavy.  I started to feel what seemed like a regular orgasm approaching (or was it something else?) and I stopped.  I continued to stimulate for about 45 seconds and rest for about 45 for the next several minutes, and I was edging.  Finally, as I was stimulating for the fifth or sixth time, a surprise climax snuck up on me and I experienced a long orgasm without touching my dick.  I remember thinking "this escalating pleasure must be part of the real thing!"  I spewed a LARGE amount of something which was NOT cum all over my chest, face, and the bed. 

    I'm not sure if this was a conventional orgasm.  Kinda felt like it came from the (internal) base of my dick and I remained soft through this entire aneros episode.  I tried, but could not tell if I fell into a refractory period or not.  I sure felt spent, but maybe that was just the exertion of prolonged lifting my hips off the bed and furiously jiggling the aneros back and forth.  My wrist sure was sore:)  I remained soft through this entire aneros episode.

    Perhaps I should have continued exploring, but I was tired and it was late, so I rolled over and slept.

    What happened, guys? 

    This website has been sooo helpful.  Thanks fellas!  I feel warmly welcomed into the fraternity.  BTW-- I named my aneros "Frodo."  Comes in handy when I'm talking "in code" with my two pals who are in the know.







  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    Sounds fun to me! 

    I've had similar experience but without the wet stuff. I'll be interested to read comments by the guys with more experience than me. 

    My best to Frodo.   :-)
  • bsmith14bsmith14
    Posts: 35
    Sounds like a prostate orgasm or what I like to call a "hands free streaming wet orgasm". When I get these it feels like I am peeing out cum, but its not the same consistency as cum and its usually a lot of it and lasts a lot longer than a traditional orgasm.

    I used to get these quite often and almost always occurred during heavy/intense body shaking. Unfortunately, they ended my sessions. I have learned over the years how to control it and I can now choose to let it happen or keep it from happening but it took some practice.

    Lately, I usually only get these types of orgasms when my wife lays next to me and rubs my nipples (never touches my dick and no aneros inserted either). During these "aneroless" sessions with my wife I tend to have many many dry orgasms that lead to full body spasms/shaking and then onto the streaming wet orgasms. It is quite fun.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Think i may try lifting my hips in my session later, would love one of these hfwo
  • jjajja
    Posts: 49
    Just my guess but a refractory period just means you no longer have sexual desire.  If that's the true meaning than it sounds like you had one.  It might not have been a real orgasm but it sounds like it triggered a similar response.  If you are able to do it again while you are more fresh and awake you will be able to know for sure if you have a refractory response or not.