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Prostate cradle
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again EB81

    How safe is the Prostate Cradle? It is shaped like a bike saddle and I lost circulation once. How much like a bike saddle is it in shape and all? It's been said that bike saddles have damaged nerves and blood vessels and cut off circulation in the perineum and root of the penis which can lead to temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction and sensitivity decrease or loss. Why they still shape bicycle saddles like that when manufactured is beyond me? Boys and men ride bikes all the time and they could have problems in the future for sitting on the saddles and riding long distances doing that? I wonder if these factors can cause women and girls problems. Is the Cradle shaped in a way to where it cannot damage like a bike saddle? Their literature says it's safe but is it really? Was this created by a doctor? I would like to use mine more but have been skittish about it because I don't want to damage my male organs. Does anyone have any advice for me on this or assurance it is safe or how to safely use it?

    Take a look at the various bicycle seat/saddle options listed in my last post in this thread:

    I too think we have to explore external prostate massage carefully. There is a good site on that topic that appeared in a thread or threads here last year. A search of this site should turn that/those up too.

    How goes your journey?

    all the best

  • I never really know what to say when I make these posts, but I just wanted to share something.

    Here it goes....

    I ordered the prostate cradle a few weeks ago because of this discussion. I have felt the massage working, but no major pre-cum. just one hour ago I had a 30 minute session where I could feel the massage working, but no major contractions, so I decided to give it a rest. I laid down on my back to rest for a while.

    Something clearly amazing happened within that time. I started having moderate p-waves (pure p-waves no contractions) they started spreading through my body, which lasted for about 10 seconds. During this time my penis became very erect from pure arousal. I thought that I would ejaculate. I rarely get pure pleasure waves. After these events I occasionally had small to moderate mini-o until they suddenly stopped and something bigger happened.

    My body started violently shaking for nearly 3 seconds with minimal pleasure. (That was the start of a super-o) After my body stopped shaking more and more pleasure grew, but then suddenly dropped off. I laid there for nearly an hour enjoying the after effects of my prostate cradle session. When I finally decided to get up I found it hard to move because every step that I took felt like I was about to explode in ejaculation. (which wouldn't be such a bad thing). I wanted to have a similar session later so I restrained from masturbation or any type of ejaculation.

    I just wanted to share this

    Also I never had the problem with blood circulation with the prostate cradle. Maybe it fits me perfectly. When I'm not using the aneros I will definitely use the prostate cradle. I will also take it with me when I travel.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401
    Well, fellas,

    From my other posts, you know how passionate I am about the Aneros experience. I love the damn things.

    But after reading the threads on the Prostate Cradle, I bought one. And am I excited about it, too.

    Others have well said all that needs to be said, other than I use mine on a soft chair, with an additional blanket pad UNDER the cradle. It is a soft seat, with gentle stimulation...sitting on it right now as I write. I have had two INTENSE orgasm events in the past half hour! It's an amazing toy!

    I'm not totally sure just why it works so well. but it sure does for me. Nice erections, too. Wow.

    So...very pleased and highly recommended. If it's not working for you, remember, you gotta relax with this one too. And make sure you have plenty of padding under the cradle, and wear pants! No bareback riding here, dudes.

    Here's to renewed experiences.

  • DavoDavo
    Posts: 19
    I bought the cradle and I'm sending it back. It's a big dud for me. Aneros still is the King. Good thing the cradle comes with a 30 day money back guarantee :D
  • Yes Aneros is still the king but the Cradle does work the way it says according to most users.
  • iamloco724iamloco724
    Posts: 11
    i just ordered mine is there any special way to use this or you just sit on it?..and can you be naked or have to be in clothes?
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80

    Sometimes you need some padding between your bottom and the cradle. I have found that one or two layers of towel works well, but I don't have much natural padding on my bottom. I also find that rolling up a towel and making a ring around the cradle to lift me up a bit also works well. Enjoy!

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hey Guys,

    This just recently turned up during a late night web surfing. A visit to the prostate cradle web site could be DANGEROUS see - for details.

    UPDATE: The security threat appears now to have been cured and the site is now safe to visit.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    rumel said:

    Hey Guys,

    This just recently turned up during a late night web surfing. A visit to the prostate cradle web site could be DANGEROUS see - for details.

    Thanks for the heads up Rumel!

    BF Mayfield
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Bicycle seat concerns. Two peer-reviewed papers regarding nerve entrapment
    If you experience any numbness, take a hard look at these.

    The U.S. view (2009 update from Dr. Goldstein):

    The European view (2005 study): (click on HTML if pdf doesn't load)
  • adonisnewadonisnew
    Posts: 2
    Hello, I'm a newbie.
    I recently bought a prostate cradle, and for some reason, I'm not getting any orgasm at all (not even a milking effect).
    I tried sitting on top of it as well as putting the towel. However, I don't get any results.

    1) Does the rear part of it should be inserted into the anus ? or should it just press between anus and the front part ?

    2) Is it the rear part of the cradle that stimulates the prostate, or is it the front part of the cradle ?
    or the effects of both pressing ?

    3) For people who get Big-O from using cradle, do you just sit on it for 30 min or so ? or does it require some other actions ?

    Thank you
    I appreciate the comments
  • dingusdingus
    Posts: 72
    I see the manufacturer is making a softer version now. Has anyone tried it?
  • wontquitwontquit
    Posts: 43
    link to the softer version?
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I was considering buying this for meditation purposes, primarily for the Kundalini stimulation.  I've taken tightly rolled up hand towels before and placed them underneath along the acupressure point and had some great results.

    Is it too uncomfortable to sit in an upright position with for an extended period of time though?  Or will it just take some getting used to?