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What exactly is a Super O?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I have been thinking for a while that a discussion of this subject might be helpful to clarify to people who are struggling to achieve it. It has been included in threads before, but I think it is important. I am still thankful to Nood and Charlie for pointing out to me (in my blog) that in their opinion, I was experiencing Super O's and wasn't realizing it. It sounds stupid, but I had this Super O built up so far in my head that it was keeping me from enjoying (and expanding on) what I was experiencing.

    I think where I was getting it wrong was not realizing that a guy’s traditional orgasm is actually two different events, the orgasm and then the ejaculation. While the ejaculation intensifies the orgasm, it is actually a separate event which for most will signal the end of your session. The idea of being able to separate the two was crucial for me in my learning curve. I felt as though I was in a state where I was "circling the drain" but could not get totally there. I have heard it mentioned so many times by guys here in the forum about not being able to "get over the top". I can completely sympathize with them on that one. When I realized that this "circling the drain" was where I was supposed to be, that is when things really got interesting. The Super O is where you are suspended in that state where in a traditional orgasm would be that time just before ejaculation. THERE IS NO RELEASE! No completion, just this terrific suspension that can go on forever.

    I know that this will continue to evolve for me. My practice with KSMO has taught me that. This may seem obvious to some, but it wasn't to me. I hope that this can help others along in their journey.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?

    Take care guys.
  • johntrevy
    Posts: 221
    im not sure thiis is any help. But the other night i had a session which was mind bending (literally). I was listening to "Tantric Sexuality" CD, and i was relaxing into a super-o that felt more dimensional.

    My whole essense was feeling like it was twisting around itself (my legs were twisting around to the lefrt, whilst my arms were twisting around to the right.) The more i relaxed into the trance, the better it felt, i was totaly in controll of the pleasure, as a side effect my essence seemed to twist around me even more. I think i was on my way to becoming nothing but a ball (spherical) of essence, and that i would have been aware of everything sensualy, because my arms legs and body would have been one.
    Sadly i never got to this pont, as the fear of leaving my body and never comming back was worrying.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi John,

    "Sadly i never got to this pont, as the fear of leaving my body and never comming back was worrying."

    Terrors. I have had them as well. You will get passed them and it will take you to another elevated level of this thing.

    As you describe it, you are in a state of suspension. Do you feel as though there should be some kind of "completion" to your session? An ejaculation if you will?
  • johntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Didnt seem like it. How ever i am still in the very early stages of Zaneblue's diet. As of today, i am now taking 2 capsules of fish oil (EPA 360 DHA 240) 2 times a day. Last week i was only taking 1 capsule 2 times a day. i Probably will need to take 3 capsules to get any real noticeable improvements to an already orgasmic body. I had a feeling the other night i was going to spontaneously ejaculate hands free. But i didnt. Edit:THis was looking as some porn, not during the session.

    Yes, i hope the fear does pass, i would love to know this feeling of "sensual oneness".

  • F0rnF0rn
    Posts: 14
    This is what I have been thinking for awhile now. It seems natural to focus on a single event as a goal. In the case of Aneros use one would think that goal to be similar to an ejaculatory release (in non ejaculatory form). It takes quite a bit of practice when you're 'in the zone', and I'm not a seasoned veteran at it yet, but I've come to realize that removing myself from the expectation or goal of reaching some sort of non ejaculatory pleasure zone opens the door for concentration on the moment. Which in turn increases my awareness/excitement/pleasure.

  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    "There is no release"

    Buster I beg to differ. Yes I get that 'circling the drain' type of build up, (though I prefer upward visualisations) and the circling can go on for some time, but I do get release.

    Imagine that you haven't ejaculated for some time. You then have sex/masturbate, making it last as long as possible. The sexual tension increases and increases until you reach the point of no return and tip over the edge. Now remember/imagine that wondrous tingling shuddering release, not the 'first spurt' feeling in your penis, (though sometimes I get that too with a dry - O), but the accompanying bodily tingles, twitches, spasms and all over ecstasy and warmth. The flushed face, the pants and whimpers, the racing heart, above all that AAAAAAAAAHH!!!! OH! OH! OH! release with the penis throbbing & twitching.

    Now feel that for 10, 15, 20 minutes. That, for me, as well as I can describe it on the spur of the moment, is a super - O. Sometimes I can hold the Super - O and sort of feed into it from the involuntary perineal, anal and rectal contractions, and consequent prostate stroking, pressure and vibration, escalating the orgasm. Sometimes a new one starts to build within the first, surpassing and overtaking it to built to a new, different crescendo, (upward remember) again with the all consuming release.

    One visualisation that I find helps is 'I am an orgasm', rather than 'I am having one'/'hoping to have one'. Another that I use is to imagine that I am an orgasmic wheel spinning in space vertically, my forehead somehow(?) connected to my anus. I try to even out localised twitches and contractions so that they become energy or vibration occurring throughout and round the 'wheel' (me). Nascent impulses to buck, twitch, tremble or thrash limbs get converted to all over 'tingle' which ultimately feeds back into the perineum/Aneros ramping up the pleasure and intensifying the orgasm.

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf
  • johntrevy
    Posts: 221
    It now seems to me, that "The Powera That Be" are deliberately trying to condition us to think with our *****, because anything more would cause us to awaken to somthing that is much more than what "They" will ever be/come.

    It seems that the consensus for denying this feeling in both man and woman is acheived in oposite ways.

    Men are often played on thier physical insecurities, like when we hear terms like "Oh, you stick things up your bum, you must be gay". Oh but im experiencing full body, multiple orgasms.
    The reply is typicaly the close minded quick response "Your still gay though".
    People always attack what they dont understand. And the ammunityion is generally always handed to them by "The Powers That Be".

    Women on the other hand, are played on by their emotional insecurities. you will hear people say "The female orgasm is a myth, your such a hopeless sap for not giving into a guys unrelenting ****.". Oh but i do have G-spot orgasms, they are out of this world. Then the typical response is "there must be somthing mentally wrong with you. Its all in your head" once again, the ammunition generaly comes handed down from "The Powers That Be".

    They know exactly how our bodies work, and are trying to supress the truth that we are just an essence that can bend into a state of oneness. This is what i nearly experienced the other night.

    Edit:Why is it that almost ALL of these celebrities are not into tantra. But the idea of a quickie to get off. It is to keep us isolated in a perpetual state of a demand that is never forfilled.
    A super-o can have far more release than any penile orgasm. And you feel like you have accomplished somthing afterwards.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,257
    Hi Buster,

    Thanks for reminding us about this concept of the Super-O, I completely agree with you. When you stated “I had this Super O built up so far in my head that it was keeping me from enjoying (and expanding on) what I was experiencing.” I think you stated a very common condition for newbies. The dictionary’s #1 definition for the prefix word “super” is simply : “over, above, on top of”. It does not imply any particular degree of “over, above, on top of”. If the experience is 1% “over” a traditional orgasm, then technically speaking it is a super orgasm. I think too many users read the posts of fantastic experiences by others and then expect their experiences to match them. They build an expected experience in their mind and are frustrated when that experience fails to transpire in their sessions. This ‘expectation’ is a real Super-O killer or at least a major inhibitor. We need to remind ourselves to drop the expectations and experience the feelings of ‘right here, right now’.

    It is also very important, as you pointed out, to understand that an ejaculation is a separate event from an orgasm. In most cases our orgasm precedes the ejaculatory event and continues through the ejaculation for moments thereafter. With the Aneros we can bring ourselves to the orgasmic level (as in edging) and simply maintain that level without stepping past the point of no return into the ejaculatory event. Your “circling the drain” metaphor is quite apt in describing this condition.

    This is the condition of the Super-O. It is while in this physical/mental state that a man can experience varying intensities of pleasurable feelings or as BF Mayfield called them “flavors”, some are going to be mild and bland, other’s intensely spicy. But they are all the Super-O experience. Hopefully, we can experience mainly the really hot and spicy ones, they are so good! Or as you nicely stated “… just this terrific suspension that can go on forever.”
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi ALL!

    Thanks Buster, for starting this thread!

    I too know the circling the drain thing, although I usually visualize it as being on the edge of a mysterious hole and I can see all order of amazing colors and swirls and such!
    Then I am trying my hardest to pull myself into the hole, because the further you can get in, the BETTER it feels!! Funny how we ALL are trying to get back into that hole???
    A symbolic return to the womb, I suspect . . .

    A Super-O, for me, is not only a complex thing to describe, but the Super-O I had the very first time . . .
    the very first one I had, is different form the ones I have now!

    Sometimes after having a Super-O, you can be afraid you lost it because you now, suddenly are having this "OTHER" thing now??? Or you can have "dry spells"
    where you now have no Super-O's at all!!! Oh, no what happened to my new and wonderful lover . . . is she coming back!!!

    Thank goodness, every time I have a dry spell she "always" comes back to me . . . and it is "again" different! But, somehow better???

    Sometimes you can have 10 Super-O's over a period of time and no two are the same! this is a good time to use the terms like: Flavors, Feels and Textures, etc.

    It's hard to describe this "O" when you can have one or many . . . and all across the spectrum in feelings, locations and intensities! But it is interesting to try, right???

    Later, Hlaser99
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I knew this would be interesting.....

    When Old Wolf says,

    Buster I beg to differ. Yes I get that 'circling the drain' type of build up, (though I prefer upward visualisations) and the circling can go on for some time, but I do get release."

    this is where things really differ. Is it that my feelings are different than Old Wolf's or is it just how we explain what we are going through?

    Keeping in mind that most of us are on different levels, what is the release that he describes? I associate release with ejaculation, and that spells the end of a session. In Old Wolf's case, he just keeps on going. Sounds pretty good to me. It is not a "he's right, and I am wrong" type of thing at all. What I experience is so intense that I just can't imagine at times that there is anything more. Then it happens and it all seems so natural. Maybe after 3 years, I just have not reached that level. No worries, I am having a blast. It is so much easier to look back and analyze than it is to look forward and try to figure out if what you are doing is right or wrong.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    It is great that we have this forum!

    For the last couple of days I have thought on and off about this thread and especially Old Wolf's post. O.W., the analogy that you had of imagining that you had become an orgasmic spinning wheel or that You Are The Orgasm is just a reminder to all those who have not yet achieved a Super O yet that they need to let their minds go and take whatever comes. It is so different from a traditional orgasm that can be so much more controlled....then it is done.

    There was a thread started by newguy8762 ( that was wondering if what he was experiencing was in fact a Super O. He is right when he says that guys have a hard time explaining exactly what they are feeling. In my opinion, what he is experincing is in fact a Super O. It may not feel like it but it will. There are so many layers to this that you have to have all your elements together for it to work. I was always fascinated by how in my earlier stages, that my heart would just start racing and I really wasn't experiencing any pleasure at all. What's up with that? I have heard countless guys say the same thing. The heart racing, the body shakes, the twitching all with no real amount of pleasure. What is your body telling you at that point?

    My thought for newguy8762 would be to let himself get to this stage again and apply some of what Old Wolf said in his post and see where it takes him. I would imagine that he will be pleasantly surprised.

    It would be nice to hear other's interpretations of what they experience.

    Have a great one guys, I hope this is helpful.
  • johntrevy
    Posts: 221
    johntrevy said:

    im not sure thiis is any help. But the other night i had a session which was mind bending (literally). I was listening to "Tantric Sexuality" CD, and i was relaxing into a super-o that felt more dimensional.

    My whole essense was feeling like it was twisting around itself (my legs were twisting around to the lefrt, whilst my arms were twisting around to the right.) The more i relaxed into the trance, the better it felt, i was totaly in controll of the pleasure, as a side effect my essence seemed to twist around me even more. I think i was on my way to becoming nothing but a ball (spherical) of essence, and that i would have been aware of everything sensualy, because my arms legs and body would have been one.
    Sadly i never got to this pont, as the fear of leaving my body and never comming back was worrying.


    -Sorry for asking this. But is there a term or word for this type of orgasm i can research. Actually if i ever reach it, it could be considerd "beyond orgasm" (i tried those exact words, but no luck).

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,257

    You can try using the word combinations “extended sexual orgasm” or “expanded sexual orgasm” in search engines. There is also a book I believe titled “ESO: Extending Sexual Orgasm” by Brauer and Brauer that deals with the subject.
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    this can be simplified...i feel that is been over hyped....if your working ur aneros and a feeling comes over u...where u feel waves like electric bolts..combined with the wicked twitchiong of ur legs..this is as goog as it gets..have been a lil further..mind wise...but oif your here thatrs as close as can be...differ with me but..its a really personal experience lil diff for all
  • Onthepath
    Posts: 105
    To me, in order for an orgasm to be considered a Super O, it needs to be intense and/or long lasting, far exceeding your traditional penile orgasms. It’s not just an orgasm, it’s a Super Orgasm! I certainly felt an orgasm like this over a year ago with KSMO but I haven’t felt anything like it since and I haven’t felt anything like it with the Aneros. It was brief but very intense and wholly different from the tingling orgasmic waves that I experience now.

    Another criteria of a Super O may be that it is so pleasurable that you would actually prefer to experience it rather than a penile orgasm. That’s been mentioned by several Super O veterans in this forum. For me, I’m still at the point where I prefer the pleasure from my masturbatory edging sessions. Once I get up to that high plateau, I like to stay there for as long as I can, experiencing lots of pleasure and brief tingling orgasmic waves. I do enjoy my Aneros orgasms though and I am glad and thankful that I can experience something different from a penile orgasm.

    I thought it would be a good idea to go back and read B Mayfield's Keys to the Backdoor thread. I didn’t have time to read all of it but I found a few interesting tidbits:

    The build-up starts with waves of anal quivering and the abutment tab creating a strong tingling sensation in my perineum, anus, prostate and rectum simultaneously. Soon after I experience a tickling sensation in my abdomen and find myself contracting my abdominal muscles. In short order I feel a paradoxical sensation of my anus pushing outward while the Aneros seems to be drawn INWARD! All of this builds and suddenly I feel my erection get much harder. What happens next can only be described as blissful waves that encompass my whole body. (an endorphin cascade) The duration of the orgasm is much longer than a traditional orgasm as well and I may even experience another orgasm coming on top of the first one! Unlike a traditional penile orgasm it does not have a "refractory period" where one must wait a period of time before ejaculating again. I also notice that after having this kind of experience I am sated yet energized at the same time! This stands in stark contrast to a traditional penile orgasm where I feel relaxed but somewhat lethargic. Of course, I'm not knocking penile orgasms at all; it's just that the Aneros is (for me) a more intense and ultimately more fulfilling experience.

    This is basically what I feel. I’m not sure when he experiences these blissful waves but for me, they occur a majority of the time only after my pelvic contractions stop. Sometimes I can just barely feel them while the contractions are occurring but when the contractions stop, the waves greatly increase in intensity. I’ve never felt the experience of one orgasm coming on top of another though and mine only last about 15 seconds or so, not 15 or more minutes like Old Wolf (now that’s long lasting!). Is what I’m experiencing a Super O? Perhaps. However, it is interesting to note that B Mayfield only uses the term blissful once or twice in this thread while he uses the term intense several times. To me, those terms seem like opposites. How can something be blissful (peaceful and relaxing) yet intense? Later in the post though he does mention that Super O’s can come in all shapes and sizes:

    Know this though,...Super O's come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are single, some are multiple, some are centered in one area while others are in another. Some are particularly intense, while others are more subdued. Generally the experience is one of a surging pleasure wave that leaves one in a blissful yet energized state ...look Ma' no refractory period !

    The existence of a tickling sensation in the penis, perineum, anus and prostate simulataneously has been reported on many occasions as well.

    There may be outward physical signs of the event such as engorgment of the penis, producing a very stiff erection, and swelling of the glans or head of the penis. Often this swelling may cause the glans to change hue and take on a shiny appearance with the corona becoming larger and more red in color. There may be anal contractions accompanying the orgasm as well. Such contractions may be internal or external. There may be skeletal muscle contraction and rigidity as well. There may be emissions (a flow or oozing) of "precum" (Cowper's fluid) before, during and after such an event too.

    That said, individuals may exhibit all or only a few of these signs.

    There is normally some sense of release following a Super O, but be advised that it may not be of the same magnitude as it is following an ejaculation. Why? Because part of what accounts for the feeling of release is the precipitous drop-off of arousal at the onset of the resolution phase. With the Super O, since we're staying at or near the plateau level of arousal the fall off is much shorter yielding a less pronounced sensation of release. Many have reported feeling strangely energized following a Super O as opposed to the lethargy that accompanies an ejaculation. Again the reason is, is that one is still at the level of arousal following a Super O.

    For me, I feel a sense of release, i.e. a drop in arousal or energy, when the tingling starts to subside, but like B Mayfield said, it isn’t as big a release as with a penile orgasm. And not long after, I’m back at it again! The way these orgasms happen for me is that the contractions get faster and faster until something happens to make them stop. At that point, I feel a high level of energy and then the tingling waves (i.e orgasms) begin. The length and intensity of the orgasms vary directly in proportion to the intensity and duration of the contractions. The longer and more intense the contractions are, the longer and more intense the orgasm will be.

    I don’t really get a sense that I can feel more intense tingling waves. Perhaps they could be longer in duration but that’s not where I am at right now. When I felt my KSMO Super O, it was during the contractions phase, not afterwards, so the contractions may be where my next level lies.

    I hope this has helped someone. It certainly has helped me. Thanks Buster!

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Great feedback Guys. A lot to think about.

    I would like to pose a question to everyone. Can you give any feedback specifically on the roll your penis plays in your Super O's? I know that it is basically going to be part of the circle of intensity that a person will feel from the head to the toe, but what I am wondering is if you have Super O's where the penile sensations are distinctly noticable over and above all the other areas of intensity? There have been countless comments of whether guys penis' are erect or not during a Super O (mine seldom is) but I also know that a penis does not need to be erect in order to feel intense pleasure.

  • GrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    During my super extended "awegasms" my penis is usually rock solid and although the extreme pleasure is a whole body and soul experience I would say that it is most intense in my penis. After all, a man's penis is an extension of his soul, the part that "sticks out." But I try to focus my orgasm in the front of my head. If I pay too much attention to the excruciating pleasurable feeing in my penis then I'm unable to "contain" myself for very long. By focusing the pleasure in my head I seem to be able to continue in orgasmic ecstasy almost indefinitely without spending myself, thus storing up my energy to enjoy the whole experience over and over.
  • dingus
    Posts: 72
    When I read these descriptions I wonder if I've had a Super O. I mean, what I've experienced has been powerful, with laughter and moans and full-body convulsions, but not so powerfully pleasurable.....
  • dingus
    Posts: 72
    On the other hand, I just came so hard I blew my Progasm out of my ass and covered my bed towel with santorum, so maybe I am having Super Os. I know the definitions don't matter, but I'm still curious.
  • Webbo
    Posts: 6
    I find the Progasm gets me to a state of pleasure too fast , hopefully my MGX will fix this (hurry up and arrive ). I was able to back off a bit the other day and just hold myself in a state of total bliss , I felt able to think but was just totally in a zone , could have gone higher but just stayed where I was because I'm missing out on the slow getting there feeling . This time I was just where I wanted to be . I'm starting to understand the "out of body" experience but it's all happening a bit fast . When the MGX arrives I'm going to start again as I miss the build up I had with my now broken Aneros fake !!! As for Buster's question my penis stays limpish but it feels massive ??.
  • dingus
    Posts: 72
    I know what you mean about too fast; yesterday the Progasm took me there immediately, right after I put it in. Like, bang. No buildup, no anticipation. Not complaining, mind you.
  • Bunk
    Posts: 55
    The comment by old wolf hit the nail on the head for me. There is a release, an edge you fall over. Without a period of non-arousal, but a definate line that is crossed.
  • Alex_xxx
    Posts: 408
    Sorry @buster, with me there is a release! The suspension is good and all, but the releases (multiple) is to me the super Os. Anally and in my belly, contractions and release before they start again.
    Like a female g-spot orgasm. Stretches all the way out to my dick and often felt all over my body, but elsewhere in the body there is no contractions.