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autofuck w/o aneros
  • dingusdingus
    Posts: 72
    The last couple of nights, I wake up to find my ass engaged in autofucking w/o anything inserted. Strange, but pleasant, although I wake up tired as a result. Not complaining, though.

    Anyone else experience this?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Yes sir!! As we rewire we are embedding these responses into our expanded neurological systems, and they share the linkage between memory and imagination that operates at many levels of the mind of the whole body and whole being.


    as we rewire we are all reconnected

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915

    As the autofucking is going on, do you feel that your Aneros is inserted and massaging your prostate?

    How true!!! This is what I have been experiencing in the last few days!
  • dingusdingus
    Posts: 72
    No, I just feel the muscles in the area moving rhythmically, which becomes exciting in and of itself. I put in the largest Peridise last night before bed, just to see what happened, and I woke up with something similar happening.
  • Absolutely, this is a very frequent experience for me.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915

    Now that is what I experienced early this afternoon while I was having lunch outside on the patio of my favorite coffeehouse! It was more than a chairgasm! The sensations I felt then almost felt as though I had the Maximus inside me massaging my prostate over and over again!