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How do you guys start out?
  • I've tried various methods with varying results. Kind of a high note low note thing, where I either:

    a) start off by evacuating and draining myself and letting all the muscles in my pelvic region go completely relaxed. Eventually I can get some rather pleasant feelings from the relax position then getting small contractions from tightening up ever so slightly. This method feels distinctly more "feminine" in nature and I've had some very good sessions this way.

    or conversely

    b) pull the aneros up pretty much as far as my pc will allow and hold, this also begins somewhat stronger contractions as my pc tires out. This definitely starts off "sprinting" on the prostate then gradually shifts to more anal contractions as time wears on.

    I've definitely hit some very nice p-waves and probably some mini-o's, but I can't seem to cross over into dry orgasm territory. Today I had a "b" session and after about 2 hours (seems to be my standard session length) I edged a bit then let it subside and started massaging my prostate with my hand from the front of my abdomen. Well that sent me straight to super-T! (do not pass Go do not collect $200) session terminated, but with satisfaction.

    I'm not sure if it's the methods or just wanting the dry-o's that's blocking me, but I'm defintely hitting a wall at "crossing over"

    Just a side note, the Aneros is VERY much like playing an instrument. Different feelings every single time it seems, but all very pleasant. I'm sure it'll take more time, and patience. Which I might add is an added benefit to this device (I'm very uptight by nature) and using the Aneros is a great way to learn to just let go and ride things out.
  • artformartform
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    Welcome Emancipation!!

    You are doing very well and I like your musical instrument analogy. However, you also confess to being "very uptight" and so here is a friendly suggestion and you can make of it what you will!!:)

    Try a third way: Do Nothing...deeply relax... attune to your breath and do deep belly breaths easily slowly... imagine you are breathing out your anus... be open to anything... listen to whatever whispers/nano-actions your body/mind may offer... allow whatever seems want to happen.... no reaching for control or editing anything...  relax and enjoy whatever....

    And you have the right wrap-up of all this: "Patience"! You are a great candidate for full spectrum success here by the sounds of things man!

    ..."just let go and ride things out..." indeed, and all the very best as your practice and journey here unfold as they will...


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