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Newbie with questions about the Aneros Helix Syn
  • Hello to all.  After looking at the range of models on the Aneros website, I bought myself a Helix Syn, which arrived a few days ago.

    I was unpleasantly surprised when I took the device out of its box, and felt the silicone material.  It was much harder than I expected it to be when I squeezed it with my fingers, very much like touching a car tyre.  I don't know what I was expecting, but going by what was on the Aneros website ("velvet touch silicone"), I guess I expected something closer to a soft, rubbery, almost jelly-like outer coating.  I'm not saying that I've somehow received a defective unit, but I guess I just wanted to hear from other Helix Syn owners that, yep, what theirs feels like is what mine feels like.

    I haven't used the Helix Syn yet, as I'm waiting for some glycerine-free lubricant to arrive.  I don't know whether the glycerine will affect me like it affects some, but I'd rather not find out the hard way.  I really wish I could find the Lubricant Applicator shown on the Shop > Lubricants page of the Aneros website, in my local area (I'm not in the USA), as I think that would make pre-lubing something I wouldn't need to worry about (and the less I have to worry about, the better, right?).  I've found some other rectal/anal Lubricant Applicators, but for some reason they don't really appeal to me.  Time to do the rounds of the pharmacies and see what I can find.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi aneros44309,

    I have been using the Aneros Helix Syn for a good two months now. It is the first model of the Aneros I have used. You will be surprised at how comfortable the Helix Syn feels inside you massaging your prostate.

    As regards sexual lubricants, try to get one that is water based. I use AstroGlide. Ask your pharmacist. Good luck!

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I've been using my -syn intermittently for just over six weeks.  Not enough to really evaluate the balance of the toy in comparison to the original Helix.  But here are some observations:
      ¤  the toy-to-lube-to-canal interface is quite uniform and IMO superior to the Helix.  This, assuming a light coating of Crisco or Vaseline on the toy and pre-lube with either Shea Butter, SlipperStuff(gel) or a light vegetable oil like Walnut or Olive.  Simply put, the -syn slides easier.  My rectal musculature is just learning how to maneuver the -syn.  It's definitely a new experience for me.  My best body positions are different from those I liked with the standard Helix.
      ¤  The stiffener in the -syn ensures that the toy does not bend or 'squeeze' as does the Aneros Vice or an un-reinforced silicone dildo.  Therefore it does feel more firm than anal toys that are 100% silicone. I think the stiffener is essential to prevent breakage or cracking in the narrow areas of -syn's body or neck.
      ¤  The 'flex' p-tab is a whole new experience for me.  I believe this 'uncouples' the body of the -syn from the p-tab quite nicely.  Along with the superior lube interface, this part of the design provides more 'action' for a given amount of involuntary muscle.

    So far my favorite lube combos for -syn are:
      -- A coating of Vaseline on the toy with a 3ml pre-shot of SlipperyStuff gel.
      -- Three of Xochipilli's bullets, cast from a 2:1 ratio of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.

    Notes:  I haven't yet cut the tail on my syn.  I want first to gain more experience with various body positions.

    If you are looking for a 'softer' toy, you might like the Vice with the vibe capsule removed.

  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    I love the Syn!  I own many models, but have fallen in love with how the Syn glides while inserted.  It was the toy that brought me to my first Super-O after a year and a half of using the MGX, Helix and Eupho.  The Syn just touches me in the right spot, and moves on it's own.  Like @rook said, a good coating of lube is needed.  I use a Shea butter, walnut oil and coconut combination.  2 parts shea butter, equal parts of coconut and walnut.  It seems to work for me.

    If you want an all Natural water based lube, head to your local target and get the Astorglide Naturals.  About $10.00, and all natural.  Have fun with this model, the velvety smooth feel is very apparent while it is inserted.  I :x  LOVE :x  the way it feels.

  • To:BigGlansDc

    I'm sure the Helix Syn will feel very comfortable indeed.  With regards to the lubricant, I'm still waiting for my bottle of Slippery Stuff (water based, glycerine free) to arrive.  Should be here soon (fingers crossed)

    To: rook

    Thanks for the info you provided.  I almost feel overwhelmed by the amount of info surrounding the Aneros products and for a time was rather intimidated.  I kept thinking that there's too much to remember, and trying to remember "everything" would not allow for the mental focus and relaxation that's mentioned in so many forum posts, to be achieved by a "newbie".  As I mentioned to BigGlansDC, the Slippery Stuff is on its way, and I'm prepared to use as much or as little as is required for the Helix Syn to work as it should.

    I assume that the Helix Syn "stiffener" you mention is the solid part at the core.  If so, that's what surprised me the most about the "firmness" of the outer silicone part of the Helix Syn.  I had assumed that as the outer silicone part was about the same thickness as the solid part at the core (going by the pictures on the Aneros website), the silicone would be very soft.  If the outer silicone part was only one to two millimetres in thickness, then I could understand it being very firm, but it isn't only that thickness it is much thicker.  Going by what you've written, I take it that you also can't "deform" the Helix Syn's shape if you squeeze the head of the unit between thumb and forefinger?  I'm just wanting to confirm with another Helix Syn owner that their Helix Syn is just as firm as the one I received.

    Thanks for your suggestion about the Vice, but it isn't that I'm looking for a softer toy, only that I expected the Helix Syn to be softer than it is, and wanted to make sure the error was mine in expecting that.

    To: Aztec

    Thanks for the info you provided as well.  Based on the amount of info about lubricants and lubrication here in the forum, if I were to go through it all before trying out the Helix Syn, I would probably die of old age.  So, to simplify things on that issue, all I did was take note that glycerine affects some people (I don't know whether it affects me) and so I purchased some glycerine free lubricant.  After it arrives, I'll try out the Helix Syn, and alter things as I go along.  I'm pretty sure my relationship with the Aneros device will be a long one, so that gives me plenty of time to source the ingredients to make my own lubricants.  I will look into Astroglide Naturals as well, so thanks for that.

    I would appreciate if any of the people above, or any other Helix Syn owners, could hold the head of the Helix Syn between thumb and forefinger, and squeeze (not very hard).  When I do this, the Helix Syn is so firm, that it barely deforms in shape.  Is this the same for yours?

    Also, I noticed this after closer inspection, there's a "seam" along the silicone part that runs from the p-tab, up the body of the Helix Syn, and down the other side.  Running my finger along the seam, there isn't anything rough or spiky about it (otherwise I'd be pretty worried because the seam runs right through the area that makes contact with the prostate), but it can be felt if I run my fingernail over it.  As it's a smooth but indented seam, the only concern I have is that it might be an area that needs more attention when cleaning so that it doesn't hold on to any rectal material.  Has anyone who has used the Helix Syn noticed the seam, and if so, has it presented any problems with regards to usage, or cleaning?
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi aneros44309,

    I have my Helix Syn on my thighs right now. It is looking at me expectantly because I have a session with him in a few minutes.

    As regards your question on the silicone overlay of the Aneros Syn, it barely deforms in shape when I squeeze it. But it is softer by far than the Helix Classic, so I hear.

    I do not see any seam anywhere on my Helix Syn. advises that we use an antibacteriological soap before and after each use. Just rinse with water after soaping it before using it. I have not experienced any problems using or cleansing my Aneros. I use the Dial Complete brand sold in pharmacies here in the USA.

    Take care,

  • BigGlansDC:

    Thanks for the confirmation on the "firmness" of the Helix Syn.  It helps ease my concern.  I drew the same conclusion regarding "hardness" about the other models made out of the plastic that is used, and that is why instead of buying the MGX, SGX, Helix, or Euphos, I decided instead to make the Helix Syn my first purchase.

    However, I'm a little more concerned now about what you said regarding the lack of a seam on your Helix Syn, and I'm planning on contacting the folks at Aneros about that directly, to find out more info on that.  I'll update this thread when they respond.

    I also hope your most recent session went well.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    It went wonderfully earlier tonight and lasted nearly two hours, aneros44309! My prostate has that well-polished feeling that comes from Aneros massaging it relentlessly during that duration. There is that buzz or glow of intense sexual energy centered in my prostate and beginning to radiate throughout my body!

    I truly hope that your Helix Syn is not defective and that you can use it for sure. It's awesome!
  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    @aneros44309 you will be fine. All is normal, and all is well. Lube up, insert, breathe, and enjoy. Don't worry, all is well. I have a small seam on my Syn, but trust me, my prostate has no idea there is one, except that it wants to dance uncontollably. Insert and enjoy, forget about the small stuff. Relax into the feelings...ALL will be FINE.
  • To Aztec:

    Thanks for the reassurance, and the confirmation you provided about the existence of the seam on your Helix Syn.  I hope you can understand that as a first time user of such devices, I'm not familiar enough to know what should and shouldn't be worried about (and I certainly didn't want or need "irritated rectal tissue" to be added to the list of things currently troubling me).  The description of the Helix Syn on the Aneros website led me to *assume* that the part of the device that will be inside the rectum after insertion was seamless and smooth.  However, I have since found out that this was an incorrect assumption, but I don't have any problem with that as the people here in the forum, as well as the Aneros Customer Service people have been great in correcting what I had assumed incorrectly.  As soon as the lubricant I ordered arrives, I'll begin my use of the Helix Syn.

    To anyone else who is interested in what Aneros Customer Service had to say when I raised this with them, they confirmed that the seam is a normal result of the Helix Syn manufacturing process, and that to date, no one has reported any issue with irritation as a result of the seam on the Helix Syn.  The person I communicated with at Aneros Customer Service had personally inspected a number of these devices they had there to confirm all of this.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    If you were to compare a Helix Classic to the SYN you would appreciate that the latter has a nice amount of give to it.  It is essential that all of these devices have some rigidity so that they can pivot and move in and out of the body.  A soft device would not be responsive.   In addition, if the material is too soft it will compress and absorb the force of the inward stroke and yield little in the way of stimulation.   The SYN provides the best of both worlds with a softer feel that yields some very powerful sensations.

    With regards to the seam, it is very small and completely imperceptible.

    BF Mayfield

  • Thanks very much for the info Mr. Mayfield.  There's no one to blame about my assumptions to do with the Helix Syn, other than me.  With the info provided, it seems obvious that a device with the level of "softness" I imagined, would be unsuitable.  I only hope that others can gain insight from my error, so they are not as surprised as I was when my Helix Syn arrived.

    As for your point regarding the seam on the Helix Syn, it is well taken, and thanks for chiming in.
  • TriviousTrivious
    Posts: 1
    So I just got the Helix Syn 2 days ago. It creates great sensations and gives a good bit of pre-cum but I have yet to have an actual orgasm. I have used it twice for 30 minutes each. Am I doing something wrong? I ran out of time in my second session and had to finish up manually to get things done. Any ideas? Also, I felt some tightness and slight pain after the first session in my testicles later. Is that normal?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    it will take some time before things get good.  Its completely normal for it to take a few months for things to become more pleasureable but everyone is different.  Testicle pain is probably not related to aneros use as far as I know.
  • Trivious said:

    So I just got the Helix Syn 2 days ago. It creates great sensations and gives a good bit of pre-cum but I have yet to have an actual orgasm. I have used it twice for 30 minutes each. Am I doing something wrong? I ran out of time in my second session and had to finish up manually to get things done. Any ideas? Also, I felt some tightness and slight pain after the first session in my testicles later. Is that normal?

    30 minutes isn't much time, sessions of 90 minutes are better. Finishing up manually to get things done is not the mindset that will get you there. Read the wiki on getting started, it can be a slow or fast journey, but it is worth it!