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The Healthy Limits of Orgasm
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Hi all,

    I often have very long sessions typically from 1 to 4 hours long and sometimes perhaps as long as 8. The whole time my whole body is shaking, muscles contracting / spasming, and I am breathing hard in ecstacy after ecstacy. I would rate some of my orgasms as extreme to say the least. How is it with you is this familiar? If so, I keep wondering how healthy all these orgasms can be? Sometimes when I am done I feel somewhat weak and drained. I can recall a few times after 4+ hours where I might bend over to pick something up later and feel a bit faint. There have been a few times afterward my vision (particularly distant) was a little blurry. That may be because I may be staring at something close for hours while concentrating / orgasming.

    What do you say? Guys typically cum a few times during a sex session lasting only seconds each time. Are we built for such long orgasm sessions? Sometimes I worry I may be over doing it a bit, but it is SO hard to stop sometimes when it just keeps feeling SO good and my bocy just keeps responding on and on.... Thoughts?
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I was wondering the same thing myself, the prostate is use to seldom orgasms, so that increasing the amount of orgasms might cause problems. I don't know much about the prostate, but I imagine that you could build up its strength after a while to counter this.

    Recently I discovered the ability to have orgasms literally at will without an Aneros, which lead to a week of constant orgasms. This week left my prostate and anal muscles sore, I also experienced major difficulty urinating, though I'm not sure if was because of overuse or another problem (going to see a urologist in a couple weeks). I'm thinking that if it was because of my prostate, it was because my prostate was either desensitized or fatigued, though again I don't know a lot about the prostate so I could be totally wrong. I am pretty much fine now, though a little gunshy, but I've been taking a break and the pain and difficulty are gone.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Well Ashlen I probably mainly mean is it ok for our bodies (overall) to experience this much stimulation for so long because of the fatigue factor toll so many orgasms take. But it is a lot of stimulation of the prostate. Probably if the prostate is healthy then it is ok, if not overdone. Regular use may even be beneficial as it becomes used to it. I've found however that I don't usually ejaculate from the prostate. I used to think I was but I believe it was only lots of clear Cauper's gland fluid. The past month or so I have been having occasional wet orgasms while using the Aneros that feel pretty much like a standard penile ejaculation when they occur and lots of ejaculate that is thicker and slight milky comes out - similar to normal seminal fluid. I now believe that is a proper prostate ejaculation. When it occurs it is hard to believe that it isn't a normal ejaculation because it feels almost the same but I never stimulated my penis.

    I too have learned in the last few months how to orgasm at will without the Aneros. It isn't really on the spot though unless I am already worked up and orgasmic from loading up on the diet and various methods of stimulation. I usually sit and contract my anal / PC muscles and begin having increasingly strong spasms and eventually orgasms. One day though apparently I held the anal sphincter too much because it gave me one of those thrombosed hemorrhoids. I found out by going to my doctor because I had noticed an unexplainable lump. He said it was no big deal and would go away with time, but because of that I probably won't be doing that much anymore. Apparently when I do that type of stimulation I force too much pressure and blood to that area.

    A better way I have found without the Aneros is to just press a finger for an extended period of time on my perineum. After awhile I orgasm almost like the Aneros inside.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    PS I might add that if those ejaculations I've been having are true prostate then they are not simple and quick to come by normally. That means that if we are really benefiting from extracting fluid from the prostate the best way to quickly clear it could be manual stimulation of the penis as someone else mentioned. All the studies (at least from youth) seem to indicate that those guys that masturbated regularly as kids were less likely to have prostate problems. Ergo I take that to likely mean that keeping the gland clean and often emptied helps prevent toxins from build up and keeps it functioning well. I'm still thinking the Aneros should be good for the prostate too, I'm just not a Dr so couldn't say. It was created by a Dr I believe (a urologist) though there is debate in the community about the benefits of prostate message. (Note however they are talking about the Dr excited, vigorously messaging it I believe - not the calm Aneros way.
  • I'm wondering about this question too. I inserted an Aneros on Jan 1st and the good times just haven't stopped! In fact, I was getting quite worried about it, but now I'm figuring my body must want these orgasms and be up for these extended sessions else it wouldn't produce such strong feelings.

    In the past four days, I've spent most of the night experiencing the most amazing orgasms, have slept about five or six hours and worked the rest.

    Last night I tried to bring the session down, to not ejaculate so that I can 'save' it up and give my poor aching balls a rest. This I seemed to do quite successfully by just slowing the contractions down and letting the body gradually rest. I pulled out the Aneros and turned in to sleep. But as has been happening the past few nights, my body again had other ideas. My butt hole was absolutely wired. I started playing with it, putting various combinations of fingers in there and got some powerful eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head orgasms from it. I thought "What the heck" and thought "Bugger sleep, I'll just carry on until I can't do anymore." This was about 3am. I finally finished the session at 7.30am.

    Given I've been using the Maximus the past couple of days (the most awesome prostate massager) and the tab to that is quite 'sharp', my perineum was quite sore. However, the feelings of continuous baseline orgasm and other variants of the Super O seemed to dull the pain completely. This worried me a bit as I wondered if I was doing damage, but boy, did it feel good!

    I finished up with the MGX for a smoother experience, and wondered how I'd feel in the morning after such a long session again (day four). All I can say is I feel fantastic and woke up with an erection and with hard sensitive nipples. I'm taking a lead from my body on this one: if it wants it, it gets it. I am reaching the point of exhaustion, though, and am looking forward to a good night's sleep!

    I've blogged my experiences here (but didn't appear in blog list at top because dates aren't working properly because of 2008 date change):
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Guys,

    This is an interesting thread and one that I know I others have brought up before. Not being an expert on the subject (Dr.), I have learned a great deal from Jack Johnston's philosophy of Multiple Male Orgasms . I believe that a man's body has always had this ability to have these full body orgasms but over time, we have lost our natural ability to connect with it due to many factors. Using Aneros products to get there is prostate centered. It helps to start the process. A "way in" if you will. What I am learning for myself and from people like Darwin and hlaser99 (just to name just 2, there are many more) is that there is more than one way to get there.

    I find it hard to believe that your prostate could get damaged due to overuse. Sure, if you wail on it, but using your massager the way it is supposed to surely can't be a bad thing. I have found that I have experienced some muscle fatigue that passes in a day or sometimes two. My goodness, if something that felt this good was somehow bad, most of us would probably be missing our dicks after the age of about 12! :D

    Experiencing a full body orgasm that is not prostate centered is quite amazing and illustrates that what we are experiencing here is bringing so much more together.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Sometimes this is the only place on the Internet I feel at home. :)

    Of course, physically women are made to be continuously spontaneously orgasmic. Particularly once a woman reaches the orgasmic from flexing stage, with nothing inside, the only side effect is the occasional muscle fatigue. So I can't comment on that part

    However, I think that the neurotransmitters set off by hours of orgasms can benefit from some rest time. I find for some reason staying hydrated helps. Also grounding can be assisted by eating starchy foods. Of course most of us don't have the luxury of spending 24x7 in an orgasmic haze; regular life generally intrudes enough to have some down time.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi guys and Zaneblue,

    There was a movie made in 1983 called "Brainstorm" where this subject was alluded to. In that movie one of the characters, ‘Hal’, experiences a continual orgasmic state for many hours. After the event he gets a thorough medical evaluation and is cleared of any problems, but later confides to one of the lead characters that he has changed psychically, that he has become “more than I was before”.
    I am of the opinion that the Super-O states being reported on this Forum are having similar transformative experiences in the lives of some men. Whether there are long term negative effects of such repeated experiences is unknown, perhaps this Forum can provide some insights into this phenomena over time. In any event, the Aneros experience seems to be a case of “life imitating art” as regards to the movie.
    One thing that has been mentioned repeatedly on this Forum is the addictive nature of Aneros usage. Like any addiction, this can have a significant effect on the lives and well being of the individual and his relationships. This is likely not going to be a popular topic of discussion but nonetheless is a worthy topic for all users and potential users to be aware of.
    I’m not a doctor but I do know that recent research has shown that the mind can alter its own brain chemistry, essentially “rewiring” itself, just as has been discussed on this Forum. That effect is real. Like it or not, we Aneros users are a de facto test group exploring the ramifications of repeated, prolonged orgasmic states. Personally, I am happy being a participating member in that test group, let the experiment continue…
  • dribblerdribbler
    Posts: 11
    I found this thread by looking for some information on the constant butt buzz and orgasms I have without the aneros at night. It is wonderful, and I look forward to it. However, sometimes I don't get enough sleep. I am not very good at controlling it yet, so this can be a problem.

    Does anyone have a suggestion about how to make it stop at will? ...only for those nights when I need sleep more than orgasms, of course.
  • impimp
    Posts: 95
    Hmmm, I don't know if you can stop it Dribbler, How do you un-ring a bell?
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    What a great discussion here guys!!!! Dribbler, I hear you! It's tricky.. when you're body gets activated by pleasurable sessions it may/will start longing for more pleasure.. Try not to have sessions right before going to bed..


  • jjajja
    Posts: 49

    I must admit to being skeptical of these "hour and hours" or orgasms.  The aneros would cause major soreness to severe pain I think if you used it for 8 hours.  Not talking about sleeping with it in, i'm talking about 8 hours of contractions.  As someone used to physical fitness I don't even think your muscles could contract for that long.


    If you want to take the edge off to get sleep, a traditional ejaculating orgasm should do it as the refactory period would kick in.  The whole point of the aneros orgasm is no refractory period...  Have a traditional orgasm and you will probably lose sexual desire for at least the night.

  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    I'm sure 8-hour sessions without soreness are possible if you're extremely gentle with your contractions.. it really depends.. you could try to ejaculate but it doesn't necessarily remove the butt buzz.. This was really a problem for me about 6 moths ago..  eventually I just got over it somehow..

  • Dribbler
    Thank u for bringing this thread forward, and all u guys who added to it.  As jja said, i was going to say, a super-T will end a session, and i imagine the aftershocks.  i have some of the experiences u all talk about, and can tend to feel horny all the time more or less, especially if i think and visually fantasize about sex, and have much aneros-like experiences w/o aneros in, but i sorta envy you.  However with Kev i agree not to do session at bedtime.  For one thing i go to bed so late i am so exhausted i fall asleep b4 i hit the pillow, and can't do it when i am tired.  First thing in the a.m. is best for me.  i've been told our testasterone (duh, spelling) is highest about 7a.m.  I know my balls are largest when awakening, especially, but not only especially,  if i have been taking my herbal aphrodesiacs for a day or two, waiting until i cud easily clean out and have time.  I take advantage of the moment if i find i am cleaned out and have time.  i've had some great sessions in the afternoon awhile after lunch and my siesta.  I have tried sleeping with aneros in, butt am too turned on to be able to sleep, and i need my sleep since i don't get enuf anyway.  As for sex or aneros addiction, i have been addicted to sex long before aneros.  The symptom of one of the criteria is that i spend far too much time on cybersex, including this site, that i neglect getting some other stuff done.  I've gone to Sexaholics Anonymous groups, butt feel hypocritical because i don't really want to stop.  I think one of my obstacles is that i am not about to give up sex, not that they require that, but haven't figured out (because haven't taken enuf time to reflect on it?) how to get a balance.  It reminds me of when i was a Catholic kid and wud confess masturbation (horribly called in those days and circles "self-abuse") and even tho a resolve to stop "sinning") is part of a "good confession" i knew i cudn't and didn't want to stop.  Religion gave me some good guidance in my youth, like luv ur nabor as urself, butt in the area of sexuality did me more harm than good, altho i never bought in to shame and guilt.  Thus my agnostic claim.
  • dribblerdribbler
    Posts: 11
    Thanks to all for your input.

    Kev, I can go a month without aneros and this still happens...anerosless.

    Paul, I agree that visuals definitely increase the arousal and make this happen with more intensity. But even without that it still happens. Traditional O helps a little.

    Just for the record, I am about 2 years into this, and I have a Progasm, a helix, and a eupho. Sessions are usually 20 - 30 minutes and about 2X per week. Rarely more than an hour. I started this to help my prostate, as I was having some enlarged prostate issues. I gave myself the name "dribbler" because my cutoff valve was not as crisp as it used to be - kinda like when you pour out  a coke can and no matter how hard you shake the can, that last drop drips somewhere you don't want it to. Anyway, peeing during the night and dribbling (without a basketball) are no longer an issue thanks to the aneros.

    Thanks to all who give input on this site. I learned a lot during my lurking days and hope to give back as well.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    I have just finished reading “The Multi-orgasmic Man” by Chia and Arava, and was astounded that Taoists see sexuality and exploring it as central to spirituality - not only that, they view multiple dry orgasms as life enhancing, although they did also say that we should avoid too much ejaculation.  As an example, a 40-year-old guy should ejaculate no more than once in every 10 days, and a 50-year-old man, no more than once in every 20!  I have trouble doing that at the moment (being 50 years old) but I tried it for a week, and I WAS amazed at how it felt.  I had some modest multiple orgasms, but feel that with time, patience, and also with the aid of my aneros, I should be able to turn them into something even more pleasurable.

     <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    The key for Taoists seems to be to keep your sexual energy in your control, and to circulate excess energy around your body, where you can convert it into positive “chi” to enhance the vitality and health of your body.  They feel that on average, people who practice multiple orgasmic techniques, in conjunction with control of sexual energy and avoidance of ejaculation can live longer, and live more fulfilled lives.  Sounds good to me.


    Are we to suppose that the corollary is that you should expect less from multiple orgasms if you also ejaculate a lot, but more than if all you did was have traditional ejaculatory orgasms only???????
  • jjajja
    Posts: 49
    Linum the question is though...  Does the prostate get "old" because men ejaculate less...  Or do men ejacaculate less because the prostate gets old....  From the sounds of it from men using testosterone therapy their sex drives go up, meaning more ejaculations...  Its only my opinion but to keep the prostate, testicals the whole system healthy a person shouldn't try not to have orgasms.  Prostate orgasms are fine, and might flush out the prostate but what about everything else along the reproductive line?  Just my opinion but I don't think a person should strive for less traditional orgasms
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    I just reported what I read jja.  I think their whole point was that  even if you have a high sex drive, you should control it, not the other way around.  They were saying it was good to have orgasms, but not good to ejaculate too much.

    Does anyone else have a greater understanding of this? 

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I believe your understanding of 'Mantak Chia's teachings is correct. As I interpret the Taoist way of thinking, ejaculations represent a loss to the body of valuable "Chi" (lifeforce energy). Taoist teachings emphasize building-up and strengthening one's personal "Chi". Since orgasm and ejaculation are separate events, it is believed that orgasms, without ejaculations, circulate and build-up your personal "Chi". Hence, their advocacy for reducing and controlling ejaculations, However, this does not mean to preclude one from ever having ejaculations. They recognize ejaculations are a natural and necessary aspect of life processes and believe that once a man has a strong reserve of personal "Chi" then the occasional ejaculatory release does not cause debilitating effects.

    Frequency of ejaculations has been an recurring topic of discussion for years on this Forum, the latest thread to air this was Continence??? by 'Kev'.

    Of course none of this matters if you don't ascribe any validity to the Taoist path.
    VibesGood Vibes to You ! Vibes
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    Thanks Rumel - nicely explained.  At the moment I have some sympathy with the Taoist path, and think I'll explore it a little more as a complement to my aneros journey.  Chia's book certainly filled in a few gaps in my understanding on multi-orgasmic practice (including aneros use) and in addition, things that I knew from disparate source have suddenly slotted together into a more coherant understanding on what is going on.  It has certainly resonated with me.

    This brings me back to the point of this thread - according to Taoist belief, based on 3000 years of practice, orgasms and sexuality generally, are very much a healthy thing.  Addiction would not be an issue for them, since control over your sexual energy is a key tenet of their teaching.

  • jjajja
    Posts: 49

    lol as a younger guy in his 30's I like to ejaculate at least once a day or every other day.  I feel depressed and like I'm getting old if I go more than 4 days without an orgasm lol

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    Bad news jja (lol) taoists think that a 30-year old guy should ejaculate no more than once in every 8 days!  Cheer up - for me at 50, they suggest no more than once in 20 days, and at the age of 60 - never.  However, guys who reach muti-ogasmic states via this method say they wouldn't swap their long duration mutiple orgasms of such great intensity for the 6 to 10 second traditional ejaculatory orgasms that are the alternative.  By the way, the most I have ever achieved is 10 days, and in the middle I did have to internally ejaculate, which they say causes you to lose less sexual energy, and have a shorter refractory period.

    The biggest killer of this technique for me is blue ball syndrome, but for most of the 10 days, I was able to keep this under control with testicular massage techniques, and a technique called the "cold draw", where you apaprently circulate excess sexual energy around your body, where you can convert it into "chi" that does your body some good, as I described above.

    The advantage for aneros use as I see it at the moment, is that I can generate higher arousal rates, but the horniness that can end my sessions, I now have under my control.  I used to say that I couldn't concentrate on anything, including my work if I hadn't ejaculated, but that too is now under my control for the most part.  I am hoping that both the aneros use, and these techniques will compliment each other, and lead to progress via both techniques.

  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    I agree with jja.  :-)  

    I'm a few years older, but for me, following my natural biological and physical urges has served me well in continued good health, sexual performance and enjoyment. I don't claim any special sexual knowledge -- and I would never attempt to change anyone's mind about something as personal as sex -- but prolonged periods of withholding sexual gratification makes as much sense to me as limiting bowel movements. :-)  By gratification, I mean traditional sex to wet orgasm, with or without a partner. 

    I try to keep an open mind, but I'm not ready yet to limit traditional orgasms to once a month or less (if that's the taoist way) -- at least not until what's working needs fixing. Maybe my philosophical approach is simply caught somewhere between the old sayings: "If it feels good, do it," and "All things in moderation" -- with a smidgen of "Use it or lose it!"  :-)
  • Keoke said:
    I try to keep an open mind, but I'm not ready yet to limit traditional orgasms to once a month or less (if that's the taoist way) -- at least not until what's working needs fixing. Maybe my philosophical approach is simply caught somewhere between the old sayings: "If it feels good, do it," and "All things in moderation" -- with a smidgen of "Use it or lose it!"  :-)

    Where is the "LIKE" button???   lol

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    That is fine - no one is obliged to try anything they don't want to.  Just trying to broaden the topic of conversation here - and have realised that Taoist traditions do perhaps have something to offer me, and to add to this topic of conversation.  Aneros use isn't for everyone either (apparently), although that shouldn't stop the message getting out, should it?

    I think men are hard wired to be very defensive about their ejaculations, perhaps fearing that not ejaculating is akin to something like impotence.  Yet here we are in a forum that aims to help men achieve pleasure in an alternative manner to the normal.  My comments were made in the spirit of openness  that I feel does characterise this forum.

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    The like button is to the left, a zero with arrows above and below - apparently.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782

    It's funny, I remember early on during
    my Aneros journey where a lot of guys here recommended ejaculation
    abstinence to help move progress forward. And at that time in my life
    I masturbated to ejaculation once or more on a daily basis, and I was
    very much in the same head space of Keoke. Why should I give up the
    pleasure I get from ejaculatory orgasms? There was just no way in
    hell that was going to happen! LOL

    Then further on into my Aneros journey
    I hit a brick wall, so to speak, in my progress. And in my
    desperation to move forward and achieve super-O's, I was willing to
    try anything. So I grudgingly
    tried ejaculation abstinence. And
    it turned out to be one of a few major discoveries that really pushed
    my progress further forward. I have to say it also dramatically
    changed how I viewed the feeling of arousal. Prior to this, arousal
    and any bit of erection was torture that needed to be resolved with
    an ejaculatory orgasm. Now I recognize that arousal and erections are
    two separate things. And arousal is a sensation I savor and enjoy.

    So I'm not here to convince anyone to
    do what I did. I recognize that everyone is quite different in what
    works for them. But I thought you might enjoy hearing about my

  • Yes, Love-is, i know i am always glad to hear what u and all members have to say, and i know others are also.  i agree abstinence helped me get rewired, and i almost never masturbate anymore.  Suffering from ED i get all i need from aneros and mangina.  Like u at first every session ended with a super-t.  i just cudn't resist becuz of habit.  i do always say though that i think masturbation, which of course ended the session, and was sometimes a relief from the endless almost intolerable pleasure (which i somehow endured, and still do  LOL) and was a more pleasurable orgasm than i had ever experienced before aneros use, it helped me to really get in touch with the prostate sensitivity.  Again, i agree to each his own, and i wouldn't necessarily encourage newbies to continue masturbating while using aneros, lest it interfered with their rewiring.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I shared Love_is 's experience as the two of us moved through our 'suggested abstinance' periods about the same time.  As with many (but not all) Anerosians, that two or three week period of abstinance supported some self-realization as I moved through extreme horniness, enforced semen 'conservation' and then a brief 'sexual frump' ... a sort of eunich feeliing perhaps.

    Eventually it took less buzzing brain arousal to suport an Aneros session and I've been able to blend Aneros generated orgasm, conventional marital orgasms, MMO's during foreplay and regular masturbation into an integrated life where I can make choices and along with my mate choose the degree of desire I wish to carry into extended foreplay and sex. ....  as Tig Woods might say, "it's all good !"

     .....  rook
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Orgasm as a Brain Cleansing activity.

    In my mid-twenties I had heavy involvement in my first profession as a deployable military pilot.  Due to weekly and monthly deployment schedules my opportunities for sexual release were turned inside out.  The daily grind of round-the-clock operations upset my masturbation opportunities.  Occasionally I would have a wet dream but those were infrequent due abbreviated sleep schedules.

    Seemingly unrelated to this 'upsetment' I began to experience painfree Visual Migraine Auras (aka Cortical Spreading Depression), a mild 20 minute visual display.  That aura was followed by an hour or two of a frumpy feeling akin to a post-ejaculatory 'let-down' when prolactin takes over the male body and enforces the refractory state.  Fortunately I got none of the headache symptoms that most Migraine victims experience.

    These 'attacks' seemed to happen once every month or two.  Sometimes though they happened a couple of times a month.  At first I assumed they were the result of sleep irregularities or combat related stress.  It never occured to me that they were in indicator of a lack of sex.

    In my early 30s I drew another conclusion.  When I was experiencing orgasm with some regularity there were no Miagraine-like events.  My brain needed orgasm as a 'housecleaning' procedure.  if it lacked that 'housecleaning' it would sweep neurochemical depression across my cortex (and probably other regions of the brain) to get the job done.

    When I stated my Aneros Journey I found that a chain of dry-Os or an intense Super-O worked just fine.

    Over the last three years, I've only run into two other gents in this Forum who experience similar effects.  My conclusion -- we are designed to "need" orgasm as a part of mental hygiene -- most of us just don't realize it.

    So, however one does it, KSMO, Aneros, manual masturbation, sex or an Anerosless mental session.  It's all good !

    ...always reach for the brass ring .....    rook
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I am pleased to hear that as far as you are concerned rook, there are no healthy limits to orgasm, in whatever form they might come, or however one gets there.

    That was a very interesting story too.  Something I had not come across before.  If I couldn't masturbate in the past, I would just become cranky.  I would always ejaculate, and for the most part that was sufficient at that time.

    Life is constant change and a part of dealing with that is the exploration of alternate ways, and other ideas.  So to add to the many virtues of being a multi-orgasmic man, we can now add its brain cleansing effects.  I have some sympathy with that on all different levels, since this exploration for me, has made me more content with life, more open to people and ideas, and even more passionate about my sexual partners and other friends. This is brain cleansing on a huge scale.  I love it.