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Knowing yourself-better self esteem-bigger and more satisfying orgasms
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Gentlemen! I'd like to open a discussion of "knowing yourself" (mind+body) since we get a better self esteem and better sex life during this self research. As males the self esteem relates extremely close to male sexuality and masculinity. I know that there are a lot of men having a poor and extremely poor self esteem (in a way including myself) because they don't know who they are or what/how they feel. Today's society is restricting male sexuality a lot.. these male role models are limiting our ability to be who we are.. it's a huge challenge trying to be "normal and accepted "as a man these days if you show/express all your feelings.
    Openness to your emotions and being able to express them equals to wonderful sex life (or aneros sessions). The opposite including fears (homophobia), thinking sex as a physical activity only (or even"duty"), disconnection to your feelings etc. equal to at least much less wonderful sex life (or aneros sessions). Please reply if you have any ideas about this topic or if you have any suggestions how to improve the ideal male role model that we have these days in our society.. or anything else :D


  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi Kev,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on self-knowledge and self-esteem as they relate to masculinity and male sexual expression. Personally I do not think that there are few male role models today in our world to emulate.

    So I suppose the solution to all this is just be yourself. That comes from within. On a sexual level, quite a few men find this through masturbation which enables them to become better lovers.

    In my case, the Aneros was a Godsend! For the first three months of this year, I had flagging libido and lack of interest in sex, much less masturbation. As a single man at age 63, I found this very troubling especially when it came to masturbation which had no appeal to me. I was very troubled when I passed through many weeks without masturbating. The Aneros changed all that. Not only has it revitalized my masturbation practice, but it also gave me a new lease on life. In one of my most recent blog entries which I posted in the testimonials section, I am masturbating these days with a great deal of thrill that I had as an adolescent!

    But even more important is that the fact that with the Aneros you have to go inward and detach for it to do its work. That in itself is meditation.
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Hi BigGlansDC,

    Thanks for sharing! I'm very glad for you! :) I love that: "just be yourself".. though it takes some time and research to figure out who you are


  • Kev, i think this post as great possibilities for sharing.  As a psychiatric social work therapist for many years, i found that one of the most difficult things to work with is lack of self-esteem.  One would think that acceptance by others would help with that.  I found the problem is sometimes that a person with low self-esteem won't believe the acceptance from others is real.  "If s/he really knew me they would not accept me."

    I luv that name and wud like to see it!  I can't even tell u when i began to experience ED, since i was masturbating regularly.  Guess it crept up on me.  i have been diabetic for 49 years, and i'm sure poor circulation caused by that causes the ED.  Blessedly i have not had any of the other side effects, except recent less sense  of touch at the end of my feet and toes, which doctor is monitoring.  So i agree with u that aneros has been a godsend for me, too.  i get so much pleasure from it and mangina that i seldom am overcome by the urge to masturbate.  I haven't used my battery-run medical pump in a long time.  That enables me, together with a cock ring it dispenses to the stiff cock to get hard and maintain it.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    My thought: generally male sexual satisfaction is tightly linked with self esteem and self worth. Today it is very difficult for a male to be a male in our sanitized and "nuterized" society. There seems to have been a shift to a famine de-sexualised acceptable standard. It may of course be due to the avalanche of false estrogens in our environment and the reduction of levels of testosterone in men. So it is bad news for the male. (Doctors seem happy if a 25 year old has the testosterone levels of a 90 yr old)
    The aneros and like really do open the door again. As we get older we have the shadow of BHP and ED hanging over us as well.  In the past I think many male simple lost the will to live when they lost their erections. We have been greatly helped with Viagra and the like, but this has a degree of "faux satisfaction" which can lead to a feeling of dependency, failure and loss of  self worth leading to a loss of vitality (will to live)? There needs to be more.
    Aneros really can bridge the gap - at least I think so. It gives a new experience of sexual wholeness that is not dependent on erection and ejaculation. The prostate stimulation does something extra it seems to make the sexual experience a whole person thing. The head and spine to its base connect. It is probably similar to a female orgasm which is often whole and non-local and all encompassing. 
    Now I admit I have had no super "O" of any sort. But the touch of the aneros on the prostate gives me a whole new sense of being. A sense of being centred. It fills a void, and there is no refractory time.  I enjoy sex with my partner but more now because I am no longer struggling in my self to 'do it' one last time even if it kills me. I no longer have that almost self destructive drive many males have. The world is even more beautiful, more gentle but not less sexual.
    And more, if I have a restless night where sleep evades me - Aneros to the rescue. A few nice experiences, feeling very centered, then sleep - oh joy. Safer that a sleeping pill.
    I really have a lot more to say but I think this is enough.
  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    My feelings exactly!

    isvara wrote: "... the touch of the aneros on the prostate gives me a whole new sense of being. A sense of being centered. It fills a void, and there is no refractory time."

  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Thanks Paul, Isvara and Keoke!!! :) Paul, did you find out any solutions/tricks to change your patients' thinking and to boost up their self-esteem?