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  • I wanted to take advantage of the nice sale to order Vice and Tempo, so on the 11th i tried to place the order.  I never got a notice that the order was confirmed and placed.  After numerous tries i was so pissed at the shitty system that i decided to give up.  I found no phone number to order that way.  Just checked my credit card account to find date of another transaction and see not only was the order placed, an order for 143.94 for High Island Health LLC is placed 3 times!  Now i'm really pissed.  Real rigamarol to get this settled.  Credit card company had been given a number to call 1-713 680-8840.  Probably(?) because it is Sat. only can leave recording.  Now considering the ordering process not giving confirmation, they are probably not noticing duplicate orders and will send out 3 orders.  Maybe it is all run by robots?
  • Another member reports on first thread here, New Products Reviewed... the same problem of multiple orders.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Perhaps you missed it, but there is a contact button on the home page.   The link is
    The phone number is the one that you listed, and they have staff there
    to answer questions Monday through Friday  8:30 to 5:30 CST.  I can understand your
    concern regarding your order.  No question, there is a problem, but it occurs to me that it is one that may be easily resolved by speaking with the company directly.  With respect to your comment about "robots".  My experience with HIH is that there are good people who work there, people who, (like many of us) get time off on the weekends. 

    I know how frustrating it can be when there is snafu that involves ones credit card (I had my credit card cloned while getting gas 2 weeks ago).  But I am sure that you were not intentionally victimized and that this will be resolved soon.  The VICE and the Tempo are wonderful products and the discounts that are being offered are terrific!  It's the first time the company has offered a promotion that involves their premium line products as well.    I suspect that once you receive these items all of this stuff will be a distant memory.   Hopefully at that point you will be getting down to the business of enjoying yourself.  Be patient. 


    BF Mayfield

  • jjajja
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    I order my aneros products from amazon... never any problems.
  • BusterBuster
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    I placed an order on July 12 for the new Helix SYN and I never received even a confirmation page that I could have printed.  I waited a few minutes and when I still had nothing I called the number of customer support and they looked it up and determined that there was actually two transactions in the system for me.  He easily deleted one of them and told me that someone would try and contact me that evening so they could troubleshoot the issue.  I never heard from anybody but my credit card was only charged once when I checked.  I still have not received any kind of confirmation of purchase or estimate ship date/delivery.  I am not worried about it, I have been a huge supported of Aneros for over 6 years.  It will come soon enough.  Try not to let this experience get you too whacked out.  Like Brian said, the items coming your way will be well worth the effort.

  • rckrck
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    I tried to order the new Helix Syn this week too.  Each time I tried to place an order I got a "page cannot be displayed" error.  I tried a couple times the normal way, then tried the Paypal option.  Never got a confirmation that time either, but I did receive a payment email direct from Paypal.  The problem was that the 40% off was not applied.  I called the company and they informed me that there were two "normal" transactions for me in the system.  She promptly deleted one of them and then went to work on the Paypal charge.  After being on hold for awhile she came back and said they were working on deleting the paypal charge, and she didn't want me to have to sit on hold.  She said they would take care of it and she would send me an email when it was fixed.  Needless to say, I still have a regular charge on my cc AND a Paypal charge.  I've not heard anything back from the company over the last few days and the paypal charge hasn't been reversed.  Her attitude was great on the phone, and she seemed like she sincerely wanted to help, but the company's execution to this point has been substandard (I hate to say).

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Update on my end, I just got my package today.  4 days from ordering to receiving, not bad!  I never did receive any kind of receipt, acknowledgment or phone call, but what the heck, I have got it!


  • I posted this morning the following on the New Product Review,. Behold the Syn thread, the first on the list of discussions and repeat as it fits here, too.

    i left a message on 713 680-8840 Sat and aneros called me back
    today.  no duplicate order came today which is a good sign.  i ordered
    on 7/11 and was delighted to receive order on Sat the 14th already.  the
    3rd duplicate had only been pending on my credit card and the credit
    card apparently were able to stop that one since it is no longer pending
    nor charged.  I'm sure that second charge will be taken care of by
    aneros, and if not credit card.  if an order comes i will not open it
    but return as refused.  i tried the vice yesterday and like it.  i wud
    call it vibe
  • Same thing could have happened to me but I red the charges before I pushed the button to finalize the order. I just went back to adjust basket it would not go back to one. So I started the process all over. 
  • twlltintwlltin
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    paulsp: Your text is tiny on this screen. Could you please leave the size at the default?
  • i copied and pasted from another thread, and did nothing to change the font size.  That's just the way i copied.
  • VicVic
    Posts: 99
    I'm sorry to hear that other members have struck a hiccup with their ordering. I was having some difficulty myself, [not] frustrating bearing in mind that I was logged onto a new site and therefore figured it was early days. In order for me to proceed I simply called the company direct and spoke with two exceptionally helpful staff members whom took care of my order with [relaxed ease]. I now have my order, my transaction went smoothly and then some, and I now sit with [relaxed ease], just the way it should be for all interested parties. I'm currently making friends with my new Eupho and my unexpected Syn.
  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    Vic, "unexpected Syn" is always the best!   :-)