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Anything I Can Do While I Wait For My Mistress?
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Hi guys is there anything i can do while i wait for my order. Are there any exercises or ways to prepare, could i start putting a lubricated finger up into my Anal area, or just wait until my order arrives. Also is there any certain foods to avoid or eat. I just want to make this the best i can.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Eating healthy is always a good idea and having a diet with plenty of fiber will help your G.I. tract function optimally with regular bowel movements and a cleaner rectum. While there are numerous nutritional supplements you can take to enhance your overall pleasure response, with the short time before your new tool arrives, I would simply recommend you avoid alcohol and caffeine for many hours before your planned session.
    (1 glass of wine or 1 can of beer is probably O.K. for relaxation purposes but any caffeine may make it difficult to relax your muscles due to its stimulating effects). See Drugs in the WIKI.

    Gently massaging your anus to get it accustomed to penetration is a good idea, learning to relax the sphincters will make your early experiences more pleasant, just remember to use lots of lube, go slow and stop at the first hint of irritation. Please re-read the Preparation section of the WIKI.

    IMHO, it is important to mentally tell yourself to expect nothing from the session but to be patiently observant of your body's sensations as you practice your massaging techniques.

  • i think having done Kegels for some years, and some use of dildos prior to aneros, helped me to progress more rapidly.  If u don't know what Kegel exercise is u might find info here by doing a search, or a search on your engine site.
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Thanks Rumel and Paul. I have purchased some decaff coffee today and some All Bran cereal and bars. Oh how i love my coffee, i'm a real coffee addict. I also purchased some non latex gloves. I am looking forward to hearing Alana on the Cd's. I have read great reports about her sexy voice! The only thing that concerns me is that i cannot visualise very well.
    Thanks guys
  • DMDM
    Posts: 12
    I think one of the main things is learning to relax, but all good advice in the previous posts, take your time and learn gently to absorb and take in what is happening.
  • "...avoid alcohol and caffeine for many hours before your planned session" quoed from Rumel.  i have always heard that coffee is an aphrodisiac and have taken it on occasion for that purpose, but cannot say whether it acted as such for me or not.  Maybe that is true of some sexual activity, but not aneros.  I seldom drink coffee or much caffeine accept when i want to be sure to keep awake like for driving.  I don't need it for sexual stimulation.  I am more or less, and more than less, horny almost 24/7 since i avoid ejaculation to stay stimulated.  i like to edge as long as i can even tho ejaculation with aneros in is much stronger intensive wet orgasm for me than by masurbation before i discovered aneros.