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Gettin Ready
  • Hi everyone!  This is wally and I wanted to let those interested that I am getting ready for an aneros session..I am inside this time sitting typing in the nude, and about to insert my aneros helix.  I am cleaned out, lubed up and have Alana waiting in the wings!  I will post after the session the results.
  • ArcticWolvesArcticWolves
    Posts: 286
    Have fun! You must be having quite the session but Alana is pretty good at making time slip by very fast. :P

  • Sooo!  We're waiting to hear all about it, Wally.  Each SuperO by each.  Tell us in your usually really sexy way to help us get ready for our own sessions.
  • As usual I was pretty horny and ready to go.  I like to fantasize about the session for days which I had done which always makes it that more sensual and adventureous.  I have my own man cave at my home which has an outside entrance and it is somewhat private as it opens up to a patio which has a six foot tall block wall which hides it from the neighbor's view.  So often for a little more excitement I will masturbate with the door wide open which I did for this session.    I laid down on my couch which is at the back of the long end of the room.  The side door which was wide open was at the other end.  I put on Alana and listened to her sexy voice as I had done so many times before.I followed her instructions of holding and releasing until I was holding for up to a minute before releasing back to relaxation.  With each hold the fire inside at my prostate became more intense.  By now I was shaking at the end of each hold.  When I reached the point of no return, I began to jack off, very slowly as I like it.  Before long I had shot my load and sat motionless.  It had been a rewarding session!  
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 907
    Hi Wally,

    I popped a major throbbing boner when I read your account of your Aneros session with Alana on in the background.

    I can wait to have my Aneros session later on today!