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What's this involuntary...?
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 233
    During my sessions, when I really get aroused the Aneros suddenly sinks in, and after even more arousal I get some odd involuntary that feels like an ejaculation where my anus tenses to the max for a few seconds - the Aneros feels like it's slammed a wall. It feels nice and sometimes it chains one after the other.

    I get these as well outside of sessions when looking at porno or whatnot, and it seems to the result of the erection and arousal hitting the roof. Erection is often where the majority of sensations are.

    Is this progress or...?
    Thanks in return!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    I'm a mid-aged married guy, don't do porn, just enjoy non-ejaculatory super-O sessions without traditional finishing off occasional nights when my wife isn't interested in sex.  When you feel that mysterious feeling of the Aneros geting involuntarily sucked in really deeply, accompanied by this feeling your rectum is contracting tightly around it, that's precisely the mechanism that produces a prostate orgasm.  They do seem to chain together some times and with continued practice you should start to feel a warmth in your prostate region that spreads out into your penile shaft and with continued practice into the tip of your penis where it feels like a hot tingling sensation that eventually will feel like you're full-blown ejaculating, but with nothing coming out.

    And yes, there are times with arousal--for me it's often thinking about something fun I'd like to enjoy sexually with my wife--accompanied by lightly tickling my nipples that I'll get an Aneros-less dry orgasm.  Erections don't necessarily accompany all these feelings for everyone, though in my case, as for many guys, they do.

    So yes, it's definitely progress.  And don't get up tight about hurrying it up.  It will come when it's ready.  It took me almost a year.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 233
    Ah, thanks - I'll try not to. Good to know that it is progress!

    And likewise, also good to know that erections are a common occurrence for many guys too. At first I felt this was off since the point should be towards the anal, rectal and prostate sensations above all else. I know pre-cum is always much more likely when there is no erection.

    Still not sure on prostate though. Don't think I've awoken it...yet? Most sensations so far haven't distinctly felt like it was coming from a prostate and I'm not really sure if there is some specific way of thinking that helps to pick up the sensations - mostly because of cases where newcomers can hit a Super O very early vs those who need years. I guess sensing what the prostate feels like just comes about from consistent Aneros usage?

    (Just another point to add: I tried the trick of external prostate massage (pubic region) and I think I hit it - there's a feeling of wanting to pee but that may just simply be the bladder)
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389
    SlimJim - thanks for a great description. You helped clarrify what I'm beginning to experiance more frequently.

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    It takes time, more for some than others, to "awaken" the prostate, that is, to identify and better sense the subtle sensations of it being stimulated.  There's no physical or mental trick to doing this--just be very quiet and relaxed and sensitive to any subtle warm pleasant feeling in your lower pelvic region in the area behind but not necessarily connected to the base of your penis.  For many guys, including myself, lightly tickling the nipples helps those feelings there to come.

    The mysterious involuntary feeling like the massager is being "sucked in" while at the same time your rectum is tightening around it and gripping it snugly (thereby pushing it into your prostate bed through the rectal wall) is the driving mechanism that produces a dry or prostate orgasm.  You're probably having this involuntary contraction (which usually lasts for approximately a minute and then gently subsides and then can recur) but just without the orgasmic feelings at this early point in your "awakening" process.

    Don't rush it, but rather just continue to practice in sessions.  If you really relax and savor the subtle feelings as they come, you'll not only enjoy your new discoveries as you go along, but you'll facilitate the process for eventually being surprised with having a session surge ahead to a full blown O.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 233
    Really appreciate it - clears up a lot of loose ends! Particularly the prostate orgasm involuntary - but having not awoken yet. Nice!! Will keep at it with an open mind in any case.