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involuntary pc contractions with out aneros
  • shinzon0shinzon0
    Posts: 1
    for the past few weeks i have been have involuntary pc contractions, allways in a set of two at the first sign of arousal. they are very faint and come in a burst of two then stop. its not a bad thing and i rather enjoy it but i have not seen anything on here about involuntary pc contractions with out a toy in. has anyone had this happen to them?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Those involuntary PC contractions are classic Echo Effects from the Aneros massager rewiring your body, absolutely nothing to worry about there. You will most likely continue to receive these and other new sensations as your learning journey advances. A prostate "awakening" heralds a wonderful new phase of your life, full of new sensual experiences. You may even begin to experience Anerosless "chairgasms" as your learning progresses.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    I am pleased you mention these contractions. When I was about 18 (so far back I hate to think about it), I remember I was able to lie in bed and think "erection" and sure enough, my penis would begin to fill and little contractions would push the penis up harder and harder. It was lovely. I had to wait until it had subsided and I would begin again. Then it stopped and I was unable to do this any more. I was full of regret. Then 55/60 years later it has come back to me. All due to the Aneros rewiring and learning to "listen" to the subtle whispers from my prostate. Not every time but so often I get the feeling and desire for this and I allow in it. As you said it is the "Awakening" experience. OMG I just love it and I am so grateful to the Aneros. That wonderful instrument!.
  • mikejensenmikejensen
    Posts: 35
    I've definitely had this happen to me. They may become stronger as you become more aware of your internal structure and the effects had by arousal. Just enjoy them, I say :)
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227

    Yes - had this happen to me too - and like you say it is very pleasureable in itself.  When I am horny and I think of, or see something sexy, they now contract and move in a very noticeable way, and quite reliably.  This doesn't require that I have had an aneros session in the last day or so either - it just keeps happening.  I get it while I am driving too - something about those vibrations - lol.

    I have even stronger pc muscle contractions with the aneros in, and I think this is one of the muscle groups that contibutes to the effect that other guys on here have described as "like worms moving around inside".  PC muscle contractions now drive me wild!

  • They start with me when i first wake up and stretch. I almost always do Mangna then after getting up to pee, and then go back to bed, if i have time, usually w/o aneros, and talk about going wild!  I don't want to get up, butt want to go all day long.  Alas....  I ttend to be horny more or less (mostly more!) almost 24/7, possibly due to abstinence from ejaculating,  My shorts often are soaked with precum especially if i watch anything resembling gay porn or chatting.  OK,  i'm a sex addict.  What can i say? I'm not about to give it up.