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The Genius of the MGX?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    So lately my favorite model has been the MGX. Between the new sensitive pleasure spot in my anus that was found for me by my girlfriend, that the MGX seems to be quite good at stimulating that area with its stem and I assume the ribs on them. And talking in another thread about some users modifying the P-tabs on their Aneros prostate massagers to make them more comfortable feeling. I can't help but wonder if the true genius of this model is that because the P-tab is so intense and direct to the point of uncomfortable or even painful that it causes, or even almost forces, the user to relax the anal muscles such that it doesn't press so hard against the perineum. The result being that the P-tab becomes quite pleasurable, and the MGX becomes even more so unbalanced in the anus such that involuntary contractions and movement of the MGX occur quite easily and regularly. And wow do they feel good! :)

    This is saying a lot considering that for many years now the MGX has been my least favorite prostate massager model that has never gotten anywhere near as much use as my Helix and Progasm. It almost seems like it is my own loss for not having experimented more with this model. As it has lately been providing me with some incredibly pleasurable Aneros sessions that have pushed the level of pleasurable intensity from lull and mild sessions, to quite highly pleasurable sessions, with new sensations experienced just from relaxing and doing nothing, such that I know that I am still progressing forward.

    I mention this for a few reasons. First of all I want to encourage users like me that have not reached super-O's yet, and also user that are modifying their P-tabs for comfort, to maybe think differently about why the P-tab feels the way it does. And that this maybe purposeful in how it is used. Such that maybe more concentration on relaxing the anal muscles needs to happen.

    But also I'm wondering if other fans of the MGX have noticed that it seems to work for them this way. And if the Maximus works similarly because of it having the same P-tab design?
  • I think your way of thinking is correct about the mgx. I only have the mgx so I can't compare but I have noticed that since I have learned to relax and I mean relax to the n'th degree then the magic really starts to begin. Before I only concentrated on movement and the tab was quite uncomfortable. However I have acheived no O's as of yet. While the movements and contractions really stimulate my prostate, the do nothing and relaxing approach feels like an electrical release of energy throughout my lower back and legs. It is pleasure in two very different directions and I'm not sure which road to take to acheive th super O's. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 985
    This is very helpful. I have reverted to the SGX, it feels much better than the Helix for me. To really relax is very hard as the various connections with my prostate cause a tightening very much localized but still an unconscious response that I find myself following. Although the increasing tension feels like something is going to give it never does, as I force a relaxation it can feel more possibilities the more I let go. Very challenging.
  • We are all more or less different. The MGX was my first and it got me started. I have so many others I never use it anymore. I did modify it and did get better results, butt the ridges on the end seem to irritate my anus, just the opposite of what others say about it giving more pleasure to the anus. Did u ever touch your anus when aneros is in? rubbing one finger in front and the other in the back around the aneros adds a pleasure beyond words. the aneros wiggles like i don't know what, and the anus sphincter throbs in and out. Whew!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thanks for the responses guys. :)
    There is definitely no one true way with these devices. I'm just trying to open up possibilities for users that may feel stuck with where they are at. I've been one of the long term grinders of over five years now I believe, with out having achieved super-O's. So it's a matter of trying to to give ideas and encouragement to other guys to keep at it.

    I have not tried that approach. But thanks for the idea! :) I do think that in my own experience, the ridges on the MGX/SGX indeed are uncomfortable with extreme tightening of the anus muscles. I noticed this when I recently did a super-T with the MGX. As I was ejaculatory orgasming, and my anus was clenching the MGX hard as it was moving in and out, it started to feel like sandpaper down there! LOL
  • first69first69
    Posts: 12
    Hey Love is, I only recently joined the frey after asking some questions on here, decided to get the MGX. On first use I found the p-tab very clamping feel and after my first session of perhaps just half an hour, I was getting to much pain in the p-spot to continue, since then I have found I enjoy the firm clamping sensation there and I seem to have toughened a little to it, now going for longer (an hour perhaps) and stoppign for other reasons. I havent been near a super O yet, infact since my first session where I got some great feelings, I havent really had much in the several since then. After the first session, I cut off the curly part of the tail so I could lie flat and easier for sex while inserted. Its still has an inch or so of stem so it seats in the crack, but not having had the same feeling since, Im not sure if removing the weight of the tail has done something, or its just me?
    Have you removed the tail from your MGX, should I remove the whole tail completely (at the t junction) so it gets more movement? As it is the amount of tail I have left on will restrict the movement as much as the out of box MGX as I snipped the tail just past the high point). At this stage I'm not sure if I've done something wrong with removing the bulk of the tail, or if its what I'm doing once its inserted. I do find I have quite a strong base clench going on, which yielded great results the first time, but interestingly you advocate the do nothing approach.
    I know everyone is different, but with this and the MGX (modified or not?) do you literally just lay there (what position?) and do relaxing diapraghm breathing, do you think about nthe presence of the aneros at all or truely just relax and forget its there? When I have done periods of no clenching and relaxing I don't seem to get anything at all from it? How long does it take for you to get good feelings from this method? Up to this point I have basically followed the "quick and dirty path to super O" thread, but not had much joy recently.
  • I don't remember exactly, but it seems to me it took months before I got enuf pleasurable sensation at prostate level to admit how great Aneros is. I can't imagine the tail that is left if not completely removed not being a potential danger of poking painfully at crack level. Even when I first removed mine and didn't cut quite far enough I covered the end with tape so as not to pierce me. Then after seeing a picture I leveled it with grider to make it smooth.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello first69,

    I agree that the body does build some tolerance, or toughens up as you said, to the pressure of the P-tab on the MGX and also on the Helix style P-tabs such that they become pleasurable. It's just that I've found it is even more pleasurable when you relax the anal and rectal muscles. You may not yet be at this point in your progress. See milestones in the Aneros Wiki.

    {quote]Im not sure if removing the weight of the tail has done something, or its just me?
    I doubt having removed just the curly part of the tail has done or changed much of anything. It still works like stock with the exception of not being able to pull it out by the tail/handle. I'd rack this up to just where your body/mind is at in your Aneros journey. Where as I removed the tail completely off my MGX and Helix many years ago. In hindsight I would have preferred to have modified it the way you have. Because that bit of tail in the crack keeps the P-tab centered. Mind you this is less of problem with the MGX because the P-tab is so aggressive such that as far as I can tell, it rarely or never leaves contact with the perineum. But with the Helix this is an issue because the P-tab sometimes does float off the perineum and twists off center. My suggestion is that you keep your MGX just as it is and practice regularly with it.

    I know everyone is different, but with this and the MGX (modified or not?) do you literally just lay there (what position?) and do relaxing diapraghm breathing, do you think about nthe presence of the aneros at all or truely just relax and forget its there?

    Sometimes I do just lay there and concentrate on the sensation the Aneros is giving me. Mentally focusing on that spot. But other times I'm lightly clenching the sensitive spot on the front side of my outer anal sphincter. Or lightly clenching my PC muscles to push my prostate into the head of the Aneros. I'm always on my back. What position works for you may differ, so you will have to experiment. Lately I've been experimenting with moving my feet further from my butt such that the back of my knees is probably only six inches of the bed. I find this forces my back to arch properly and positions the P-tab of the Aneros more firmly into me, which is quite pleasurable. Some ideas for positions here.

    I never forget the Aneros is there unless my arousal has died down. And then it becomes the end of the session as nothing happens pleasure wise at that point. With that in mind, make sure you are as aroused as you can be before starting your Aneros session, and also during. The Aneros itself will not make arousal for you, and will do little to nothing when you are not aroused. Learn to stimulate other parts of your body during the session that is not your penis. I highly recommend nipple play, but you may have other different erogenous zones . Discovering my nipples was a huge leap forward in my progress and pleasurable sensations with the Aneros toys. They pretty much get stimulated almost constantly during a session now.

    Deep breathing regularly is something I'm working on trying to be better at. I can't say at the moment that it has an effect on my Aneros sessions such as other guys here have said it has for them. But I'm trying not to rule it out. As many have said how important this is.

    When I have done periods of no clenching and relaxing I don't seem to get anything at all from it?

    It may still be too early in your progress for you to realize and feel this. It took me a long time, probably three or four years before I realized that relaxing and doing nothing can have a pleasurable effect during an Aneros session. That being said...

    How long does it take for you to get good feelings from this method?

    It's really different for every guy. I'm one of the minority of guys that we jokingly call “grinders”. These are the guys that take one year or more to achieve super-O's. It has taken me a long time (five years plus so far) to get where I'm at currently in terms of what pleasurable sensations I am getting in my Aneros sessions without having achieved the super-O yet. If I remember the forum polls correctly before they were lost when the forum was hacked, the majority of men reported having achieved super-O's in a year or less. Someone correct me if they remember differently.

    One of the key things I have found over the years, is that you really have to experiment in your Aneros sessions to see what works. And what works over time often changes. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. :)
  • first69first69
    Posts: 12
    Hey Love is, thanks a lot for your detailed answers, I suspected I just needed to work on it and you have confirmed that.
    I must admit, I havent quite been giving it the time I would like, but you have to balance all the stuff going on in your life. Anway I will keep at it (and leave the tail as suggested), and maybe work on getting arousal going a bit more, I think I am lacking in that on my recent sessions and end up thinking about work and all sorts :(
    Appreciate your time to reply.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    No problem. Glad I can help. :)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    I continue to have new sensations and experiences with the MGX which is what I've been using exclusively for the last two weeks or so. It's wonderful as the sensations and pleasure feel great!

    The more I relax and not interfere with the anal muscles, the more pleasure and involuntaries I get. Although some very slight amounts of pushing my prostate into the head of the MGX and/or pushing the front side of my outer anal sphincter into the stem can be helpful. As I mentioned in another thread, the doing nothing approach is only really paying off recently. It took me many years to get here.

    I've noticed that if a lull starts to happen in the session, I can now just concentrate on my prostate and often times pleasurable sensations will start to increase considerably. And this happens without me having to conjure some erotic thoughts. Pretty wild! Looking forward to where this goes!

    Through out the day, my prostate will twinge pleasurably reminding that it is there and the potential for a wonderful session. Although often a tease because I can't do anything about it at that moment. So I just enjoy it and crack a smile about my little secret.

    Just last night and this morning I noticed when I woke up at various times in my sleep with no Aneros inserted, that my anus was doing involuntaries, and my prostate was tingling. And I had this distinct vision in my head that there was pulsing tunnel in my hind end. Pretty weird. I probably should have gotten up and inserted my MGX to see what would have happened. But sleep was a higher priority. LOL
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I can relate to this and appreciate exactly where you are. I began this journey just over three years ago, so we are probably at about the same place. I haven't used my MGX for a couple of months. (Perhaps I should get it out and give it a run.

    My currently preferred tool is the Eupho, although I have also been using the 18mm Peridise quite a bit. These days I have been doing my sessions on retiring at night and remove the tool in the middle of the night. Like you, on waking in the morning, I regularly have a strong tingling sensation in and around the prostate. By concentrating on this I find I can build to mini-Os and even AOs in the style of (or at least approaching this of) Bigboy/Linghaman.

    The journey continues!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thanks for posting your comments Pommie. :)

    You may actually be a bit further along than I am. I've only experienced three mini-O's so far, two of which were in a dream, minus any Aneros in me, that I woke up shortly thereafter in amazed disbelief. I'd actually like to get the Eupho at this point, as I feel I am far enough along in my practice that I would benefit from it and get good results. But with the MGX working so well lately, it's not a huge overwhelming desire. I just wonder because a lot of guys have said that the Eupho was the one that took them over the edge.

    Wonderful journeys ahead! :D