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Another kundalini thread
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    Just curious why i see alot of stories about kundalini causing problems? I dont see how it differs from any other type of energy work/meditation. They all focus on opening /moving "energy" through the chakras. I started to meditate and caress my chakra centers to open them and reach full body orgasm, but now i get worried about "awakening" this kundalini by caressing/meditating on my tailbone(root chakra).
  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    The simple short answer is a 2 part one.
    1.), here in the west we are already anal retentive emotional people who store a lot of emotion in our hips. Thus for some it may not be a good idea to release large amounts all at once.
    2.) The people that typically run into problems did not follow a key golden rule of mental or physical practice, they tried to advance in an un-realistic manor and thus suffer the consequences.

    Awakening the kundalini is not a bad thing, in fact it can be a very good thing, however not being able to to let it relax is a bad thing.

    To be lazy and copy & paste what I wrote the other day in another thread.

    There is in truth very little risk to kundalini practice so long as you truly listen to your body and allow it to proceed when it is ready, not when you want. (This is the golden rule of any physical or mental practice)
    Those that become marred into the "traps" or obstacles did not progress in a healthy manor, they tried to skip to the end without knowing the methods to come back down.
    Like a kitten climbing to the top of a tree without knowing how to climb down, and there is no fire department to bring those people back down.
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    well, its easy to know when you reach your physical limits as it is generally not pleasurable. But how do you know your pressing too far when the practice is so pleasurable?
  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    If after a practice ends you do not come back down to a more natural state and you are stuck in a heightened place for a long duration you have likely gone a bit to far.
    There really isn't a simple answer to that question of "what is too far" it's a person by person day by day variance, you really need to listen to your response for a long time.

    If there is a problem your intuition should let you know your over extending, it may be a subtle message. If you are not in tune with your body and never have any set routines or diet always just doing whatever whenever, then your NEVER going to notice thees signs. Because there is already so much variation in your day that subtle messages will get mulled over and people will dismiss thees sensations on ideas such as "oh X food didn't agree with me" or similar deductions that are actually false.

    Practice should extend to ALL aspects of our lives, not just a few hours a day, we need to think and consider the implications of our actions 24-7.

    Hopefully this actually answers your question some.
  • to help to answer legaces q.

    kundalini syndrome, is the thing people warn about, too much energy to the head without releasing, or not grounding yourself for long period.
    grounding: sending the energy back down to the earth

    another problem that could occur, but i think would be very unlikely following imps advice is during kundalini meditation not being in the right thought or state of mind, during meditation, i.e anxiety as opposed to focusing on a higher aspect, kundalini will exacerbate/manifest whatever/wherever your focus is, and with so much energy, being afraid or anxious could really fuck you up and program you with it.

    pretty much why so much apprehension
  • hapticbearhapticbear
    Posts: 83
    Ask yourself this - if you were living say 1000 years ago and you started to experience the range of experiences that those individuals here report with Aneros usage how would you have been trying to describe them?

    The following is a quote from "The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna" cited in Joseph Campbell's book "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor As Myth and As Religion".

    "Sometimes the Spiritual Current rises through the spine, crawling like an ant. Sometimes, in samadhi, the soul swims joyfully in the ocean of divine ecstasy, like a fish. Sometimes, when I lie down on my side, I feel the Spiritual Current pushing me like a monkey playing, suddenly with one jump reaches the sahasrana. That is why you see me jump with a start. Sometimes, again the Spiritual Current rises like a bird hopping from one branch to another."

    To me it does not seem very far from a metaphoric description of Aneros experiences, given the cultural mind set at the time from where its author originates.

    Some how all these phenomenon are different and differently induced, but some how reading between the metaphors of the descriptions which portray them they all seem connected.

    Indeed all these pleasuring phenomenon seem to me to be arising from practices like, approaches to breathing, bodily exercises, mental visioning, meditation, physical catalysts (like Aneros, vibrators) which basically promote various loops in the body's nervous system to go into positive endorphin feedback / cascade with various levels of success and efficacy.

    I guess moderation in all things, is clich├ęd, but usually a viable path to take. We are each embodied beings, listen to you body as imperium suggests seems a good approach to me.