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No private time is going to drive me crazy!
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    So while my kids were in school I would have as much time as needed to explore after they were gone in the morning and definately made leaps and bounds!! If I wanted to have a 3 - 4 hour uninterrupted session, I could with no problem. However they're home...all the time...and it's absolutely driving me crazy. The wife doesn't like it when I do it at night, cause I tend to keep her up (and she works in the morning), not to mention I get very vocal and at my highest points my kids would be able to hear. I don't like doing it downstairs because I just can't get comfortable on the couch, not to mention my kids could come down at any time, as they tend to stay up later during the summer. I'm currently working on my own consulting business, so I don't have a lot of money to splurge, but if I did I'd rent a hotel room twice a week just for some privacy in the mornings.

    The only upside is I have been able to spend about 1-2 hours meditating downstairs before I go to the gym in the morning, as well as work on my aneroless sessions in the evening while kicking back watching TV, but again I have to be clothed and hold back on making any noise. However I'm starting to have problems with the aneroless sessions latelym because I don't think my journey is far enough along to go off the anero's cold turkey and continue.

    I'm not looking for advice, just venting really. Can't wait for another 2 1/2 months to get my quiet time back. Maybe I should just be content and take my opportunities when they come, and just focus on the meditation for now.

    Rant over....for now!
  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    Can't send the kids off to a local summer camp for cheap?

    Or do what my mom always did to me, call the parents of other kids and fish to get them to take em off your hands for a day.
    (I'd sit down to dinner and be informed I had to spend the next day with a friends family, already decided for me.)

    Or maybe force them to do a summer sport then you at least get your practice while they are at their practice

    Your the boss (of the kids) man keep that in mind.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    We send them off to GMa's every other week...last time I ended up having a meeting all morning that I couldn't reschedule...DOH! They're in their mid teen's, so they actually hate going to GMa's now a day's anyways...can't say I blame them there...I don't like going over there either. Otherwise both of them are more brains then brawn and they've never had much interest in sports...not to mention in Texas it's almost impossible to hold outdoor sports during the daytime because of the heat. Last but not least can't really afford a summer camp right now...

    So yea...that's how that goes.
  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    Bowling maybe?
    Indoor and not the most physically demanding.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389
    Same problem here. No me time. I have this deep ache all the time. It always wakes up during the day in meetings. Drone, drone, PWAVES, drone, drone...

  • Have a good idea what u r talking about.  Luckily i have my own bedroom for aneros, but have just met a guy i really like and it is mutual, but neither of us can host.  i live with really homophobic housemates who wud throw me out.  i can't afford to live alone, and like my location.  he has 15 year old son in his house, and even ex-wife moved in for economic reasons.  can't keep paying for motels. 
  • SaddleUpSaddleUp
    Posts: 33
    I work at home a lot of the time and it's been my pleasure to mix business with pleasure. If things are a little slow, or if I get caught up, I try to get a good bike ride in, or alone spend time with my toys. Now my wife is unemployed and home all day. It's really putting a cramp in my style. If she sees I'm not actively working, she wants help moving a plant or going to the grocery store. Having sessions while she's home usually means a dud session. If I get some "me" time while she's home, it's too distracting to hear her cleaning or watching TV or talking on the phone in the next room. She's never seen me put in the two-hour sessions I like best. She's seen me excuse myself for maybe 30 minutes or so, and I always invite her to come in and visit or join me after I get situated. I hope that in time it will get less awkward. Right now my perineum is begging for a good rubbing.