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A few interesting & weird things..
  • Ok has anyone experienced the sensation of feeling one's pulse in their anal sphincter? Hours after a Aneros session, when I'm completely relaxed I will at random feel this sensation.

    another odd occurance:

    sometimes when im sitting in a desk chair, fully relaxed, at random, deep in my penis between the balls and the base of the shaft I'll get an odd 5-second twitching sort of like as if I were dry-cumming but there's no sensation of pleasure from it at all. Any one else here experience this?

    I've notice that after I clean out the behind, that i have some natural lubrication, some of it's filtered water I use to rinse myself out. But this water has no flavor, but when I taste sum of my natural juices from inside me, it's very very sweet. Is this due to me regularly eating pineapple chunks and a bananna everyday? It's kinda weird. I am *not* making this up.

    My apologies if these questions gross out anyone or anything. I just wondering if anyone here has experienced these things or not...
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Welcome to your new best friend...your prostate. The heart beat your feeling is apart of awakening the prostate. Some people find this annoying after a while, but get comfortable with it. Get to know it, take it out on the town, buy it a nice dinner because in time you'll be able to harness that sensation into some great Aneroless sensations that you'll be able to summon at will. I personally enjoyed using it for practice in the beginning...because it helps you to identify and seperate the necessary muscles.

    The twitching is normal as well...usually after a long session I'll get those for a day or so. I rather enjoy them...

    As per any natural lube taste in the rectum. I probably wouldn't recommend tasting this. If you want to taste something, then try some if the precum...that's yummy.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Pulse in anus, penis bulb and around prostate is pretty routine as I meditate down into a session. good indicator of how relaxed one really is.

    some guys report that their partners like the way pineapple flavors their precum. How does that go? .... You are what you eat! enjoy