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Fantastic Aneroless Sex!
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I've been working on honing my Aneroless pwaves to achieve a super O without the Anero's. Until last night I haven't had anything worth talking about. In fact I haven't used my Aneros in about 5 days, cause I just haven't had any alone time. However the below is about last night...and it pushed me over the edge and I think I'm almost there...and it's kind of hot also.

    So last night the wife and I went out with friends and had a few drinks. Well we got home at about 1am and quickly ran up to bed as we were both very horny. So I playfully climb under the sheets from the end of the bed and arrive between her thighs with my face nestled into her pussy and bring her to a fantastic squirting orgasm all over my face. I then proceed to slide up over her hot and sweaty body and sink my cock deep inside of her. After 20 minutes and 3 more additional squirting orgasms from her, she says she can't take anymore, so without ejaculating I collapsed on top of her and used her breasts as pillows while my swollen cock was still inside of her. At that point I felt the head of my cock and prostate begin to tingle, I instinctively knew what is was and focused on it like a laser. It got stronger and stronger and left me moaning over and over as I had multiple mini O's while my cock was deep inside of her warm pussy for what felt like hours...but was probably only 15 minutes. This had never happened to me before, but it was such an amazing feeling.

    I never did ejaculate, which is fine by me. However today my prostate has just been unbelievably swollen and constantly tingling all day. I've had multiple mini O's, just laying on the couch.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Congratulations stud ! Nice work guy!

    bit envious -- I'd have had to withdraw and re-dip a few times to stay dry. Welcome to the world of MMOs.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Lovely, isn't it, Stumpy?

  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    My wife and I have been together for 21 years and we've had our ups and downs. Sex is fantastic, however we both like our alone time to explore ourselves as well. She's well aware of my Anero's, as I had first MGX 8 or so years ago, but didn't master it until I got my vice 5 months ago. However I have not invited her to witness it lately, but since I have better control (sometimes it doesn't look like I'm in control though), I have invited her to assist and share it with me. The kids are going to Grandma's tomorrow for a couple of nights. So when she gets home from work we're going to get some food, then a little wine and head upstairs for the evening so I can show her my new found gifts. I've had her reading the wiki, so she has an idea of what it is I'm experiencing. So well sit down and discuss the evenings gamelan and how I want her involved and what her part will be.

    I'll let you guys know how it turns out, as I'm very excited to share it with her.

    She seems a little taken a back about some of the things I've told her though and tried to explain them to the best of my ability.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I will also add that I've been reading Bigguy's MMO blog. So that's been part of my inspiration as well.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Go Stumpy! My wife and I (27 years) have played with my Aneroses together too. It is a lot of fun and she has seen me in all my "glory" of every level of orgasmic bliss while riding and Aneros-less. Even just this morning!

    Let us know how it goes.

  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Isn't is amazing? When I first started having "less" sessions I was so blown away how intense they were. The more I did them over time the more skill I gained to guide them and derive greater pleasure from them. It been about three years orgasming with nothing for me now and each one is different; I do them 3-5 nights per week now. I am still learning with each one I have.

    The thing that you will find is that without the physical intrusion you will be able to do longer sessions than with an aneros. I can now go up to 3 hours of pretty much non stop orgasms. Even better the longer the session is the stronger the orgasms become.

    If I can do anything to help you message me. Also I have a chronicle of my sessions on my blog linghamans log ....... its there to offer advice and be enjoyable reading at the same time.

    Again ...congratulations.

  • bsmith14bsmith14
    Posts: 35
    I have similar experiences as Bigguy. My aneroless sessions have been a huge part of my journey. I would say for every aneros session I have about 5 aneroless ones and a lot of those aneroless session are more intense then the aneros ones. It did take some time to get to that point.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Congratulations stumpy!! and wife!!

    As brine, Bigguy and bsmith have said in their own words, this ability without the aneros physically present, is the real power/gift from prostate awakening!! BF Mayfield's statement that "Aneros is our Tantric training wheels" is demonstrated by every one of us that achieves "anerosless" orgasmic energies sessions and control/intent abilities. Other cultures see this as the realization of sacred sex, or consciousness union with the way of the universe/multiverse!!!

    As this continues for you, more dimensions are revealed with almost every session. This is when you may sense the universal energies background all the time, and be able to very lightly enter the more powerful levels easily at will anytime, and much much more!!! (No [specific] Expectations! ;) )

    all the very best with all of this all