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Overwhelmed again. Suggestions?
  • lutefisklutefisk
    Posts: 3
    Seems like once every year or so, I decide to buy an Aneros, do some research, get overwhelmed by choices, get overwhelmed by the amount of research, practice and preparation it seems to take to use one, and give up. I thought I'd ask for some advice this time...

    The MGX and Helix both sound like good choices, but I'm 5'2". Does that mean I should definitely get the SGX because the others won't hit the right spot? I do have some experience with other anal toys, so I'm not a complete newbie.

    For most people, do these toys really require all the research and work, or generally is it enjoyable from the start? It's ok if I don't get the Super O right away, but how difficult it is to get good prostate stimulation from these?

    I know it's a personal choice, but I'd love a recommendation of which to buy. Let me know if I can provide any additional information to help you make a suggestion.

  • lutefisklutefisk
    Posts: 3
    ...or maybe a Progasm?
  • forum_jediforum_jedi
    Posts: 80
    Like the Nike add says, "Just do it!"

    Life is about experiences, which you cannot have if you don't jump in the pool or buy an aneros.

    I've been at this for a little over a year and no Super-O for me, but the feelings I do get are incredible. The MGX is some of the best money I have ever spent in my life.

    Which model should you get? I don't know, but you should get one.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    How about start with an SGX, get it from here, and try it out (often) for a month. I believe that the SGX, MGX, and Helix all have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee of some sort, so if the SGX doesn't seem to hit the spot, you can trade it in for something else, so you haven't invested money in a device that doesn't work for you. I'm not sure how many different times you can utilize it, though.

    Try an SGX first, mainly because of your shorter stature. If you feel that the SGX is coming up short on your prostate (and I'm making the assumption that you can feel when something is touching your prostate), then you're free to opt up to either the MGX or Helix. The Helix is very popular, and is known to be more vigorous in its contact with your prostate.

    The Progasm and Maximus are considered to be for people who've had more extensive experience with other Aneros' devices, or with buttplugs or dildos of some size. The Progasm is big, not real mobile, but very aggresive; it requires good muscle tone to keep it in, but when it gets going on its own, WOW!
  • Get one of each.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    IIRC, the 30 day guarantee only applies to MGX and SGX, not to the new generation models like the Helix.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I am a helix user (I am 5 foot 4 inches) and boy does it feel good when I am using it! It took some time for me to "rewire". I can't say I have had a super-O yet, but I am enjoying the ride nonetheless - it is just SO intense, and remarkably has changed my views on sex for the better.

    Originally though I got very little out of it, but enough for me to want to continue. I realise also, that I was expecting too much at the beginning, and was thinking in a conventional masturabatory way - the approach one uses for that is very different from the one you use with the aneros. With patience, and minimal expectations, and after having developed an ability to relax deeply, I am sure you will get a lot out of whichever model you choose. Life is short, the main thing is to choose.
  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    I got the SGX first and reached super o's with it and decided to go on to another & got the Progasm. It took forever to get it in, but it was nice and full feeling, but not better feelings than I had with the's a guessing game...I have ordered a Eupho from Amazon last week for $30....hope to have fun with it too!
  • lutefisklutefisk
    Posts: 3
    Ok yer right. I've been intrigued long enough. Ordered an sgx off amazon. Cheap enough that's its worth just trying it out. Thanks for your help!
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 251
    Different models provide different sorts of orgasms - one isn't going to be more capable of stimulating the prostate than the other otherwise they'd be conning you on the MGX and SGX. Stimulation, Super-O and rewiring is almost entirely a mental journey for the most part.

    From what I understand, though, the Helix seems to be the most popular starting choice. Aneros are not cheap so you are really best off training yourself to perfection with the model you pick. Personally I'd advise against buying anymore within the first 3 to 4 months.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    With every journey one must take that first step. It appears like you've done that today. Happy to have you join us!
    Stay open to everything that comes your way, and things will reveal themselves to you.


    BF Mayfield