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The final milestone?
  • rujorujo
    Posts: 1
    On the wiki the last milestone is listed as "Ability to have Super-Os on demand ", After about a month and a half of aneros use, I've reached this stage, except I don't need the aneros in to do it. Has this happened to anyone else? I can literally go in and out of orgasm at will.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Congratulations rujo!

    From my readings here in the forum over the years, Yes, there are several to many men here in the forums that can achieve super-O's without needing the Aneros.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Here's a recent post from user "etnate" that has the same experience as you.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I am working towards this ability...more out of necessity then skill. Kids are out of school and home all day. So I can't go with my typical I've been spending about an hour a day around lunch time practicing while watching the news. I've only had a coupe of super O's (just in the nick of time before school let out for summer), but I just don't have enough alone I've been focusing on the aneroless sensations. Actually got piety close this afternoon after about an hour of focus.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 601
    I'm not anywhere near at the "at will" stage yet, but I can occasionally do have an Anerosless session that leads to an orgasm.

    One happened at lunchtime today (I work from home most days). I'd been extremely active with the Aneros devices the earlier half of this week and had possibly over-excited the prostate area. Yesterday and today it's been very sensitive to the point of me being aware of its presence most of the time that I wasn't distracted by some other activity.

    I was lying on my back on my bed, just relaxing, letting my body do what it wanted to do and thinking of other things, like making a mental list of what groceries I needed to get from the supermarket, etc.

    After about 15 minutes, I had the feeling that it was about to tip over into orgasm but needed a nudge. A couple of gentle, rhythmic contractions of the PC muscle (the bit behind the perineum) was all that was necessary to trigger my body to take over the contractions automatically, and a few seconds later the orgasm happened. It started as a tingle in the groin and spread out through my whole body.