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MGX still a worthwhile starter for newbie in the modern age?
  • first69first69
    Posts: 12
    I have a question for the more experienced users, I know from what I have read that everyone is different, so no 100% correct answer, but...
    I have the option to buy an MGX now and wondering if after the evolution of the Aneros that this is still a good option? More popular seems to be the Helix and they refer to it as the next generation of development with more aggressive prostate massage and more movement, which both sound to be good things to me. I don't want to shell out cash just for the sake of it and get an MGX to be left wanting more, straight off. To me the Helix or the Syn sounds like a great starting point (currently I just own the Peridise).
    I know the quick answer would be ...well just buy the Helix or Syn then if your leaning that way, problem is they are difficult to track down here in New Zealand and I see an MGX at the local store that I'm real keen to try but should I wait till a Helix pops up somewhere?
    To me it seems the device has evolved to a better more effective design and an MGX would be buying into the old technology. Can an MGX in the hands of a newbie give as good or better feelings as a Helix? or would I would I never quite experience that same "buzz".
    Also time is important, I do not really see that many opportunities for 3-4 hour sessions, 1-2 is much more practical, does Helix help with this side?

  • I own an MGX, Helix, Progasm, and Eupho. I have not reached a Super O but HAVE had some random experiences that made me see it is possible.

    The MGX is the model that most consistently gives me pleasurable feelings and if I have to guess will be the one that gets me over the edge first.

    I would definitely start with the MGX IMO.
  • first69
    If the Peridise is working for you think I'd wait to get the Syn or even Helix. I started with the MGX and it was OK. I have removed the handle on it, which is an improvement, but the ridges near the handly and tab irritate my anus a little, altho it doesn't last I favor others far more, and seldom use the MGX. I haven 4 thers plus all 4 Peridise. At this time I see no reason to get the Syn or any other since I am super pleased with what I have. I removed the handle on the Helix, and it is one of my favorites, although when I want a fuller feel I use the Progasm Ice or Maximus. This morning I started with the Helix and then switched to a Peridise. It was all very good. I can't believe how each session is better than the one before. Sometimes I think I couldn't stand anymore, but somehow I manage. Ha! Ha! Maybe it would be even better with the Syn, but I have other needs for my very minimum income. I liked the Eupho, but ruined it when I accicentally removed the tab instead of the handle. It is a problem to get what you want in NZ. I have gotten some of mine on at lower price, but the shipping would probably be fairly dear for you(?) even by snail post.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 223
    [QUOTE=first69;47839]Can an MGX in the hands of a newbie give as good or better feelings as a Helix?
    I don't find the helix all that aggressive or amazing. I chose the helix as my first model because I thought along those same lines - newer must be better. What I find is the opposite, the MGX has a more narrow tip/head which I think focuses the pressure on a smaller area, which I can feel more. The p-tab on the helix didn't reach properly for me either. Looking back I wish I'd started with the MGX.
    I didn't consider buying the MGX for ages because it was so closely associated with the helix as "the ideal starter model", and it was around the same size, that I figured there wouldn't be much difference. (I had the same thoughts about the progasm vs maximus, but they too are quite different)
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I relate this question too..."oh crap the dishes are piled up...where do I even start?" It doesn't matter what you start with...just start. If funds are tight, buy what you can afford, if you have some flexibility pick up a couple of differing models. Just get one. Lol
  • I just bought a helix. Wish I bought the mgx.
  • And I originally bought the mgx wishing I had bought the helix.... Haha and it just keeps getting harder to pick.
    My advice buy one, use it consistently for a few months, then if you still want another, get it. When I got the mgx it was alright but something was missing. When I added in the helix, it was then that I REALLY noticed my prostate and all the feelings. After figuring out how the helix worked inside me and after adding it to my use with the mgx and figuring out what that would cause in me, it was at this time I (my prostate) went a little dormant. So I went out and bought the maximus. As soon as I tried the maximus I knew I was in for a ride. Best ride ever, and Ive never had a super or even a regular O. I will say I now have the helix syn and it is by far the most comfortable to use and it is the one I use the most but in no way superior than any other.
  • There is no question in my mind that the Helix Syn is the only option. I first bought an MGX, then a Helix. It is so comfortable that I haven't used the others since I got it.
  • first69first69
    Posts: 12
    Thanks for all the replies. I think I will grab the MGX, there are sufficient number of people that rank it highly, and it will get me going on the aneros path! Looking forward to its arrival.
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    I started with the MGX then got a Progasm.
    There's a definite difference of feelings from the two and love them both.

    My MGX has had the handle removed, such a positive difference.
  • RigelOrionRigelOrion
    Posts: 27
    I started with the Helix, then the Progasm Ice. After a couple of months had my first Super-O's and decided to try the MGX, which is tied as a favorite to the Helix. The MGX moves better for me, and I often turn to it during a session.

    My next will be the SYN.
  • first69first69
    Posts: 12
    I realised searching through the forums for reviews, I hated it when someone said they were about to get a device and then no more postings. Just in case someone follows this in the future with similar original question to mine, well I received the MGX just in time for the weekend and heres what happened.
    Night one-Well upon arrival a bit excited on getting home so showered up straight away with wife (she got some kegel balls in the same delivery to work out with). Went to the bedroom, lubed up the MGX, lay on side and slid it on in. Bear in mind I have had the peridise set for about a month prior, so getting used to insertion and of course have been doing a fair bit of exercise with them to. First observation, MGX felt a lot fuller than the peridise, as you would expect. I thought my predominant feeling would be the prostate pressure, but really it was the huge perineum pressure that stood out. Comfortable enough to start with, but more about this later.
    I lay on my back, my wife with Kegel balls next to me doing her thing, I just relaxed and got used to the feeling (it felt like someone with a strong hand had their thumb up my ass and palm and fingers clamped down hard over my perineum and balls, almost like I was a human bowling ball...haha, anyway thats just the feeling I would describe. I started to do anal and PC contractions, together, separate and rolling motion. Not sure how long but perhaps 15-20mins in, I felt around to check everything was in place and felt on my stomach absolutely covered in pre-cum. The contractions had a few judders and could feel the MGX poking around a bit, but nothing I would call great sensations, kept going and after perhaps 25mins, I felt the MGX suddenly dance like crazy, it felt like it was trying to drill its way up to my stomach and almost swirling sensation, my cock got instantly rock hard (like the hardest you can ever image your cock getting), it felt really good, perhaps 10-20 seconds and I let go of the pressure (perhaps incorrect thing to do), but it felt almost like a little orgasm, really nice, and sure it pumped out some more pre-cum.
    By then my wife asked why I was shaking around, it kind of took me out of the scene and then she said she was ready to ride me, so she took out her kegel balls and I left the MGX in and she jumped on board, rode my for just a minute or two, it felt really good and I ended up blowing a huge load, extraordinary powerful and pleasurable orgasm. Because the whole experience had brought me to cum pretty quickly my wife asked me to eat her out which I did and got her off too. Just read back on that paragraph, it it sounds like I blew in her and ate it out, I did actually pull out at the last second and came all over my stomach (and chest with the powerful shots!)......pitty actually...maybe next time ;)
    Anyhow about now I thought I would like to try and get back to the feeling I had had just before the sex as it seemed like it was just starting to work, but a few minutes and nothing much happened, and it was about this time that I started to notice the pressure on the perineum was actually getting quite painful, and I figured I would have to call it quits for the night. So reviewing the first ride, I had a great feeling that showed potential and a very powerful sex induced orgasm, the only negatives were the pain in the perineum and the handle which made it tricky to lay on bad with woman on top.
    Day 2- I cut the curly part off the handle, leaving about an inch to help it stay in position, and brought a baby bottle teat to cover the perineum tab and provide some more comfort. Keyed up after the minor successes of the first night, the second day it went in the afternoon while watching movies, had some alcohol also. It could have been the environment, the position (was sit/slouching in chair), or maybe even alcohol dulling things down, but I didn't really get anything at all from this session, but with the thin rubbery p tab cover I was able to leave it in for a few hours without discomfort, and the reduced tail allowed me to sit/lay without bumping the MGX around.

    Next day tried again, but wasn't really in the mood and things went the same as the day prior with no real good feelings popping up.
    Overall I have seen enough to know it has potential but I think setting the right mental frame of mind and environment are important, will try again after a day off to recreate similar conditions to the first session.
    One comparison I will make (keep in mind its only after very short period of experience), the MGX did not feel real good just being in there, and walking around although not uncomfortable, was not stimulating either, whereas the peridise feels good as soon as its in place and feels very nice when walking around. Just an observation at this early stage. looking forward to the joys that full prostate massage will bring, but hopefully some of this info will help someone else in the future.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I'm usually hesitant to enter the MGX:Helix fray as it tends to be a ping-pong affair and is sometimes pretty intense. This time it's different.

    This is a real cool thread on the subject and deserves a close read. Everyone here rocks! I think the posts are well written and present accurate views of both Helix and MGX. And, as the trend shows, there's no "correct" answer.

    I grew up here when all we knew and preached to newbies were minor variations in the art of anal contraction. I started with a Helix and it took a long time for me to convert from simple anal contractions to other skills (breathing and relaxation) that moved those contractions upward and outward to involve more of my PC and rectal musculature. Then I started getting some mini-O action from the Helix with expanded p-waves and I was off and running.

    Meanwhile, most of my newbie brothers had been doing quite well with their MGX's and the contraction techniques espoused by the Wiki.

    I finally added an MGX to my stable of orgasmic instruments and my observations were spot on with those of first69. More "filling" in the lower canal, feelings that the body of the toy and the p-tab are 'cradling' my whole package, inside and out. MGX was for me the same precum generator that it is for first69. I think that quality accrues from the bulk in the lower canal. For me, that bulk has a downside. When I relax, the MGX isn't nearly as agile as the toys with less bulk down below and I'm an agility junkie. Other guys, usually those who take to Progasm rather quickly, tend prefer the bulk of MGX. Many don't have much love for the agility of Helix and the other "advanced" toys. I play golf with a guy who is all [MGX-Progasm-Vice-Tempo] while I'm [Helix-Eupho-??-Peridise] (and those question marks may turn out to be a Helix - syn)

    So, my opinion:
    As a starting toy, MGX with it's concentric ridges and bulk in the lower rectum is probably a good bet for new guys who might be inclined to start out with a 'contraction' approach (see the Wiki). The bulk gives these guys an early feel for what prostate massage is all about. I think the action-oriented guy might be likely to achieve early orgasmic results if (and perhaps, only-if) he can readily relax enough to feel what the toy is doing on it's own. We used to call those, "echo involuntaries.") That relaxation is typically a tough-sell since the art of contractions tends to whip many gents into a frenzy that encourages him to finish off with conventional masturbation. Which many of us believe erases the muscle memories of the session.

    My own journey started with a Helix and contractions offered little. Nada, save for some limb shaking on the sixth session. I eventually stumbled onto my own sort of the, "do-nothing" approach. There was nothing in the Wiki at that time but a lot of guys were talking-up relaxation and meditation. The distinct p-tab pressure from helix was tough to deal with. Slowly, I gained a feel for what this is all about. I finally relaxed enough to detect the faint echo-movements of the Helix. I was 13 months from start of journey to first Super-O. I had intended to use my Eupho for that first Super-O but felt confused and helpless that morning and my Helix was more accessible. It worked quickly and nicely! Today I alternate between Eupho and Helix. My Eupho sessions are far more lengthy and complex and the orgasmic ventures more engulfing and intense. My Helix sessions are pretty direct and to the point. I keep other tools in my toybox for fun sessions and non-orgasmic play.

    I think the most valuable advice in this thread is: [QUOTE=aneros_user49291;47860].... snip....My advice buy one, use it consistently for a few months, then if you still want another, get it. "consistency" counts big for most newbies, no matter which tool you choose.

    MGX? I retired it last month. However, when one looks back in Aneros History, many of the greats like were adherents to the MGX and had little use for the Helix.

    To each his own! Enjoy the ride .... rook