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Does age matter?
  • Hi!

    I've been using the Aneros on and off for more almost two yearsz. I get the "involuntaries" very easily (I can even stimulate them now without the Aneros) but I never get beyond that. I have tried to follow much of the advice to be found on this forum, but that has not helped me. Initially I used do sessions that lasted an hour or so but since these did not produce any results I now limit myself to short sessions of 15 to 20 minutes (with a view to keeping my prostate in good shape).

    I am now in my sixties and I am wondering whether my age and my decreased sexual energy could explain my failure to experience the Big O. Are there any men on the forum over sixty who experience orgasm with the Aneros? What do the experts think?

  • Do not dispair Makawakee, I am 61 and have enjoyed super o's with an incredible intensity. I think you may just to let go, relax, get in touch with your body, and it will happen. If you THINK you are too old, cheating on your wife (or other), doing something "BAD" or any of the other garbage most of us guys carry around, it is going to impair you.

    Keep up the practice and ONE OF THESE DAYS!

    Good luck,

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    Same here, 63, no super o yet but really really close, takes a while to clear the mind of invasive thoughts, at our age we have lots of memories and mental activity which can interfere with the "mood", try more relaxation and let the sessions last longer, do not rush as that can happen real easy, good luck and enjoy the trip.
  • caltoncalton
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    Makawakee -

    I cannot see age being a barrier at all, providing that you are generally healthy and are physically active. This doesn't mean that you have to be running marathons every weekend but providing you indulge in moderation (best not to smoke at all - always a good idea!) there is no reason why you should not benefit from what the Aneros can provide. In a sense, the way I see it, there are benefits to be had from the Aneros that will keep you feeling young.
    The action of the device, too, whilst it may not actively 'cure' prostate problems it can however act as a mediator and is effective in this role. (Clearly one would have to seek advice from a healthcare professional if one suffered from any crtical conditions that would require diagnosis and treatment.)
    On this topic, I would suggest that it is best to avoid alcohol prior to a session. It is a depressant and whilst it may initially free inhibitions it will dull sensory perception. Successful use of the device relies on nerve signals (neurotransmitters) and mental receptors along with subtle muscle control and the adoption of breathing techniques. These are not the things that immediately spring to mind after alcohol - but I am aware that others have posts where they relate that it helps their relaxation - this is not a criticism, so if it works for you - Hey! (I thought this post was about age!
    All in all, I would say that I would recommend it as an effective means of staving-off the effects of geriatric deterioration - mentally and physically!


    P.S. I think that with maturity, individual sexual 'sessions' become less performance-related and this enables one to concentrate more on the sensations that are being generated so an important condition would be a relaxed atmosphere (solo - or with a partner). Although best results will follow a good build up of sexual tension, mental or physical tension will jeopardise the chances of success.
    You could look to herbal supplements if you feel that your sexual energy or stamina are diminishing. These work well if you choose carefully and understand how they can help.
  • geezergeezer
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    One thing that "comes" to mind is perhaps there is a deep psycological fear in the elderly that the old tool will stop working one day, thus one would be pleased at the erection results when using the aneros and of course then there would normally be the masterbation session to follow, this will inhibit the ability the obtain "dry" orgasms and of course the elusive super o.
    Just my 2c
  • Hi!

    I want to thank you all for your comments and encouragement!

    I am thankfully in good health. I think I will have to schedule my sessions for times when I can really relax, forget about my watch and settle down for longer sessions.

    I have noted that several participants in the forum have said that the teachings of Jack Johnston helped them. I think I will give him a try.

    Once again, thank you for your encouragement!