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P-waves (and my experience so far)
  • RSilvaRSilva
    Posts: 36
    I have a progasm since March or so and although I don't practise often (once per week or so, and generally I'm never totally alone to be 100% confortable) I'm still getting a lot from it.

    The first thing I felt different from the prostate reached was in my second session or so. Now those things seem to be getting better, so I have good expectations that with time better things will come (but I'm not rushing it, I have time :)).

    This feeling I'm talking about is when your penis gets semi-erect (not totally) and it starts throbbing, with a frequence of 1 per second or so. When I first got it I asked, is it? It was good and the best part is that it goes by itself, so you don't have to do anything other than relaxing and feel it. They weren't strong, but it has that addictive sensation of an orgasm and is definitively good. Recently they are getting stronger and they are starting to feel more orgasm like, the throbbing pleasure is increasing.

    Although it feels good to feel that throbbing for minutes I guess more is still to come in the path, as even in the better, more recent, sessions it feels like "superficial" orgams but lacks the deep feeling "normal" orgams have. Even if they did not evolve they are good as they are right now :) These superficial orgasms come and go, I have the pleasure release and after 15 seconds or so (sometimes it's faster or slower) I get another of this mini-climax, it is very subtle, but has that pleasure release. For all the time the throbbing continues, as I said once per second. The for some minutes it stays still, and some time after this is starts again. For time constrains I never had more than 2 or 3 of these multi-mini-orgams periods.

    What I want to ask is if are these p-waves or if these are "untrained" multiple orgasms. From the descriptions I don't get what p-waves are.

    Initially in these throbbing sessions I ended up ejaculating at some time, as I have premature ejaculation maybe it's happening too (although the prostate allows far greater excitation times), but some times I was not being able to stay still and some other times I ended up triggering it (I can't explain it but I think you know what I'm talking about, when you "pull" an orgasm with no additional physical excitation).
    I noticed that not letting you lose yourself and start moving (I guess you what I mean, you start to get stressed and very excited and the "I want it now!" stress) and stay the stillest possible is better. Also, I like to lay down on my back, with arms and legs on the bed, to be fully relaxed.

    Also I want to ask, I think the answer is yes, will these multiple throbbing mini orgams evolve into full blown multiple orgams? And the super-O, does it necessarily come after this multi full blown orgams are mastered or can happen at any time? As I didn't feel it yet I don't know :) The strongest physical reaction I had (it was a triggered normal orgasm), sort of triggered in a throbbing period, made my whole get stiff and my head to rise to get above the chest, for a second or so. Although it had this interesting physical reaction, the orgasm in itself wasn't nothing to write about.
    And does the throbbing accelerate or stop when stronger feeling are present, or does it continue at the present rythm?
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    RS...It sounds like you're well on your way. Everyone's journey is different...but what you're feeling should get stronger and a lot more prevalent, and the pre-ejaculate is very normal. I've held these sensations for more then an hour...and thoroughly enjoyed every second. Just try to relax and don't get ahead of yourself. Some people like to put on music to help them relax, I personally find this distracting, but give it a shot and see if it works hoitt you. Otherwise trust your body and let it do what it won't less you astray!
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Sorry about the typo's...tipped this on my phone...but I think you get the drift.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    It sounds like you're getting mini-Os. They're nice of themselves (and it's a long while since I had one), but there are indeed pleasures beyond them.

    Your position (lying flat on back) is the same as my preferred one.

    What might help move things along is if you breathe in so that your belly inflates, and on the "out" breath use your abdominal muscles along with your diaphragm to try to push the air downwards into your groin. For me, on the inhale it sucks the progasm further in and the muscle tension on the exhale grinds the head of the progasm against my prostate, greatly enhancing the reaction.

    If it doesn't work for you now, store it away as a technique to be tried after the rewiring has happened.

    As others will tell you, the journey is just as important as the destination. There are many small pleasures to be cherished on the way.
  • RSilvaRSilva
    Posts: 36
    In fact, in the same day after I posted the message I think I may have had a super-O. I'm not sure, but it seems it's normal to not know that it happened or not :)

    When I posted the first message I had a session (without an ejaculation in the end), then I did other things, and some hours later I returned to it.

    Some time in the session I got what I think was a full-blown multiple orgasm (or instead a long normal orgasm), with the throbbing corresponding to pleasure peaks. However, the throbbing intead reported for the mini-Os (once per second) was less frequent (once eash 3 seconds) but more intense. I was afraid the pleasure would trigger an ejaculation as have happened many times before, but fortunately it didn't happen. Then, in the middle of these throbbings, it went to a stronger orgasm and stood there for some time, with the throbbing continuing and reaching even higher pleasure. I think this was a super-O (but as I said I'm not sure or if it was simply a "normal" multiple orgasm or if something destructive is still ahead :)). I was able to keep calm through this process, I was also afraid I would moan or shake or scream or something (I don't live alone) but it did not happen.

    Interestingly, after this period, it calmed down, as normal, but I couldn't reach posterior pleasure of the same kind. I tried the nipple excitation as suggested and it triggered something, but more like instantaneous pleasure than the full-blown orgasm nor as long lasting as the mini-Os. It's interesting because I never had any kind of nipple excitation before, it however seemed to have shaken my prostate somewhat.
    Anyway, I never returned to intense pleasure and I couldn't get a semi-erection again, I think my body was just tired and I needed to sleep so I ended with a traditional orgasm which was very good :)

    I still am not sure what the P-waves are, I guess they are the throbbing pleasure after all.

    Thanks for the replies