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18 and interested in anal play
  • ZC1ZC1
    Posts: 2
    Hi guys,
    I'm a full on noob here when it comes to prostate massage.
    I've never been able to give myself any sort of pleasure from fingering and it left me kind of disappointed because loads of guys say they get amazing orgasms from it. Before I buy any toy, I was wondering if I'll ever be able to get pleasure from my prostate with just fingering?
    I'm gay but I've never been fucked because I don't feel anything good up there and I'm not all that interested in recieving a dick.
    Any advice for a guy new to all of this?;)
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311

    I can guarantee that if you give the Aneros a try, you will get a LOT of pleasure from it. I too have never really had results with fingering. But, after using the Helix and Eupho Aneros massagers for over three years now, I can say that my prostate (and I) are VERY happy. And, after waking up my prostate, when I finger myself, I do get pleasure. I'm a heterosexual married man and have discovered a whole new world of sexual/spiritual pleasure.

    You will also find that the men here (and there are a few women) are extremely generous, kind, understanding, and helpful.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hello ZC1 and welcome to The Forum!

    Since much of your future Aneros pleasure and passion will be directed back toward yourself this practice can gravitate towards a solitary existance. Going in, I think it's good that you have firmly identified your orientation. Understanding your core foundations will stand you in good stead as you 'activate' your sense of Prostate and exploit the pleasures of this Journey.

    Please remember that the majority of us did not come to Prostate play with a keen sense Prostate awareness. For many here it took dozens of sessions to fully develop our brains and bodies.

    Please remain alert for tendencies to be rather solitary. Maintain your friendships and seek to expand your social horizons. Be alert to the potential for loving relationships and, "always reach for the brass ring."

    As 'brine' notes, we have an abundance of helping guys in his Forum so post whenever you have something to share.

    rook, (monogamous, hetero, grandparent)
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    The above post has been the most helpful I have read. I am especially thankful for the warning "Please remain alert for tendencies to be rather solitary."
  • ZC1ZC1
    Posts: 2
    Thanks for the warm welcome guys :)
    I was a bit dissapointed because I thought my prostate didn't do anything for me, and considering I'm gay, that stuff kind of comes with the territory. It's good to know I can 'train' it to be more stimulating!

    About the whole solidarity thing, if I can get some pleasure from my prostate I'm sure I can try to bottom for a guy. It's not like I have to hide it like some straight guys might with their wives/gfs.

    Now the orgasms better be amazing for me to take it though ;)
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Welcome to Asstronut Central, ZC1.

    As a straight, married guy, I never thought I'd enjoy being fucked up the ass. After Aneros "turned on" my prostate, I really got into it. See the "Pegging" thread for the dirty details.