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Ulcerative Proctitis
  • Lenny BruceLenny Bruce
    Posts: 27
    I have, and have had for the last 30 years, ulcerative proctitis. For those who have never heard of this disease, it's a mild form of colitis and is generally confined to the rectum. The only symptom is a bit of bleeding, enough to stain toilet paper, not enough to actually discharge blood into the toilet bowl. It flares up on me every few years and I have to shoot myself up with a mesalamine (synthetic steroid) enema for a couple of weeks until it goes away. Well, it's back since yesterday and I started treatment this morning.

    I'm wondering if a) it's just back or b) it's the result of irritation caused by the Aneros or c) if the glycerin lube I've been using, possibly to excess might be the cause. I've already made the decision, because of the laxative effect of the glycerin, to stop that.

    I'm also wondering if anyone reading this shares my ailment, if I should discontinue use of the Aneros until the symptoms vanish, something I really don't want to do as I've only had two rounds with the Syn and it's quite wonderful, or if discontinuing use of the glycerin is all I need to do.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Thank the Lord I don't have that and I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through with it, Lenny. I'd definitely avoid the glycerin, and consider using only the amount necessary of a lube comfortable to you on your anus and on the massager without injecting any. That's all it do and I get great results, in fact also with the new HelixSyn I've especially enjoyed on a couple runs this last week.
  • Lenny BruceLenny Bruce
    Posts: 27
    Thanks, Slim, but in truth it's really nothing more than a minor nuisance. Compared with some of the really serious stuff some people suffer with and die from, it's actually nothing. But it does raise a question or two about my immediate desire to continue down the pleasure highway without interruption. There's really no pain with this syndrome, though I also don't want to exacerbate the problem.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Have sort of, 'been there.'

    With a hope that you get relief from this reaction, here are some personal experiences that might help alleviate your situation and concerns. This is lengthy and isn't intended as a 'damnation' of Glycerin anal lubricants but is as an accurate of my own experience and readings. Keep in mind that, in my 70's I don't heal as quickly as I would have 20 or 30 years ago.

    As a kid I was diagnosed with 'spastic colon' and fed a diet of soft foods, deemed appropriate in the era of WWII. Fast forward to the 1970s when I produced a positive Hemocult. Our family doc performed a Flex-sig, diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis and put me on a bland diet, composed mostly of soft carbohydrates. That seemed to help with healing but I had intermittent bouts of what we now call IBS, alternating between constipation and diarrhea. In 1985 a new family doc placed me on a high fiber diet (mostly high-fiber cereal and raw vegetables). That turned things about and I'm rather trouble-free. When I'm on the road, I augment restaurant food with a daily fiber supplement. By and large, this has kept me fairly stable for the last 25 years.

    A high-fiber diet is a good deal now as it helps clean out session lube!

    Several weeks into my Aneros Journey I was doing daily sessions with K-Y Jelly and I.D. Glide. That triggered an IBS attack which became severe and was accompanied by some bleeding. Although disappointed, I suspended my Aneros sessions for nearly a month. Several months later a 5-year Colonoscopy reported no issues.

    At the time of my IBS incident there was some thought in the Forum that Glycerin based lubes might be an issue for some guys. A 'Community Poll' in this forum was launched to gather some data. About 30% of the respondents reported some sensitivity to Glycerin based lubes. (Keep in mind though that guys with that sensitivity are more probable to participate in such a poll; so, the results may be overly skewed against Glycerin-based anal lubes.)

    About the same time (2009), forum member "Badger" posted the results of a 2007 Johns-Hopkins study of anal lubes which reported propagation of anal lubes well up into the Sigmoid colon (measured 90 minutes after application). Of the five water-based lubricants in the study only one, Slippery-Stuff (Gel) --- aka Femglide, was sufficiently neutral as to not upset the cellular balance in the mucosa of the colon. That upset can cause massive cell death. See: -- --. Although a healthy colon is fairly quick to grow new cells it does take several days and I'd think that frequent sessions with a poorly balanced lube would lead to a "raw interior."

    Even with religious post-session cleanup, I was susceptible to jock-itch when I used glycerin based lubes anally or got overly generous with them as a vaginal lube. So, my personal sensitivity extends beyond internal application.

    Two of us in the Forum have reported disturbances in the level of blood-borne Triglycerides co-incident with the use of Glycerin based lubes. Since those issues were short lived and we didn't revisit use of those lubes, our reports are at best, "anecdotal." This isn't to say that K-Y or ID-Glide are bad for everyone but, some guys are much happier by avoiding them all together.

    Aside from the Johns-Hopkins study there is a void of clinical information to assist in the selection of anal lubes. Personal biases are common. There are plenty of manufacturers who sell products aimed at those biases with all the 'right' attributes such as "all natural," etc.

    I like a combination of a thick, semi-solid lube (Crisco or Vaseline) on the toy along with an injection of an unrefined vegetable or nut oil that's fluid at body temperature. Shea Butter compounds are favorites with many guys since they can be solid when cool yet melt quickly once inserted. Some vegetable and nut oils closely duplicate the quality of Silicone lubes.

    One other tip -- if you douche with tap water it might do well to consider it's Clorine or Bromine content, particularly in the Summer months when the City water works may over-clorinate. I've added a small ice-maker filter to my shower-shot and when I'm on the road, I use bottled drinking water.

    hth .... rook

    Quick P.S.: the rewards from the Aneros are way too terrific to give up. .... Don't give up !!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Another thanks for the above information.
    All good, much is as I have discovered.