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Thinking of stepping up from MGX - suggestions?
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    Made some really good progress with the Aneros recently. Sure am happy about that!

    And now I'm thinking about going up from the 'beginner' MGX model. I hear how other models provide better experiences - or at least, different ones.

    But they aren't cheap, and I just don't know what one could provide a fuller experience. Am I missing out a lot without the Helix? Is the Maximus that effective? Does the Prograsm really do what it says? I have no idea!

    Hope you can help out with this one! Thanks!!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great inquiry DarkEngine!!

    I too began with an MGX and that was it for the first nine months of my practice. I had made slow and then better progress and, like you now, felt ready to explore at different levels.

    Having been massaging my prostate since age 13, I have put many many things up there trying different effects before discovering Aneros over 5 years ago and beginning my Aneros journey. I also had a gay exploratory relationship for over 2 years aged 17-19 and bottomed a number of times exploring cock at or near my prostate. Found anal intercourse NOT as good as intentional focused massage, and haven't sought any since.

    So, there are two paths for an MGX trained Anerosian branching out: smaller and more mobile, or larger and more fullness. Having experienced fullness earlier, I chose more mobility and got the Sublime Set of Helix and Eupho. Helix and I did not get along much, butt EUPHO unlocked my orgasmic energies superbly, wildly, and has taken and takes out through the universe/multiverse on epic astounding orgasmic and spiritual orgasmic experiences beyond words!!!

    Although deliberately avoiding the bigger tools (Max and Progasm) for quite some time, when I saw Progasm Ice, and having been looking at other acrylic anal toys/tools as possibilities, I jumped at the chance for the smoother slicker acrylic and bought my ICE!!! Love the fullness, love the auto*F action and orgasmic spectrum of results!!! Does what the live cock never did in me...

    The peridise sets are great and the stainless steel Tempo is, for me at least, like a cross between Peridise and Eupho, great sensations and mobility, anal/peristalsis mixing with highly mobile and vastly varied prostate massages!!! ECSTASIES UNBOUND

    Each man's journey is unique. Our own mileage will differ. Hope this personal perspective is of some use as you decide what might be next for you!

    all the best intuitive open navigation of the wild serene ecstatic potentials of the awakening and awakened prostate all

  • WalnutWalnut
    Posts: 19
    I'm still new to things, having maybe 3-4 months experience only. I went ahead and purchased the Progasm a couple of weeks ago thinking it may be nice to have a different experience but I'm not convinced that was a good idea. I've only used it 3-4 times because frankly, it's a brute. Feels too big with no mobility at all. For now, it's tucked away and I'm back with the MGX.

    Whatever you end up getting, good luck with it.

    EDIT: Seen my join date; only have two months experience. Feels like longer.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Gonna be a personal preference. As you can see there are a lot of different experience. Think about what you need. I had an off and on history with my MGX for literally 8 years...bought the vice 4 months ago and best thing I ever did. Think I finally found my super...or am really close...but could have saved a few bucks and gotten th eProgasm as the fullness sounds to be familiar...but fullness is what I was looking for. Use your MGX and think about what you're missing...fullness/mobility/weight? There's something to fit everyone...pun intended.
  • Lenny BruceLenny Bruce
    Posts: 27
    I've had mixed results with both the MGX and Helix. I find the P-tab on the MGX often painful and the Helix has caused me discomfort internally. So I went out and got meself the new SYN Helix. It's a dream.